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Hello. In a recent video, I shared five ways to add gold foil to your projects. (You can find the post HERE.) Today’s video shares more of my favorite (and the easiest!) method in more detail.

[All supplies are linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails at the end of this post. Affiliate links used. To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]

Warning: Today’s technique is addictive.

You will need two things to do this technique. First – a laser printer. I have an inexpensive laser printer that I use for my everyday printing. (It needs to be a laser printer because it uses toner. An ink jet printer will not work for this technique. If you don’t have a laser printer, you can take your images to a place like Kinkos and have them print them with toner. Just be sure to print in solid black with no greyscale.) Second – you need is a laminator. I use an inexpensive one that works great and works for many other things, too.

To get started, you need to find something to print out. There are many awesome sites out there where you can find free or inexpensive downloads (see below)… or you can create your own. All of today’s printables are from Studio Calico.

There are also many ways to manipulate the images or text in order to print – Photoshop, etc. (I usually use Photoshop.) However, in this video I wanted to show a way to do this with Word since many of us have it. Please keep in mind that this is not the ideal way to do it, but it works!

Once I printed the images on my laser printer, I cut a piece of Deco Foil and placed it over my image. I folded a piece of copy paper and placed my pieces inside to go through the laminator. The laminator applies pressure and heat on the image to create the gold transfer.

The foil comes in many beautiful colors and you could do multiple colors on one piece. The results are gorgeous and it’s so easy to do!

I turned these pieces into cards and added simple embellishments cut from DCWV foil cardstock.

I hope you give this a try…. but I must warn you again… this technique is extremely addicting. Once you start, it’s hard to stop foiling everything in sight!


There are a TON of places you can download images to print for this technique. Heck – in the video I showed Hello Kitty valentines… which I found on the internet while searching “hello kitty valentine coloring page.” However, here are some specific places to look – some are free and some have a small charge:


Remember – there are many great ways to get gold foil on your cards… 5 of which I shared in THIS post. I am also getting a lot of questions about the Heidi Swapp Minc machine and accessories. I have heard it is awesome so I can’t wait to try it. (I am getting mine soon – it shipped!)

Also, many people mentioned that they have seen the Deco Foil on clearance at Michaels. My Michaels didn’t have any, but apparently it is the same product. However, there is one big difference! The packs on clearance at Michaels only have one sheet of foil in it. The ones I link to below have 5 sheets per pack.

If you are having trouble getting this technique to work, here are some things to look for:

  • Make sure you aren’t low on toner.
  • Make sure you are printing in FULL black – not grey scale.
  • Try printing at high quality.
  • Make sure your laminator is hot. I sometimes wait 15 minutes to be sure.


Below are the products featured above. Affiliate and product disclosure can be found here. Click on the letters below each picture to go to a favorite store: Simon Says Stamp (SSS), Ellen Hutson (EH), Thermoweb (TW), Amazon (AZ), Studio Calico (SC), etc.


( SC )


( SC )


( AZ )


( AZ | SSS )


( SSS )


( SSS | EH )


(SSS | EH | AZ)




( SSS | TW )


( SSS | TW )



(SSS | EH | AZ)


(SSS | EH | AZ)


( SSS | AZ )


( SSS )


( SSS )




(SSS | EH | AZ)


( SSS | EH )



( SSS | EH )


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102 thoughts on “Video: Easy Gold Foil”

  1. Have you done any foil work on dark colored cardstock? I tried to use the laminator technique on dark purple cardstock and didn’t get great results (the foil was splotchy). I wasn’t sure if the problem was the cardstock or the toner in my printer, and I didn’t want to try it again of different cardstock, and waste a lot of foil, if it is the toner.

  2. LIke the gold foil technique. A bit confused since I thought a laminator had laminating adhesive in it and when I watched the video yours appears to not have the laminating adhesive. I have a Xyron. Do I remove the laminating adhesive and just put the item thru?
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

    1. Jennifer says you need the heat of the laminator and, as you know, Xyrons have no heat. I am a happy owner of five Xyrons, but I’m thinking of getting the laminator just to do this technique. I already own a laser printer.

    2. Jennifer said that her machine had two settings and either setting will work with this technique. Laminators can have hot or cold just depending on what type of lamination sleeve you get that will determine which setting you will need. If you go back and watch her video, she tips up the laminator and shows the front of it. One of the switches is the power button, and the other switch is for the hot or cold setting. She did set it on the hot setting but I don’t remember her saying anything about it needing to be hot to work she only clarified for sure that the printer had to be toner not inkjet. I even went back and watched that part again just to be sure because the other person who replied on your comment confused me. But I would let Jennifer answer your question just to be sure. I don’t know anything about Xyrons, mine has a hot and cold setting and I have never used the cold because I like the sleeves that require hot settings because they seal nice and tight. So I wouldn’t even begin to tell you anything about the cold settings. 🙂 So moral of the story, lets let Jennifer answer this for us lol 🙂

  3. Thank you for the in-depth instructions. You are such an enabler. lol. Off to get a laminator b/c this is so much easier than using adhesive with the gold foil as I did ages ago.

  4. Wow… you’re done it again! Finally I have both of these products (Laminator and Laser Printer) and now more uses for them! thanks for sharing. I will have to go to Studio Calico more often didn’t know they had free items!

  5. Neat, Neat, Neat! video. I can see how technique can be addictive. I just found out my husband has a laser printer at work….so, I am half way there :o)

  6. I love this technique! I have a laser printer and just bought a laminator from Amazon. I found several colors of foil on sale at Hobby Lobby, and have downloaded the printables from Studio Calico. I’m sure I will spend too much time searching for cool, free printables, and also making my own. Thank you so much for this tutorial.

  7. Hi Jennifer,
    Can you tell me where you got your Deco Foil. I had an unpleasant surprise at Michaels and want to see where you got yours. Michaels has Deco Foil but they sell just one sheet in a tube for 4.99. I didn’t realize there was actually tubes with 5 sheets in them until I went over to the thermoweb website and they sell them for the same price as Michaels.
    I wont be buying them from Michaels anymore, that’s for sure.

  8. I have never used foil before so at first this was a little scary for me but you make it look so easy! Now, we were having a little discussion up top here with some of your other viewers about whether or not you need to use the hot or cold setting on your laminator or if it matters at all? Hopefully you can answer this one because I thought you said that it would work on either setting, which I am assuming you meant hot or cold. However, another one of your viewers says that you said it had to be on the hot setting and I could’t find where that was mentioned. So I am now confused and am wondering which setting it needs to be on?

    Also, the fine tip nib that you have on your Multi Matte Medium, is that working out better than the fineline bottle? And if so, how do you get the top off of your little bottle? I was trying to get mine off to refill it, and couldn’t seem to get it off. Thanks Jennifer! Awesome technique and I can’t wait to go to Michael’s and get me some foil 🙂

  9. I simply love this technique ,It’s simple yet very affective.I was checking out all the foil colors and Wow,Talk about a rainbow.That would look so cool with the words.Well thanks for the fun vid Jen.

  10. Very creative! Unfortunately for me, not something I can try out! (No laser printer, no laminator and no foils) – nor are they in the budget for me… LOL!

    But, that’s OKAY — I still totally enjoyed watching your video ! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Loving this technique… And you did an amazing job showing us how to do it… All those details that I needs. Anxious to try it out.. Love the coral you had on as well. A great color to brighten these winter days…

  12. Many years ago, I tried lots of different techniques to adhere foil, with pretty awful results. At that time, I used a toner copier and a home iron. I now have an Okidata laser printer and a Canon laminator, so I excitedly tried again after watching Jennifer’s “5 Ways” video. Yuck! Not only was the coverage spotty, but the cardstock came out wrinkled and there was foil “spillage” on areas with no image. My image was nice and black, but I think maybe part of my problem is that my foil sheets are very, very old, as is the official “carrier” I was using. I might try to get some new foil and give it one more go, using plain paper as a carrier this time.

  13. Papa has the right printer. Now DGD wants Gramma to buy a laminator and make shiny cards like her favorite crafter, Jennifer! We have such fun watching your videos together. Thank you!

  14. Jennifer I am loving the foil techniques! As an added note, the foil can also be purchased from I ordered their TRF sampler pack and it comes with everything you need to get started. It costs about $30 and includes a variety of foil colors (20 colors), the carrier board, and tack rag to clean off stray particles, and a cover sheet. However, I have not tried it yet because just I received it this week, but I plan to within the next day or so. I will try to remember to chime back in to let you know how it works.

  15. Hello…forgive me readers and Jennifer if I missed this tip in the video or the posted comments. I still have a question about this technique…I have an old laminator, the Scotch Thermal Laminator with 2 heat settings. Is this ok to use with this technique? I am soooo anxious to try it and LOVE the free downloads too!!!! Thanks again Jennifer for finding ways to make this hobby affordable for ALL 🙂

  16. I wonder if there’s any stamping ink that heats up similar to toner ink (maybe a solvent based ink or an embossing ink?) and therefore can be used with this method? It would be great to foil stamped images without the need for a printer or that liquid glue…

  17. Thanks for the video. I decided to get a cheap ($50 on sale) laser printer from staples to give it a shot. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen other crafts that require a laser printer and I can use it for actual printing. Hopefully the one I ordered will work (canon)

    I saw the foils for sale at dharma trading also. I don’t have a hobby lobby or michaels so I have to find it online.

  18. Been waiting for this video, since I watched the other video. I have a laser printer but not the laminator. So going to try this with my good old iron. And thanks for the links to downloads!

  19. Jennifer,

    Loved the cards and video, thank you. Just a quick FYI, Meijers sells the tubes of Deco foil and I found it on sale for $2.49, regular price $3.99 and they had a lot of colors

  20. Love this technique! Super cool. What family doesn’t need an extra printer? We need it for school…that’s it…school 🙂

  21. Beautiful results, Jennifer! Foil sure is on trend right now and will be even more so after watching your details here. Have you ever been told you are an enabler? Just teasing ~ love all your inspiration and enthusiasm!

  22. Man alive, did I have a time getting the pdf. to a WORD docx! My software is not as yours and I think you must have an Apple. I have PhotoShop, but don’t know it at all, however, that’s where I placed the image and finally figured it out to darken it there and save as a Word docx. Would be so much easier if SC just gave a jpeg download instead of a pdf. Whew! So excited to do this, so bought the laminator and now can’t wait. Foils and several fun images are ready; just waiting on the postman. Your cards were simply gorgeous! Thank you.

    1. I am still struggling to figure out how to save it for word….my word is older and nothing i did would get that pdf to open! lol

  23. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for this video, it really rocks! One question: did your Brother laser printer handle the 80 lb Neenah cardstock ok? In the Brother website specifications, it seems that it handles up to 43 lb cardstock. I was just wondering if you had any trouble feeding the thicker 80 lb cardstock through the manual paper feed? Do you think 100 or 110 lb cardstock would work?

    Thank you!

  24. Jennifer I know you get thousands of comments. But I will ask anyway in case some one reads. I have tried this technique with very poor success. There are some things I wonder about – should my paper be coated I used pretty basic cardstock ie should the toner sits up on the paper rather than melting into it. Also how hot does the laminator have to get – maybe mine is a bit woosie

  25. Although I really admire and appreciate the Heidi Swapp Minc, I can’t afford it at this time. I just purchased a $99 small laser printer and an inexpensive laminator and I got great results with these products using the deco foil. I’m wondering, if I just purchase the minc foil would it work like the deco foil in my laminator or do I have to use the minc with her products.

    1. i tried the minc out last week and it did well. i couldn’t afford the minc machine either. i will be trying it again though today using a pdf. originally i used it with images i had printed at Staples. definitely lots of foil for the price with the Minc so i hope it works well with all images!

  26. Hi Jennifer,
    I tried this technique and but its not working for me at all. I printed a couple of images on our laser printer at work and then tried my laminator when I got home and it doesn’t work at all. I for a tiny bit of color on one image but nothing on the other. I love this technique but really disappointed that it doesn’t work for me.

      1. Im using deco foil and a hot laminator. I just don’t know what the issue is and I just love this technique. I tried using the glue and that worked but too messy. This would’ve been perfect if I could’ve gotten it to work.

        1. So, I decided to try the iron thing since the laminator did not work. The foil did transfer but was very splotchy and not something I would send out. I will have to see about getting that laminator you have. I don’t think the one I have gets hot enough.

          1. Hi! I emailed Thermoweb and asked them what tips they have for people who have trouble with the foil. This is what they said:
            1) Is it a true laser printer that uses a toner cartridge?
            2) What kind of paper is she using with the foil? Different papers may react differently to the foil.
            3) What setting are they using on the laminator? We were suggesting the 3. Are they allowing plenty of time (10 minutes+) for the laminator to properly heat up.
            4) Did they send the item through in a “carrier” pouch? We recommend simply folding a piece of copy paper to send the item through in.
            I assume you are using ThermoWeb’s Deco Foil. Here is also a video they shared:
            Hope that helps!

  27. I went to Michaels last night and sure enough Deco Foil. I got all excited and then remembered what you said about 1 sheet. Yup 1 sheet ,, $8 !!!!!!!! Of course that’s here in Canada. Ridiculous price! I’m going to check our local craft store today and see if they have it. $8 for 1 sheet!!!!!!!! No way I’m paying that! Thanks Jennifer!

  28. Jennifer,
    I have an old LaserJet 5 that uses toner, and I purchased the Royal Sovereign laminator you suggested. I used Ranger sheets, but the process was iffy, at best. The foil went all over the paper and didn’t just stick to the laser toner in the image. I’m wondering if maybe the Ranger foil sheets I recently purchased were too old or had been exposed to the elements for too long? I noticed that the laminator only has a button that says COLD and either can be switched to 3ML or 5ML. Is this the same as a hot transfer machine? The papers I sent through the laminator were hot when I took them out, but the process of transfer itself was terrible.

    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

  29. Wow, I love the information you provide, well, not in the market for a laser printer, no matter how cheap, but glad to know, always other alternatives. TFS.

  30. I ended up ordering some foil from They had the best selection of colors for the best price. Also caved and ordered a laminator from amazon. I was going to use an iron but figured avoiding that headache would be worth the $20 for the laminator.

  31. Just scored the Therm-o-web deco foil on clearance at Michaels for $1.79 per package. Got my Laminator in the mail today from Amazon (thanks Amazon Prime) and now I’m set to foil away! Thanks for enabling, Jennifer!

  32. I was glad to hear you say that you could also use a toner-based copy machine.

    I am wondering how much time can elapse between printing/copying and adding the foil.

    P.S. I did this technique eons ago, and it is definitely addictive!

  33. Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for sharing this technique. I love the cards and am excited to try them out. I went to the studio calico site to download the sweetheart one and it is not available anymore. I really loved it and was excited to create more cards with it. Is there anyway you could send me the file by email so I could save it to my computer? I would so appreciate it. Thanks.

  34. Hi Jennifer,

    The link to the valentines printable doesn’t work. I really like that image but I see it doesn’t exist any more. Any way that I can still get it?


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