Video: New Hero Arts Ombre Inks + GIVEAWAY

Hello. Today’s video shares multiple cards using the new Hero Arts Ombré ink pads.

[All supplies are linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails at the end of this post. Affiliate links used. To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]

Oh these ombre ink pads are incredibly delightful! I have been waiting to get my hands on them for so long. Just as the name suggests, these ink pads stamp color from light to dark and there are five ink pads in total so far. The formulation of the ink pads are the same as the Hero Arts Shadow Inks. (For more info on these inks, watch THIS.) And just check out the lovely blend of colors…

To create the cards, I stamped sentiments from the Hero Arts Hello, Thanks, and Happy Stamp & Cut sets using these new ombre inks. (Helpful tip: The results are best when you go back and forth slightly as you ink to get the colors to blend them a bit more.) I used my MISTI tool to help with positioning, but you can use an acrylic block if you don’t have this tool.

After stamping the sentiments, I cut a small strip from the center and placed some silver glitter paper from DCWV behind that empty space for some fun.

You could definitely achieve the same look by multi-inking with three ink pads. However, these are lovely!


I have a free Ink Swatch Download for these new Hero Arts Ombre Inks – just click HERE. To see my complete list of Ink Swatch Downloads and how I create and store them, head over HERE.


Interested in getting your hands on all five of the new Hero Arts Ombre Inks? For your chance, leave a comment here by 11:59pmEST on 3/17/15 telling me if you prefer dye or pigment inks. (Winner’s name will be randomly selected and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes.)


Interested in the products I used? To make them easy for you to find, I have listed them below. (Affiliate and product disclosure can be found here. Thanks to Hero Arts for sending me these products!) Click on the letters below each picture to go to a favorite store: Simon Says Stamp (SSS), Amazon (AZ), etc:










( SSS | MSP )


( SSS )


( SSS )



( SSS | AZ )


( SSS | EH )


( SSS | AZ )



( SSS )



( SSS | EH )



( SSS | MFT )


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1,222 thoughts on “Video: New Hero Arts Ombre Inks + GIVEAWAY”

  1. Thanks, Jennifer, for once again demoing an interesting new product along with plenty of helpful tips! I love all kinds of inks. I do love pigment inks a lot, though!

  2. I’m still fairly new art stamping and cars making so not sure which I prefer. I get confused about what’s good for what. For instance, I thought Copics and Spectrum Noirs were alike in that they should be used with dye inks since cute inks are water based and shouldn’t be able to be altered by the use of those pens. But, I’ve seen two videos on this channel that goes completely against that thought. I love that I can emboss with pigment ink, though I’m still working to perfect that skill. I also enjoy coloring so am looking for the best ink to use with my Copic and Spectrum Noir markets as well as my water color, chalks and colors pencils with mineral spirits blender.

  3. I have very limited experience with pigment inks, which is something I want to experiment with. I LOVE these new ombre inks, however. I see that they appeal to many people as they are always sold out at SSS.

  4. I like dye ink. I think they give a sharper image and there are more techniques you can do with them. The Ombre inks look interesting. I am interested in using them

  5. Thanks Jenn for another amazing video! I’m learning so much from you. I haven’t played with the pigment inks, which I think will be fun to play with. I think the ombre inks will be a hit as they are already sold out on SSS.

  6. I love using. both dye inks and pigment inks! They both have their special attributes for stamping. Thanks!

  7. I am new to different types of ink. I have mostly pigment inks so I guess that’s what I prefer. My daughter found you on YouTube and couldn’t wait to show me. I thought I was pretty good but I have come a long way in just the short time I have been watching. I have a lot of Close To My Heart inks and products. However I have been buying more products that you use. It is easier for me to follow your videos that way. I love the look of the Ombre inks and can’t wait to own them.

  8. I am fairly new to stamping and I have a few of each. I guess I like pigment inks best, but I enjoyed the dye inks too.

  9. I don’t really have a favorite ink or type of ink, although I do tend to try to use my distress inks first!

  10. I love these ombré inks!! I can’t wait to try them!! I like dye inks, but to tell you the truth I haven’t tried pigment inks yet! I’ve been collecting dye inks.

  11. I have comparatively more number of dye inks… but i like heat embossing too which makes me take out pigment inks whiich i have less in number… dye inks also work good in few techniques which i remember in need …

  12. Must I really choose, Jennifer? Just as I can’t choose between strawberry or chocolate milk, neither can I choose between pigment or dye ink. Each one has it’s place in my life. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  13. I love these cards and the ombre effect 🙂
    I usually use dye inks, but my inks dont became solid after drying =( well, it depends on the color, but in general they dont. Maybe i should change my inks 🙂 would be fun to try those new ombre inks *fingers crossed*
    Have a good day!

  14. I like dye inks better because they dry quicker then the pigment.Pigment ink is great for embossing though. LOVE these ombre ink pads!

  15. Generally, I use dye inks for most projects. I find they are more crisp for most projects. But pigment inks are great as well for certain projects. Don’t even get me started on the Versafine inks – they are amazing! These ombre inks look so fun!

  16. I’ve only been working with the inks for about 2 months, so I haven’t picked a favorite yet. I probably won’t since I seem to keep finding wonderful uses for both water-based and pigment inks.

  17. I have mostly dye inks – but really like the rich colors of pigments. Thank you for a chance to win these beautiful ombre inks!

  18. I love pigment inks! I enjoy the full-saturation color I get from them, especially from lighter-colored inks on darker-colored paper.

  19. I love how quickly die inks dry but when I need something with deep color saturation, I pick pigment. Love all inks!

  20. I cannot decide on your questions, I like pigment inks and I like dye inks. It depends on what effect Iwant to achieve and on what brand. They are both great for different things and there are gorgeous colours in both.

  21. i’m a bit intimidated by pigment inks so I am basically stay with dye inks. The techniques that you show inspire me however and I have bought pigment inks to try them out!

  22. Thanks Jennifer for all the fun opportunites you provide us. I prefer dye inks as I think they apply more consistently.

  23. Wow that’s a hard one as you’ve challenged me to step outside the stamping box so many times. I guess I would say pigment.

  24. I have to say that I just started working on cards so I haven’t really had a good chance to decide which ink I like the most, but I will say that the majority of stamps that I own are dye based. After watching your videos on the watercoloring techniques, I found myself gobbling up the distress inks. I’m hoping to branch out soon!
    The cards you made for this post are extremely adorable, by the way! When you chopped the cardstock in half to put the silver paper underneath of the card you gave me a bit of a heart attack though because the greetings were just so adorable when stamped. Thank you for sharing your techniques because I had no idea before I started watching your videos how much fun making cards can be!

  25. I like the idea of pigment inks more for some reason – the idea that they’re “Paint” sitting on top of the paper really appeals to me for some reason. But, with your guidance from your blog, I’ve always had better luck with dye inks for some reason.

    I like both, frankly – because any surface at all is just better with color.

  26. Being new to stamping, I have so much to learn. But you make it so easy to learn about all the products available and how to use them. You have a gift. Thank you for using it to help others.

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