25% Off!

Just a quick heads up that Simon Says Stamp is having a great sale right now – 25% off Copic Markers. I am taking advantage of this deal and getting some refills. Yay!

Head on over HERE and use the code “Markers” for 25% off.

Have you taken the Copic plunge? If so, what is your favorite color? Mine is YG17. Or maybe R22. Or BG13? Hmmm… 🙂


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24 thoughts on “25% Off!”

  1. Thanks for the heads up, Jennifer! I was never too interested in Copics, but decided to take your OCC class on them anyway. I was hoping to use the class to learn about shading etc when coloring images. The class was FANTASTIC! I’m now the proud owner of about 35 copics so far and I’ve used them in one way or another nearly every time I make a card!

    Off to SSS to add to my collection. I think my favorite color so far is R29. 🙂

  2. Your so bad Jennifer. I spent a small fortune buying Copics for the OCC class already just obtaining the blending trios that all of you suggested. I have another 50 colors on my list to get but have to be strong and say NO NO NO this time around. But your class was so amazing and I can’t thank you and Kristina enough for all the information that was packed into that class. I am hoping to use Copics now on my Christmas cards. 🙂

  3. Jennifer, You are the best! You show us great images, teach how to improve our coloring skills and then show us where to find the materials on sale. What more could we ask? Thank you so much for your inspiration and generosity.

    PS: I have not been able to afford Copics but I am very happy working with my colored pencils.

  4. Hi! Thanks for the heads up, I also too LOVED the OCC Copics class, so cant wait to check off some more of the colors from my list! I have been re-watching the videos over and over!

  5. Oh no, i feel my resolve slipping …

    I already bought plenty of stuff last month during the class, but there’s still plenty of open spots in my copic case. 🙂

    One favorite, hmm? I’m rather fond of YR14, though I also seem to use the R2x’s a lot. Ooh, and Y17.

    Wait, was I supposed to pick one favorite? 🙂

  6. must be the R20’s. or the R10s. Lovely peachy pinks.
    I am resisting the copic sale. I have, however, been picking up one marker a week at Michaels with a coupon. A little embarrassing but not so embarrassing that it stops me. Truthfully, though, I have been able to do virtually everything I wanted to do with my small stash. I did add a few 000’s and 0000’s after watching Debby’s lesson on fading to white. But for now I am just adding to my E’s one little marker at a time.

  7. I’m all in! Just bought a bunch at a great price! I watched K. Werner do black hair the other day so I also picked up a few markers like C4 and C6 etc. Thanks for letting us know about the sale! Love your site!


  8. Sadly, I have had my Copics for nearly 5 years now and haven’t used them as much as I thought. =( I love their potential, but I haven’t been able to grasp the blending as well as I thought I would (I used to be a top art student back in the day!!!) Anyhow, I haven’t given up. I just think I haven’t used them enough. My FAVORITE color at the moment is BG23 Coral Sea… I accidentally bought 2 of them! I will have to add BG13 to my list – I generally love the same blues/greens as you! 😉

  9. Ok not sure I’m ready to take the copic plunge quite yet, but thinking. How many colors are there all together? What is the average cost per pen and what is the average cost on refills. How often do the pens need refilled?

  10. I love the BG’s so far the best. Also have some YG9x’s that I like very much. Really it would be hard to pick a favorite. I also took the OCC Copic class and suddenly can’t live without them. Prior to that I had none. Now I feel that I need more colors. Will have to take advantage of the discount. So much for buying once a month…

  11. I too have taken the Copic “plunge”…just easing into it though. Found out you can use Michael’s 40 or 50% coupons to buy them, which really softens the blow! Also, Aaron Brothers carries a limited selection & can buy with their online coupons as well.

  12. I Love my Copic Markers! Jennifer I appreciate you telling us about the fact that they are currently on Sale, at 25% off, at Simon Says Stamping. But they are also on Sale, $4.19 for the Classic and $5.25 for the Sketch, at JoAnn Fabrics. I don’t always like to shop at a Big Box Store, but I also don’t like ordering On-line from Simon Says Stamping when my Laptop’s Internet Explorer is not recognized and their Customer Service Representative is rude and not very helpful. Yes, we need to update our Laptop but JoAnn Fabric’s Website recognizes our outdated Internet Explorer. Guess who I placed an order with?

  13. YES!! LOVE my Copics and was AFFRAID to use them until I took your Copic Class!! I broke both my Arms and then some in an accident right before class, but LOVED it anyway!! =) I have gotten my Left Cast off and have been practicing coloring with my Left Hand even though I’m right handed because I just couldn’t WAIT!! LOL!! I’m getting BETTER every day and I’m hoping to be able to get back to coloring crafting with my Rt. Hand SOON!! =) My Favorite Colors are the R27, R29 and BG’s and the YG’s together!! =) THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK/Halloween Weekend!! I hope you’ll share picks of the kids and their costumes!!?? Have FUN!! =)

  14. I loved the Copic class I decided to invest in class first before I bought many markers. So, my wish list is huge and being limited on my budget puts a damper on me buying many right now. I was able to snag three on clearance for $2.15 each! I had to laugh my five year daughter was the one that spotted them first and said, “Look Mommy! Copic markers!” So, I guess she was watching over my shoulder when I watched the class videos. My favorite from my little collection right now would be G14 Green Apple. ( now I just need some that will blend with it.)

  15. Thank you for always keeping your followers informed on new products and good deals. I don’t own Copic markers. I wish I did but they are so expensive. I use Tim Holtz Distress markers and Tombow.

  16. There are so many beautiful colors, how to decide…I took your copic class and my son saw some of my practice coloring, and he thinks I am a “great artist.” Of course he’s nine years old, but I’ll take it : )

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