Video: More Stencils + Masking + GIVEAWAY

Hi! The other day I shared a video showing how easy it is to mask stencils with rubber cement. Today I am back with more on this technique.

[All supplies are linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails at the end of this post. To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]

I will admit – I am a big dork and get really excited when I find a technique that is simple, inexpensive and awesome. Rubber cement is incredible for masking… and works so well with stencils. Today’s cards are perfect examples of this technique.

I will also admit – although I love the look of splattery/messy/artsy cards, I struggle with making them. But by combining rubber cement masking and with a bold stencil, I am able to somewhat control my watercolor splatters. This works for me!

When doing this technique, I found it very helpful to temporarily adhere the large “hey” stencil (from the current Studio Calico Card Kit) to my watercolor paper to keep it still. After applying rubber cement over the entire piece, I removed the stencil and splattered lots of watercolor… dabbing between colors to prevent too much of a mess and to keep the colors soft. (I created my watercolor with Color Theory inks and water.) I also added a bit of blue ink with an ink blending tool before rubbing away the rubber cement. So much fun and so very easy.

I added an “awesome” border die cut (that comes with great coordinating stamps) and a heart covered with shimmer and Glossy Accents. Have to keep it simple to balance out that busy background!

The second card is just a variation of the first, minus the rubber cement masking.

On another note… I rarely make one card at a time any more. I find it so rewarding to create two or more of the same  card (or variations) at once. I feel like I get more value out of the supplies I have purchased… and I have more cards to share with loved one. After all, this hobby really is about sharing handmade kindness. 🙂


Check these out:


I have an extra (previous) Studio Calico Card Kit that is looking for a new home! For your chance to win it, leave a comment here telling me if you are like me and have trouble “embracing mess” when crafting… or if you love it. Do so before 11:59pmESt on 3/10/15 and I will randomly pick a winner. Good luck. (Winners will be posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes.)


Interested in the products I used? To make them easy for you to find, I have listed them below. (Affiliate and product disclosure can be found here.) Click on the letters below each picture to go to a favorite store: Simon Says Stamp (SSS), Ellen Hutson (EH), Amazon (AZ), Studio Calico (SC), etc.

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(SSS | EH | AZ)


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(SSS | EH | AZ)


( SSS )



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620 thoughts on “Video: More Stencils + Masking + GIVEAWAY”

  1. Definitely struggle to “embrace the mess” – mists and sprays cause particular anxiety lol.. I try to clear up as I go along – for me personally I find I can be much more productive and creative when things are clean and tidy. But, one of my challenges to myself this year is to push myself outside that comfort zone from time to time! Love the cards Jennifer, the Studio Calico kits are always full of fun stuff 🙂

  2. BEFORE I start working things have to be clean, it all goes out the window when I’m crafting. Even when my fingers are stuck together I move on with the project, I just love creating.

  3. Lovely cards Jennifer 😀
    I don´t mind the mess while I´m crafting, because my best ideas come when there is a mess on my table. LOL But when I´m finished, I always put things where they should be and clean my table. 😀

  4. Embrace the mess?! Sometimes there are just NOT enough baby wipes and sometimes I see a new idea in the “mess”. Thanks for all the inspirations. You make it look so easy!

  5. I have a sewing room and tried recently to also do papercrafts in the same area. It did not work at all, so now, I have a little corner in the basement for making cards.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Honestly I am a control freak but for some reason when I am creating I am able to let that all go. So I love messy (but only in my craft room).

  7. Usually my projects that make a mess end up looking just like that….a mess! You make “random splatter” look so cool. Does practice make perfect on this too? LOL Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. I love your videos! I just recently borrowed my moms Cricut Expression and I have been watching your videos non-stop for inspiration and tips on supplies (as of right now, I am very limited since I am just starting out), so I don’t have much of a mess as far as my craft room goes, lol! I just love your work!

  9. I stay away from trying so many techniques because I can’t stand the mess! My craft table is not perfectly tidy but it’s the sticky, splattery messes that I don’t like. I’m glad to hear I’m not alone here!!

  10. I usually unintentionally make a mess! I find I get frustrated when I can’t find things in a mess but sometimes I just get lost in the process. –

  11. I personally don’t care, but then I can’t find stuff and I get mad. Thanks for the chance to win. Beautiful card. 🙂

  12. I definitely do have trouble embracing mess; however, I’m new on card making, so maybe after a while I’ll learn to embrace it afterall 🙂

  13. Hi All! These cards remind me of the colorblind eye test cards I went through during my Army physical a long time ago, but these cards are way, way, way cuter 🙂

    I think my acceptance and tolerance of “mess” or imperfection depends on the style of card. If I make a splatter card then I’m more accepting and anticipate some mess. If I’m making an inlaid die cut card, I’m shooting for near perfection, if possible lol!

  14. I started out scrapbooking, I was at a class and they asked us to tear and crumple our paper. I finally did,but did not really adhere it to the page. When I got home I replaced it with a straight cut and flat piece. I have since managed by to do “some” messy techniques. Love the card. I may try sprinkling.

  15. I embrace mess. I craft in a small space, so I guess I need to clarify it. I embrace controlled chaos, LOL.

  16. Mess what mess. Oh the one on the dining room table? That one kind if ebbs and flows. Putting things away never seems to last… love the masking trick. And I suppose one could put rubber cement into one of those quilling bottles for a more controlled application, could they? Do you thing it would dry out to quick? Hmmm…

  17. I can’t help but make a mess when I’m creating! But, I hate when I can’t find what I’m looking for! My mini craft closet works pace totally needs an overhaul and some organizing! I bought some rubber cement but haven’t tried the masking technique yet…but I hope to soon! Thanks for the wonderful video!!

  18. I’m not the best with mess. I tend to push all the offcuts and paper on to the floor and can handle picking it all up at the end but the table needs to be tidied up after each card is finished. That way I won’t lose anything or throw out a stamp etc accidently. And its all put away after I’ve finished. I craft in the dining/lounge room so can’t afford to leave it out everywhere but would be tidy even if I had a craft room. Messy room means messy brain for me.

  19. I love the freeform messy look of splatters, water colour washes, sprays etc as long as they have the patterns and balance exactly how I want it. In other words I struggle with mess, usually making many backgrounds until I find something I like – so much for artist spontaneity!

  20. I haven’t tried to get messy, yet. So I guess I am like you and find it hard. And I usually make 6 cards at a time. But, sometimes I need a change from the routine card making, so this technique looks like fun. Thanks for the video.

  21. I have tried different ways to mask but I have never tried it with rubber cement. You make it look so easy.

  22. I’m a little bit of both. When I’m crafting the mess mess give me inspiration so i like it. But when cleaning it up I also say to myself I just have to be a little more organized!

  23. I LOVE the messy-paint-splatterly look, but hate when my craft space gets messy!! It stifles any and all creativity lurking in my brain!!! Thanks for the chance to win – and as ALWAYS, your card is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I’m learning to let go and create the messy look on cards but when it comes to my craft table or kitchen or any place I have to clean the mess in order to think!! Loved your cards as usual!

  25. Yes Jennifer, I am like you. My work station which happens to be my dining room table is extended out all the way to the largest size and gets heaped with my essentials for stamping. I can set something down, like a scissors and cannot find it, and it can be right in front of me. Sometimes it just makes me laugh that I can overlook a utensil that is right in front of me! Once in a while (or if I have company coming) I clean up and put all my crafting stuff away but that makes me sad. I just want to get started all over again creating another card.

  26. OMGosh… messes drive me batty! My craft room usually looks like a tornado hit it after a day of stamping, and I have to spend an hour (or two!) cleaning up after. As for cards, love ‘messes’ on them lol I have so much fun creating them. Think that might be the release that I need from my other OCD ways 😉

  27. I hate the mess in my craft room but never seem to get it completely cleaned up. I just put away enough stuff to give me enough room to work on my current project and create more messiness. Somehow I manage to complete projects despite the clutter.
    isoscia at aol dot com

  28. I can be both neat and messy at the same time.
    I love the technique with the rubber cement–very simple and inexpensive.

  29. Of course I like you! Love to make a mess, but then it gets to me and I have to clean up before I can get back to creating.

  30. Hi Jenn I’m so not like you, loL I wish I was more controlled in my crafting, but I let it happen the way it happens, some of your techniques I’m more controlled for instance using the rubber cement im getting there, I just ask myself”HOW WOULD JENNIFER DO THIS” loL Thanks for all you give us in crafting!!

  31. I have a lot of trouble embracing mess. If I start something and it doesn’t look as neat for me I end up having to scrap the whole thing and starting all over again. It’s hard for me to like things that are messy, but now after watching you video and photos… it doesn’t seem all that bad. I think I’ll give this a try and see how it comes out! Thank you.

  32. I usually create a mess to the point if I don’t clear it I have about a foot of space to worK in and can’t find anything (my bone folder is now missing). That frustrates me so I’m trying hard to put things away when I’m done with them.

  33. whats crafting without a mess…and when i get so engrossed in making something new.. mess is part of the process…
    love all your techniques.. very inspiring.. thanks for a chance to win !

  34. This was so great. I really think I could do this without freaking out about the mess. Kids and I do this outside in the summer. Want to try it on a card. Thanks again, you are awesome!
    Jenn F.

  35. Since I am a perfectionist, I do have trouble embracing mess when crafting. Thanks for the giveaway – I would love to win the kit.

    Hope you are keeping warm and have a great day!

  36. At first when I read the give away instruction, I thought you wanted to know if I liked you lol.Then I reread it. My craft room id very very messy. My sister-in-law is super organized and is going to come up here on the mountain when it quits snowing and organize the room….and me/

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