Happy Weekend – Updates & Discount Code

Hello. Just wanted to share a few things…


So this weekend is the big CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) show in Anaheim. However, I decided to stay home this time… I just felt a need to stay with the family. But I encourage you to check out Instagram – lots of companies are sharing lots of great new products.

My favorites so far?


I have emailed all the folks who were randomly picked to purchase large boxes of craft supplies. Here they are:

  • Package A: Robin L, Dawn G, Michele S, Evelyn L, Wanda K, Marie-Sylvie, Stacy M, Jeanne H and Karen & Scott.
  • Package B: Kerry Y and Linda Anne.
  • Package C: Trish R, Cindy R and Allison L.

I have already received payment from a few people and I was excited to donate the money to Kind Campaign. A great cause. THANK YOU to these folks for their donations! I will be making another donation after I get the rest of the payments.

People asked when I will do additional craft box sales. They will likely happen again in a few months. I will announce it here. Thanks!


Before the holidays, I shared my love Kiwi Crate – an awesome thing for kids to do. Kiwi Crate, Tinker Crate, Koala Crate and Doodle Crate provide creative kid’s craft, art and science projects in a box delivered to your door each month. If your child or grandchild is between the ages of 2 and 16, you need to join. They are absolutely delightful and the price is very low. Lila does the Koala Crate and Colin does Tinker Crate.

The inventor and owner of Kiwi Crate is one of my best childhood friends. However, I fell in love with the product before I realized this! And they were kind to offer my readers a great discount today: Use code JM30 for 30% off 1st month subscription to any product line (plus FREE shipping). For more information, go HERE and click the different tabs at the top for the different product lines.


I spent a lot of time this week filming videos to share here on the blog soon. (Just gotta find the time to edit the videos! Anyone want to help? LOL) If you want to see some sneak peeks, you can check out my Instagram HERE.

OK… off to watch some mindless TV. Hugs to all. And – as always – thanks for stopping by this little spot of mine. xo




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35 thoughts on “Happy Weekend – Updates & Discount Code”

  1. Congrats to all those lucky people who have been able to contribute to a good cause. Hopefully I may get an opportunity in the future…
    Jennifer God Bless you for your Kind Heart and the way you give back to the society. God Bless.

  2. Looking forward to your coming videos! And I have to tell you I giggled out loud when you said you must buy 4,234 of the wood greetings. That was so funny! That’s how I feel when I find something I love so much lol 🙂 I love your blog. Thanks for all you share!

  3. Thank you for the donation to the kind campaign. That is just so amazing of you. BTW LOVE the ombre pads. I can see those on MFCT 2015!!!!! Cant wait!!!!

  4. I have been following CHA on Instagram this evening while paying bills and watching some mindless TV as well with the hubby. See…I can multi task! Ha! There are so many wonderful new products that I can’t wait to try. I will probably buy a wood veneer “hugs” as well if you leave one or two on the shelf! 🙂 Looking forward to your new videos.

  5. Glad you are better. Hope the kids didn’t get it. I’m still feeling off and my sleep schedule is a total mess. On antibiotics now and enjoying living vicariously through the CHA posts. Wouldn’t you know, I finally completed my Distress ink pad collection (the full ones) after catching a good sale, and Ranger announces plans for new colors. I can’t wait to see them all! I love green and think pistachio looks yummy.

  6. THANK YOU for all your hard work and inspiration!!
    You are a true inspiration!
    Off to organize my craft to get ready for the new CHA goodies!

  7. I just LOVE “this little spot of yours” So many ideas. You have so much inspiration and you are kind enough to share it with us. A HUGE Thank You for that. Looking forward to “spending time” with you here in the coming year. 🙂

  8. WOW! I am super excited, and can’t wait to get it. I never win or get picked for anything, unless I count extra projects assigned by my boss, retired now, LOL. I know I will love and cherish everything! It is wonderful that you do this for such a wonderful cause, you ROCK! Make sure you touch every single thing, I’m hoping some of your amazing talent will rub off on me! My congratulations to the other winners, I know you’re as excited as am. For those who were not picked hang in there! Jennifer is always doing wonderful things like this, you could be next!

  9. Can’t wait to get me hands on Cracked Pistachio and the HA ombre inks ( think I have an ink addiction). Do wish the Cracked Pistachio came in a mini, though. Take a break, girl. You deserve it!

  10. Great post, Jennifer – not least the amazing things you do! You have pinpointed some of my favorites too – the aggravations wile – the waiting…. LOL!

    have a lovely Sunday!

  11. I have watched Tim Holtz at CHA all weekend! I checked out his online classes and see that you, Jennifer, teach some. I just bought some things on ebay and Amazon and could just keep spending, spending…..I have to find a way to substitute some materials. I too love the new paint color and spent a lot of time checking out his tags, newer and old. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  12. Can’t wait to watch the videos! How does the cracked pistachio compare to the other greens in the distress ink family? It’s always so hard for me to tell based on the pictures of the packaging.

  13. Jennifer, you are always the first blog I read in the morning along with checking out your Instagram. I love all the pictures of your family and the wonderful life you lead. I get so much inspiration from your blog and spend so much money after you give us places to buy things. My new goal this year is start using all those new products. Now with CHA occurring, I think I will have to get a job just for my hobby wants and needs. Hope you are over your cold and get rid of those headaches you have. Love the name of the new Distress Ink products. Sounds good enough to eat. Looking forward to your videos and On Line Class. Thanks again for all you do for us in the stamping groove.

  14. Thanks for the kid crate ideas. I’ve been looking for one of those for a grandchild. Also thanks for all your great videos. Always new and fresh.

  15. wow thanks to those who contributed to the campaign.
    thank you Jennifer for giving us those sneak peaks we all love to see the new products coming out. A big THANK YOU for all you do for all of us. 🙂

  16. Hugs right back to you and thanks for all you do to inspire and promote this portion of the craft industry. I really love your videos and have learned so much and so many techniques from viewing them. You bring joy to many people in lots of ways!

  17. Hi Jennifer,
    A warm hello all the way from South Africa.
    I’m a full time author, (translation – I write for a living, but craft for sanity) and I discovered your videos on YOUTUBE by accident (hubby found them and handed back my ipad since he knows how much I love crafts) and I can’t tell you how you have inspired me.
    I’ve watched just about all of them and I’ve been in a feverish rush to build my stash since.
    Thank you so much for taking time to make the videos for us all and teaching us such wonderful techniques, and products.

  18. Thank you for the discount!
    I ordered Tinker Crate for one nephew and the sticker of the month for the other!

  19. Jennifer, thanks so much for your information on the Kiwi Crates, my 9 year old grandson has started to show an interest in science and with you recommendation I went to the sight and was please with what I saw. So I enrolled him in the Tinker Crate for the year as one of his Christmas Presents. He was thrilled to say the least. I typed out a big letter to go with it to let him know that he could expect to get one in his mailbox each month. He was so excited when he read that he ran over to his mother to show her the letter. I haven’t seen that much excitement from him for a while, I think I may have told you he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes last Dec. He has changed so much this past year, the looks in his eyes shows it all. I know you brother is also Type 1, so I feel kinda connected here. Please enjoy the blessings God give you and your family for 2015.


  20. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for all your time and your inspirations…You really knows how to keep us inspired,
    and you make projects soooo easy for us…Keep on sending those awesome inspirations
    coming…..You ROCK!! Congratulations to all the winners for your Kind Campaign Charity for it was for a gr8 cause.

  21. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for all your time and your inspirations…You really knows how to keep us inspired,
    and you make projects soooo easy for us…Keep on sending those awesome inspirations
    coming…..You ROCK!! Congratulations to all the winners for your Kind Campaign Charity for it was for a gr8 cause.

  22. Great news!! And loving the CHA updates but overwhelmed by all the great releases to come. I really enjoy your posts. You’re such a good person. Enjoy family time!

  23. I follow you on Instagram and how did you wind up being with all the DWTS? Wow. And I too loved the new cracked pistachio distress inks. What don’t I love that you present to all of us? lol.

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