Random Shares


Just stopping by with a few very random things to share. 🙂

OK… off to spend some more time with these great kiddos…

Have a great day!

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  1. Jennifer I don’t know if I should thank you or blame you for my lost 3 hours last night, LOL. I checked out Orphan Black for 10 minutes on Amazon Prime, stopped it and got my husband and son (don’t worry he’s nearly 21) and we are HOOKED! We made ourselves stop after episode #3 and will continue with a few more tonight. GREAT recommendation. So thank you:)

    Happy New Year Hugs,

  2. Have you done the winners for your favorite Kits n such and the Noncrafty things giveaways yet? I don’t see them listed on your winners page. Thanks in advance! LOVE seeing all your favorites!

  3. My 20-year-old daughter started me on Orphan Black over break and we watched both seasons together. Omgoodness–how awesome is Tatiana? I forget it’s the same woman sometimes–she’s that good! Can’t wait for the next season!

  4. AWESOME LINKS and such a BEAUTIFUL Photo!! I LOVE seeing their HAPPY and BRIGHT Faces!! 😉 I’m sure they too are SO HAPPY to have this time together!! 😉 I know it’s hard sometimes to have such young siblings and when you have to leave them to go away for college it can be HARD!! My little sister memorized my phone # while I was away at college and would call me almost EVERY Evening!! I didn’t realize at the time that my parents didn’t know she was calling me so much and with it being long distance OMG when they got that first phone bill they KNEW and I thought my dad was going to have a corinary!! 😉 He understood though and they were just AMAZED by the whole thing!! These days it’s a little easier with the Internet and Cell Phones, but I will NEVER for get the pictures she would send each week!! Infact I still have them in my scrapbook!! She would draw pictures of me in my car leaving and she was crying in our yard at home!! It made me SO SAD, but I also felt SO LOVED at the same time!! Anyway, I hope you all ENJOY this time together and that you have an AMAZING New Year’s Week/Weekend!! 😉

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