RAK Giveaway + Winners, Etc.


Life has me a bit occupied right now. College visits. Baseball games. Marathons. (Not me – hubby is doing the Boston Marathon. I prefer naps.) School meetings. Volunteer work. Oh – I have a fun project coming here, too, in a couple months. Something that will make your hearts happy. But in the meantime I wanted to pop in to say hello…

… and do a random-act-of-kindness giveaway!


Since I don’t have a video to share today, I wanted to share a prize with a lucky winner! The kind folks at Simon Says Stamp sent me an extra awesome April 2015 Card Kit – and it could be yours.

For your chance, leave a comment here by 11:59pmEST on 4/21/15 telling me a bit of good news. The news can be anything – just something that has made you smile recently. Thank you, Simon! (The winner’s name will be randomly selected and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too!)


I recently have updated the Winners page here on my blog. There are a couple people who have not responded to my emails: Lori Gustafson and Joana UK. Please email me at the address on the top of my site if that is you!


Just a heads up about some fun going on over at My Favorite Things. They have a week full of shaker card ideas! Click HERE to see them all.

That’s all for now. See you soon.


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1,380 thoughts on “RAK Giveaway + Winners, Etc.”

  1. Good News – both of my children had excellent report cards this semester. I am so proud of both of them!

  2. My good news is that I have graduated from medical school and I’m utilizing the time before my internship starts by watching your amazing tutorials. 🙂 thank you for doing such amazing work.

  3. Love watching your videos and your blog! Good news… my 9 month old son (FINALLY) decided to say “Mama” too, and not just “Dada”! 🙂

  4. Hi Jennifer, busy spring for you and yours!
    I got some good news last week: my application to attend a five-day workshop on stuttering treatment in Boston was approved, and I get to spend five days there, learning and enjoying the city, all costs covered (except airfare). Big smile.
    Thanks for the chance to win the April Kit. I did not order it, but am sorry now after seeing all the great projects in the blog hop. Fingers crossed 🙂

  5. me and my 3 year old baby girl moved home after living 1500 miles away from my parents for 4 years. LOVE being around my family!

  6. My good news is that I finally compiled a great resume/CV that I am proud of, after spending $200 with Smashing Resumes, not getting a finalized copy, and them no longer answering my calls after saying they do revisions for up to 45 days. I am happy that I could lean on other entities to pull together a document I think will move me forward in my career! Good news, indeed!

  7. Every morning, when I wake up, I praise the Lord for giving me a new day and I can’t help but smile. If I were to win the April card kit from Simon Says that would give me a reason to wear even a bigger reason smile.

  8. Good news…… my house in Texas normally gets missed by rain. In the last few days we’ve had 3 inches with more to come. This not only means water for the livestock but also the wildlife we enjoy watching.

  9. Good News: spring finally came after a long hard winter! I got the gas grill fired up for our first hot dog of the season!

  10. Jennifer you are such a inspiration to me! Love your videos! Loved learning about Ombré stamping. I can always hear your videos. Some people don’t talk loud enough when they make videos. I give you a 5 ***** rating! Thank you for sharing.

  11. My good news is that I just celebrated my 19th wedding anniversary. I love this man more today than the I did the day I walked the aisle! God has been so good to us! He is so proud of the cards and papercrafting that I do – he is constantly giving me ideas and support to be all that I can be! God is soooo good!

  12. Even though a funeral is a sad affair, getting together with cousins that haven’t been in touch for too long is a reminder of the fact that a great family (like mine) is a true blessing. Sharing precious childhood memories always puts a smile on your face.

  13. My good news is that my husband make me a big surprise for my Birthday (40 !!!) last week. 70 persons (family and frends) together for a big celebration!! So magic!!

  14. I’m thankful that my daughter’s arm is all right, no problems because of the accident yesterday. That was the first time we went to the hospital with her. So good news is that she is doing all right

  15. Awesome giveaway! Good new is I think we have finally gotten my 3yr olds allergies some relief. He is a real bear to try & get meds into so it is so good to find something we can do for him since he can not breath at night due to the congestion!

  16. I’m happy because God’s grace carries my family and I through each and every day. Work is really great right now, my husbands job is opening doors to new opportunities, my oldest is realizing coaching dreams, my middle is flying through college and will start his second year as a junior, and my baby has almost made it through her first year of gifted middle school involved in almost everything and a very happy girl (not an easy feat!). I could post as many sad events touching our family at this time but life is too short to not be thankful every single day for overflowing blessings! Annnnnnd… Jennifer, the gifts and talents you share each week bring me so much joy! Thank you for being a part of my happiness!

  17. We’ve started our garden, and Spring is finally here in our neck of the woods. God watched over us through another winter, and we look forward to warmer days.

  18. So happy my crafting space is starting to come together. Got an awesome butcher block top install as a work surface. In process of staining and finishing. Lots more to do, but things are moving!

  19. My MISTI arrived and I adore it. Also the Altenew Vintage Roses and Wplus9 greetings! I was so in love with everything from your video! Also got my new glue caps, love all the great reviews on your blog! Happy happy happy!

  20. What makes me happy is seeing the spring flowers bloom… And of course the generosity of this giveaway. Thanks to Jennifer McGuire and Simon Says Stamp. I’d love to win, thanks again for the chance!

  21. Thanks for showing shaker cards. It has been such a long time they were in vogue, but fun to bring them back.

  22. I smiled today when the joy of elementary music teachers singing and dancing together on a Saturday morning was so compelling that a 14-year-old boy jumped right in and joined us!

  23. went to hot pots and pork. Made a raku pot, had roasted pork, listened to a jazz band, and enjoyed the company of good friends.

  24. My husband and 14 year old son just came home today after being on the road for 106 days of chasing ski competitions. I really love that month’s kit and will probably order it.

  25. Thanks for a chance to win a lovely kit! my good news is small but good. I have been tidying yesterday and today and have found 3 craft items that i have misplaced. Hooray, now i have my sharp ribbon scissors back, my scorer for my scor buddy and a missing alcohol marker. i am always losing things because i don’t have much dedicated crafting space.

  26. Love, love, love your videos!!

    My happy (ecstatic) news is that my daughter is graduating in a few weeks with her Masters in Special Education and she already has 3 job offers!!! I could not be more proud of her! She went through her whole life with a learning disability and worked very hard!
    Lesson to all… Never give up on a child, they will amaze you!

  27. I had to make a not fully planned trip to my parents for a funeral. It was very sad, but it’s been great seeing my parents and being with family.

  28. My oldest son, who graduated from high school two years ago and finished a course at technical school in mechanics in December, has finally found a full-time job!! We are very excited!

  29. So many reasons to smile in my life right now! My husband just got a new job, the new Avengers movie is coming out soon, my older just paid us a visit (he lives in Hawaii!) and I got to spend a couple of days with family though we live on opposite coasts from each other. God gives me so much!

  30. My ex brother-in-law almost died from a bleeding ulcer. He had 3 liters of blood in his stomach. He was unconscious for about a week then his daughter (my niece)had him transferred to another hospital. He is not out of the woods yet but he is awake and talking. Praise God! I love life.

  31. My kids just started their summer vacation! And we celebrated by making a trip to Goa where my mother & brother recently shifted. We had a fabulous week, catching up with family & friends and just relaxing. And the best bit of news? My daughter managed to learn swimming in four days flat!

  32. I wanted to thank you for encouraging your readership to write down and appreciate all the small things that are the positive and good! As for our familiy’s good news, we are in the thick of bridal shower and wedding planning- and it’s all going great!

  33. My 83 year old aunt reported that her first physical therapy session went very well so we are hopeful that she can resume her active lifestyle pain-free.

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