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I am working like mad to bring to you lots of videos very soon – – lots of fun things in the works! So while I take time to do that, I wanted to share some fun, random finds with you:

  • I will confess. For months I was begging on Twitter for a stamp company to come out with succulent stamps. (I *love* succulents.) Turns out Heidi from SSS heard my pleas and got Sandy Allnock to design some succulent stamps and dies. EEK! I am so happy. I will have a video next week (need to find time to edit it!) showing what I did with them. So much fun!! You can find them HERE. (Thank you Heidi and Sandy! Now… I need some GOOD boy sports stamps. Hee.)
  • Many of you may know that for years, I have had a thing for Matthew Mcconaughey. (I should note that this “thing” has recently been replaced by a “thing” for Scott Foley from Scandal. Nom nom.) You may have seen that Matthew has a line of commercials with Lincoln and they are a bit odd. THIS video with Ellen totally cracks me up. Made me smile… and it may make you smile, too.
  • Studio Calico just released some fun new stamps and dies. You can find them all HERE. I am in love with the “Christmas” die. (It would be fab in glitter paper!)
  • Papertrey Ink has a new kit that looks incredible. Betsy Veldman created it – so proud of her!
  • My friend Julie Ebersole has a new stamp and die line coming out from Ellen Hutson. I will be sharing it soon, but in the meantime there are some great peeks over on Ellen’s blog. Proud of her, too!
  • Ok… THIS made me laugh. 🙂
  • Just a little heads up – I will have TWO card drives coming up here. One will be for holiday cards for nursing homes. Another will be for sick kids. Please get ready to create for a good cause!

That’s all. 🙂 Have a great day!

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  1. You crack me up! I loved that Ellen You Tube video! She is a hoot! I also saw the videos for the new Papertrey Ink release. I HAVE to have the complete set. It is going to make Christmas so easy for gift giving!

  2. Thanks for all these links…saw the pretty succulents and can’t wait to see what you do with them. Ellen always makes me laugh…funny commercial. Will love to join you in the card drive.

  3. I can’t stop giggling…I too love Scott Foley. Those eyes…:::sigh::: Now I will go check out those fun links! Thanks for a super fun post! Brightened up this gray gloomy day!

  4. Needed a good laugh with my morning coffee and that Ellen YouTube video had to laughing pretty hard! Thank you! Have a happy Wednesday!

  5. I love these Fun Finds posts you do from time to time. Introduces me to interesting tidbits.

    Haven’t seen the longhorn Matthew commercial here in the Vancouver area of BC, but we have another one that isn’t near as reflective of MM’s on screen persona.

  6. I love your post today. I needed a good chuckle! Love…love…love the succulent stamps. Ordered mine after midnight so that I could use my OCC discount. Yay! I have had an alarm set for the PTI release since yesterday. I am sure that we will crash the internet with all our orders for this awesome set.

  7. I have collected almost every one of the Riley & Company sentiments, as I adore their smirky, in-your-face humor (and have lots of friends I can send these cards to). FYI, I was able to afford them all because of They run fabulous discounted promotions, many with an additional free shipping incentive. Just thought you’d like to know.

  8. Sure Jennifer, I am from India so do tell me a bit in advance where do i need to mail these cards. Also tell me would they be christmas themed or any general cards would do like Happy Birthday Thank you etc…

  9. Thank you so much for the heads up on the Papertrey holiday kit. I’ll be broke this month, but would be heartbroken if I missed this kit. Cannot wait for it and so many other items being released in October. Please tell me that all the “new candy” offerings slow down in the coming months.

  10. I must now confess that I also LOVED those new sets and have ordered one of the Stamps sets, to start. The second set with the little pots and matching dies, is already SOLD OUT…BooHOO!

    I guess I will just have to wait, but thanks for sharing!

    I’m also thrilled to hear about Julie’s new product line and can’t wait to see it…knowing her it will be awesome!

    Well I’m off, I’m very behind in this fabulous Copic Class and need to try hard to catch up!

    Bug Hugs….you sweet lil’ enabler….

  11. Jennifer, since you have such luck getting different stamp designs, any hope that someone will design some gymnastic stamps? My grand daughter has been in gymnastics for years now (she is 14) and I have never found anything for cards or scrapbooking. My next door neighbor’s (also a card maker) grandson is also a gymnast. I am sure there are many more kids with parents or grandparents that would purchase them.

  12. I just ordered those succulent stamps yesterday because once again, Shari Carroll in her infinite amount of talent, puts me over the edge every time! Love her and love those stamps and dies! I cannot wait to get them and play. So innovative the way the tops of the containers blend with the succulents so they are one! Love, love, love them! Have also been a fan of Scott Foley since he was on Grey’s Anatomy last season. I never heard of Riley and Company but will definitely be checking them out – love the dentist and the crown one – so perfect for a couple of my friends who are convinced they are princesses in another life! Thanks for this uplifting post, Jennifer. You always inspire me.

  13. I really enjoyed your post today! I, too, thought Ellen’s video was hilarious! And last year your card drives got me inspired and so with my crafty friends we made 300+ cards for local nursing homes,and Hospice patients. It sounds like it is time for another crafting time with those friends! Thanks for all you do and inspire.

  14. haha…I, too, have a thing for Matthew! That Ellen video was hilarious. I think these commercials are weird, too. Love the dies from Studio Calico and what Ellen Hutson has is releasing too. Looking forward to the videos you are working on.

  15. Thank you for the heads up about the Papertrey Ink set. OMG!! I HAVE to have it!! And I love Riley and Company-found them by searching “Funny Stamps” in google. They are so great!! Now I just need image stamps to go with them. Thank you for all the great info!

  16. Thank you for the Ellen video. I have been thinking these are some of the strangest commercials I have seen in a long time, and Ellen hit it on the head and made me laugh.

  17. those stamp sets are great and I love them, especially the one with the dentist and the crown! Awesome!
    I know you have done some amazing cards with hero arts products and today I got the opportunity to go to the Hero Arts Factory Store! It was awesome and I was able to pick up lots of things for 50% off or more in some cases. Thanks for letting us know about this great company!

  18. Great new finds Jennifer! And I’m glad your pleas for a new succulent stamp set were heard! Sandy Alnock to the rescue! LOL

  19. The ELLEN video was hysterical. I have been mimicking the Lincoln commercials so I found it especially funny. Happy to have a reason to make Holiday cards.

  20. I had to comment once I saw your post about Scott Foley! I have loved Scott Foley since he was on Felicity. He is an amazing actor and has a great ability to play lots of different characters. He was amazing on The Unit and I was super bummed when they ended that show. I was so happy when he was on Grey’s Anatomy for a short bit and was super excited when he became a regular on Scandal. I am hoping they keep him there for a while causing a little rift between Olivia and Fitz…nothing better than a love triangle on a drama as good as Scandal!!

  21. Sandy did a great job with those sets! On my list. The Riley sentiments are great – I need the crown one for my nephew who is also my dentist! And Ellen is a hoot! I will definitely be on the lookout for your card drives.

  22. Love your random posts…Scott Foley has been yum since Felicity, back in the ’90’s I think, and then there was The Unit… Loving Sandy’s new stamps, and Ellen has a comp to win a full set of Julie’s release.

  23. I’m coming back so I can finish going to all the links you’ve shared. Where you have time for this is beyond me. And I did see the end of the Ellen/Matthew commercial and now, thanks to you, the whole thing. How can you not laugh? She’s a hoot. Love the stamp and Julie’s watercolor technique with reinkers. Another bright day opening thanks to Jennifer.

  24. I saw Betsy’s great Papertrey kit the other day. I was sitting at my computer last night at 10pm with cc in hand. It’s a lot more than I normally spend on something like this but I HAD to have both kits- amazing!

  25. I was wondering if you were going to have the Christmas card drive again this year. I participated last year, and it was fun! The only “problem” was that, between that drive, Operation Write Home, and our own personal Christmas cards, I ended up making over 100 in about a month! I was so burned out and SICK of Christmas cards when I finished. I’m trying to start earlier this year, though, to avoid that! Haven’t made much progress, but I’m trying! 🙂

  26. Thanks for the great finds and the great laughs! Ellen, so funny!
    Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

  27. I’m glad your pleas were heard for succulents! Since you are successful there, perhaps you could do the same for some desert stamps! You know… lizards, Sun, cactus etc. I’ve searched for years and even made some suggestions. I’m excited about all that you covered in your post today. Fun stuff! And good laughs too 🙂

  28. HI Jennifer,
    This is totally out of the current topic but i have a question with regards to paper trimmers. I am hunting for a good trimmer but no luck. I have watched your video on the new Fiskars Procision Rotary Trimmer back in Jan 2013. I have no such luck in getting any straight, precise cuts with any rotary cutters, no matter how careful I am. Just bought one and what a disappointment!!! (and no, it is not the Fiskars Rotary Trimmer). Do you encounter this problem whenever you use the rotary cutter? Thanks for your help.

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