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Just wanted to give you a heads up about an upcoming class that I am a contributing to…

Here is more about Send Joy from Studio Calico:

The Yuletide season is upon us and that means itโ€™s time to send hand-crafted greeting cards and tags to those you hold nearest and dearest. In Send Joy, Lisa Spangler will show you how to create 15 cards and 5 tags in bulk so that you can send them to 100 of your closest friends. There are 5 videos – 4 from Lisa Spangler and 1 from Jennifer McGuire – sharing tips and tricks for well designed cards that you can make for everyone on your list. You will also get sketches, printables, and more lessons from guests.

Send Joy is enrolling now through October 31st at 11:59pm EST and all class content will be posted on November 1st.

While supplies last, Send Joy students will receive an exclusive 4×3″ stamp set. This stamp set will ship for free, no matter where you live. Quantities are limited, so enroll now to reserve yours!

Here is the stamp set you will get free – too cute:

Move fast! Also, they are offering this deal for students. It is worth checking out because there are some great holiday stamps and dies.

I am curious – have you started making your holiday cards? I love making lots of unique ones to send throughout the season, then I mass-produce a handmade photo card to send to my list. I love doing it!

Happy Sunday.

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29 thoughts on “New Holiday Class”

  1. Please, please, enough already with calling the cards “Holiday” cards. Let’s not be ashamed to call them “Christmas” cards. I would rather honor my Savior than be politically correct. Does anyone else share my feelings?

    1. Oh I am very much in agreement, but I also love my friends of different faiths. I understand people make them for various reasons! But my cards? They will all clearly express my faith. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. No, I have not started making my cards, but I should have. Jennifer, I have a question. I was seriously thinking about taking the class. The two special offers states expires on
    10/8/2014. Is this correct or can you still use the code to take advantage of the offer?

  3. I signed up for this class at the beginning of the month. So excited! Thanks for contributing, I can’t wait to see what card you’re putting together for SC.

  4. No I haven’t …I’ve not really been inspired to make them…guess I need to go to pinterest….well I’ll be there for the couple of days…love…love..pinterest…tfs

  5. Yes, I am starting to make my Christmas cards. I just got the PoppyStamps poinsettia die I had been longing for. I am using them on a thin delicate white vellum paper.

    Technically, winter is full of Holidays in nearly every culture and religion. I think Happy Holidays is appropriate for people to say to one another, or to make cards for IF they don’t know the traditions of the others. Frankly, I prefer to be wished a Happy (fill in the blank) only by people who know me. The people I am going to make Christmas cards for celebrate that holiday or tradition. New Year’s Day is probably the safest holiday to deal with.

    LOL, now I want to make a card that says, Happy (your holiday here.) The class sounds great.

  6. I have. Every year when fall gets super busy, I think: I should have started my cards in July. So this year, I started in July. I’ve made the design for a religious card and got a good jump on making the backgrounds. I’ve gotten distracted with a series of September birthdays, so I need to get back to finishing them up. And I still want to do a generic snowman card for a few people.

    I’m using a Moroccan stencil and distress inks for the background, and a Hero Arts stamp set. My scrapbooking friends loved it.

  7. I haven’t made cards in years. I’m just now getting back into it and would love to get some Christmas cards done. Looks like a wonderful class.

  8. I started. I made 6 lovely Aussie themed cards…… and then my Mum promptly bought them. I made 5 on the weekend using the Heat emboss background/ distress inks and perfect pearls pigment powder technique that Jennifer showcased some time ago now. The background stamp I used is 12 days of Christmas from Kaszazz. Looks great.

  9. I haven’t started making my Christmas cards yet, this year I might send out a Christmas letter instead and include pictures of major events that have occured throughout the year.

  10. I am starting on my cards this week. Will make a bunch of different ones until I start running out of time then I’ll pick one and make the rest of the ones that I need. Love to play!

  11. I agree with calling them Christmas cards, I also understand about friends of different faith but if they are truly my friends they know where I stand on my Christian belief and not offended by me expressing it just like if they stay Happy Hanukkah to me ! Friends take us as we are. Jennifer is in a different class though as she is doing this as a business.

  12. I had friends ask me back in January to make their Christmas cards for them…I’ve been making Christmas cards ALL year! Finally finished back in Sept and am SO looking forward to just making our own now and not having the pressure of creating anything “perfect” and just having fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I stumbled on this class while looking at the stamp sets. This class looks like lots of fun and I love the stamp set they are offering.

  14. I’ll be there! How could I resist seeing what you and Lisa have to offer! Signed up last night and hope I’ll get the stamp set. Of course, I have many others, but the class set was too cute!

    Hugs my enabler friend….

  15. This sounds so fun! & what a great day to start it because my Birthday is Nov.1st. :0) Hopefully I will be able to join. Tfs!

  16. I signed up yesterday and have ordered some of the supplies needed for this class. I also took advantage of the 48-hour deal for the new ink pad bundle with free shipping for my enitre order. Yay! That actually means that I get the class for free, since the price for the course more or less equals the standard shipping rate to Europe. A win-win situation LOL.
    I normally try making Christmas cards throughout the year, but haven’t had much time for crafting this year for various reasons. Since we are currently in the process of moving house in the next few weeks, I’m hoping I can still manage to make some cards in bulk after our move and combine holiday greetings with a change of address. I’m actually getting my own dedicated craftroom so maybe that helps too.

  17. Hello, The stamp set Holiday Joy is not made by Mama Elephant( I emailed them ) Can you tell me who the manufacturer is? I purchased the Send Joy card class and wanted to buy this set, but it is already sold out when I paid for the class.
    Thanks, Shelley

  18. Just sent off my holiday card picture to Walgreens for a print to see how it looks. And now I’m scrolling through your website and others hoping something will inspire me to start my holiday cards!

  19. Every year I plan on starting early to get my Christmas cards and tags all set. Like most of us I get busy with everything but my cards. Last year I ended up making extras of several of my designs and have a small stash to start this year with. I tend to think that I am going to make one or two styles and then I end up with about 5. When the creative bug hits I run with it.
    P.S. I agree with you Karen H. !

  20. Signed up for class and received my free stamps. Tried to irder the ones fir the class but one set is sold out.

  21. I signed up and can’t wait to start! I also signed up for your Holiday Card Workshop 2014 w/K Werner, which is so much fun! You ladies are truly talented and inspiring. I have been working on my family pic and design for our cards this year. But, I think there may be many designs instead of just one. Last year was my first foray into making cards and my daughter and I had a blast and everyone who received them commented on them. So here goes year 2!!!

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