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Most of you know my dear friend Kristina Werner. And if you know Kristina and watch her videos, you likely also know Mannie, her adorable cat.

On Friday, Mannie passed away after suddenly becoming ill. Over the years, Mannie made many of us smile through his pictures and guest appearances in videos.

After many requests, Jana Millen (another dear friend) and I decided to start a small “Mannie’s Legacy” fundraising page. The money goes directly to an organization near Kristina that helps animals in need.

If you are interested in donating, you can find information HERE.

Thank you! (I will be back soon with a video. I just felt this was a bit more important today. 🙂

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136 thoughts on “Mannie’s Legacy”

  1. Thank you for doing this! I have only recently discovered you and Kristina and I can say you both have taught me so much. Your videos are so professional, informative, and fun. Again, thank you. It is such a nice way to let Kristina know there a lot of us out here who appreciate her work and care about her too. Thanks to Jana too!

  2. I am so sorry to hear that Mannie passed away. All pet-companions understand that a family member has been lost to Kristina. And while Mannie is not in pain and in a better place, those who care about him here on earth will remember the joy he gave.

  3. Thanks to you and Jana for setting this up, Jennifer. It is a lovely way to recognize Kristina’s loss and to help all the Mannies and Roxies out there that need loving homes.

  4. Thank you for doing this for Kristina and in memory of Mannie. My heart is breaking for her as I know all too well the loss she is feeling. I didn’t know her or Mannie personally, but I felt so close to both of them as I’ve been watching her videos since she first adopted Mannie — and I’ve come to love and cherish them both. I made a donation in hopes of helping other shelter animals find their loving, fur-ever homes with mamas as wonderful as Kristina. Prayers of love, comfort and peace being lifted up for Kristina. And my Heidi, Billy Blue Boy and Matie Poo surely greeted Mannie with loving arms and paws at the Rainbow Bridge. #adoptdontshop

  5. I am so sorry to hear that. Mannie was so adorable. I hope Kristina is holding up alright, it is so hard to loose a pet, they are part of your family. Thanks for doing this Jennifer and Jana.

  6. Thank you Jennifer for remembering Mannie in such a sweet way! He will be missed! What a beautiful cat and friend for Kristina. I feel blessed that with our contributions we can help other animals.

  7. Kristina,

    I am so sorry about Manny. I loved watching him in you videos. He will be missed by so many of your fans.

  8. Oh, so sad. I feel her pain. I am a cat lover,behave had many over the years and currently have four. They are my children and are very dear to my heart. Mannie for sure will be missed by her and by all of us.

  9. Thank you for allowing all of us to let Kristina know how much we care. You both have given us so much. It is nice to be able to show Kristina how much we care and at the same time help animals in need.

  10. What an honor and blessing to remember Manny in this way. I sobbed and sobbed when I heard as it reminded me of when my best friend and kitty passed on. Thanks so much for setting this up. Never has a kitty been so loved and famous as Manny to those of us who share in this crafty family.

  11. How tragic! I loved how Mannie added his 2 cents worth on Kristina’s videos. Sending hugs to her at this time.

  12. I am so sorry to hear that Mannie died. He was a beautiful media star and will be remembered well by all his fans. Jennifer, you are honoring Mannie and helping all of us mourn his passing by helping other animals. My heart goes out to Kristina. Many of us know what it is to lose a much loved animal.

  13. I’m very sorry to hear about Mannie passing away. My thoughts and prayers are with Kristina during this time.

  14. I was so shocked & sad to read this awful news today. I absolutely loved watching & listening to him on your videos. He was a sweetie. What a loss..for everyone. This brought back my own loss 2 yrs ago of another special cat. You are in my prayers Kristina.

  15. I am so very sorry for Kristina’s loss. My heart goes out to her. Prayers and Blessings for you and Jana for starting this wonderful fund raising for Mannie’s Memory!

  16. This is such sad news. My best to Kristina. I know her heart is aching. I’m a cat lover and I know the pain of losing such a dear family member.

  17. I was not at all surprised to see your name as an organizer of this wonderful touching tribute to Mannie and to his Mom, Kristina. She is so lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive friend and colleague. Thank you for doing this for Kristina and for all of us.

    God bless you, Jennifer.

    Jenn and Pearley Ford

  18. I am so sorry to hear about Kristina’s loss, he will surely be missed. Thoughts and prayers are with her at this time. Many hugs. Teresa

  19. Thank you so much for letting us know, and for setting up the Fundraiser, Jennifer! You are a GEM!!! I feel so badly for Kristina…I know how much Mannie meant to her! I will keep her in my prayers and donate to this worthy cause…Thank you again!

  20. So sorry for your family in loosing an important member, Manny. I have made a donation that hopefully will be part of a wonderful memory dedicated to your loving pet.

  21. I feel for Kristina. It’s so hard losing our fur-babies! Good for you to creat this legacy in Mannie’s name, and I will treasure the stamps I’ve bought in the past, that were inspired by Mannie.

  22. My heart is so heavy right now, what a sad day for all of us Mannie lovers! My prayers are with Kristina. Mannie was so loved by many and Kristina LOVED Mannie so much, it was so obvious. Mannie was blessed the day Kristina got him and I was always in awe of how beautiful Mannie was. He touched us all with his appearances. He will be missed. (((((Hugs)))) to Kristina.

    Thank you Jennifer. You are such an angel. Off to send my donation.

  23. What a wonderful tribute to your dear friend and her fur-baby. My heart goes out to Kristina, so sorry for her loss. Mannie will be missed by many.

  24. Jennifer, Thank you so much for telling us and for setting up a wonderful way to remember Mannie. I know I’m not the only one who fell in love with him. My prayers to Kristina and I’ll be mailing a check to CAWS.

  25. I also got to know Mannie thru Kristina via her blog. She is just wonderful and so lucky to have a friends like you and Jana. My little Maggie (she was my Westie furbaby who just passed last Sept, we had her for 11 yrs) But when I would play Kristina’s videos and Mannie would make an appearance and meow Maggie would bark back. It was so cute. My heartbreaks for Kristina. Prayers for her and her family.

  26. While I am so sorry to hear about Mannie’s passing, I was thrilled to hear what a lovely, charitable thing has come from it… I’m sure the rescue that receives this money blesses you, too! ((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))

  27. This is a wonderful way to give back and help a friend who is hurting! I happily give my donation! I’m so sorry for Kristina’s loss, Mannie was a wonderful surprise in every video he made an appearance. He will be missed greatly!

  28. So sorry to hear that. Our pets are so much a part of our families, and their loss is devastating. What a nice way to turn sadness into some that helps others. Hugs to Kristina and thanks to you Jennifer for having such a thoughtful heart…

  29. This is a wonderful and positive way to honor Mannie and Kristina. Thank you for organizing this. My heart goes out to Kristina, I know how hard it is to lose a furry member of the family.

  30. I am so sorry Kristina! I know that Mannie was a cherished furkid and an equal part of your family. Hugs and prayers are being sent to you as you work through this huge hole in your life.

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