Ice Bucket Challenge

As I am sure you know, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been making its rounds on the internet. I know some people don’t enjoy it or “get it” but the fact is that MILLIONS of dollars have been raised for ALS research. Awareness has been made to the awful ALS disease. And people who have loved ones fighting this disease or have lost loved ones to ALS are feeling support. That is worth it.

When my friend Angela from Mama Elephant nominated me, I was giddy. I loved the thought of this challenge entering this hobby/industry. Paper crafting has some amazing people… and now we can take full advantage of that to raise money and awareness for a good cause. And maybe have a few smiles along the way.

So I got my bucket of ice water, created my video and made my donation…

I have challenged three people to also do the Ice Bucket Challenge AND to donate money to ALS research:

Stay tuned because I will bet money they will all play along.

My kids were also challenged. Audrey hopes to post hers later today, but here is Colin’s….

Colin nominated the awesome Jax (son of Heidi of Simon Says Stamp), the super talented and loving Kathy Racoosin and his dad. 🙂

And one last thing. Many of you may know that I recently have fallen head-over-heels and madly in love with the sport of baseball. My son is gifted in the sport and got me watching. I *never* thought I would like it. But when I watched closely, I learned that baseball is a sport of heart. Of smarts. Of encouragement. Of family. In the first week of my love affair with the game, I found this video. It is what pushed my heart over the edge.

Lou Gehrig was one of the most loved baseball players of all time. And he died because of ALS. Heartbreaking.

I hope you don’t mind that I shared this here. But I hope even more than you will consider donating to the ALS Association. Let’s do this!


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  1. I lost my dear grandmother to this terrible disease. It was truly heart breaking to watch her health and dignity diminish to nothing. Our family will be donating money and I’m getting them on board to do the ice bucket challenge as well! Thanks for helping to spread awareness of this awful disease!!

  2. That are fantastic videos your kids are so cute. Your son is my hero, he wants to be part of the project and kids all over the world could learn from him. I know you are very proud of him.

  3. What a touching speech by Lou Gehrig — I had never seen this. Thanks so much for sharing, Jennifer, and for your family’s contributions. Sweet Lila was too sweet, not wanting to drench Colin! My girls can’t wait to douse my DH who was just nominated!

  4. You don’t know how touched I am to see this wonderful campaign at large for ALS
    I am so happy it is now been embraced by the craft world. My mom passed three years ago from this disease and it was a terrible spectacle to behold. My hope is that this awareness and funding will enable researchers to find a cure so others won’t have to suffer like my mom did. Thank you so much for doing this!

  5. Because of water shortage and me not doing the ice bucket challenge I opt to make a donation instead. A person can do either or do both

  6. Thanks so much for sharing. As I was watching this video, and it was ending, people in the house were coming into my craft room saint “wait what was that, I want to watch it” . So I replayed and they were all speechless. Thanks again for sharing.

  7. So touching seeing you and your family take this challenge. I love baseball and am a Yankees fan so it is very moving to see Lou Gehrig’s speech on his farewell to baseball. Thanks for sharing and thanks for taking part in this campaign to raise awareness about ALS. My family has been blessed in that we haven’t had to deal with this disease but I know how heartbreaking it is for those who have.

  8. Your family rocks, Jennifer! Thanks for the reminder and for spreading awareness. I’m looking forward to participating in the challenge with the Lawn “Fawnies” tomorrow!

  9. So glad that you embraced this challenge and I LOVE your nominations!! My son was challenged to do it but refuses because “It is stupid!” I told him he is the stupid one if he can’t see what it is all about. Makes me sad to be his mom right now! I am hoping he has a change of heart!
    Glad you shared this here!

    1. don’t feel bad! colin asked a few of his friends who said the same thing. it is a hard thing to understand. and trust me – my kids say things that make me question how i am doing as a mom. lol xo

  10. I’m glad you shared this with us!! It was fun to watch you and your family support a great cause!

  11. Thanks for the wonderful post. I lost my dad to ALS 4 years ago. My dad had shared a love of baseball with my son and taught him everything about the game from the time my son was 3. The MLB tribute to Lou Gehrig’s speech is so touching. Very, very special post for us, and thank you so much for raising awareness! Cute ice bucket challenge videos!!

  12. Thank you, Jennifer! My father passed away in May from ALS and the ice challenge (from people like you and your dear family) has meant a lot to me.

  13. Jennifer….I’m a true/blue Jennifer McGuire fan!….following all your videos {with amazement–so glad you can’t see many of my attempts to duplicate what you do– LOL} and reading all your advice on what to do with new products.
    Now you’ve taken it to a whole new level with this “ice bucket challenge”….you see I was diagnosed with adult on-set of FSHD, a form of Muscular Dystrophy. All these neuromuscular diseases need our attention and maybe on the way to cure ALS something will be discovered to eliminate MD as well. THANK YOU so much for your support….{and a special “thank you” to Colin……;o}…….}

  14. You are a wonderful person. I’m thrilled to see this making its way into the crafting/hobby industry as well–and it should! We have still have a long way to go and this is incredibly touching to me personally especially because my husbands Dad died from ALS at the young age of 44 years old. My husband was only 21 and it took his Dad in less than a year. Although I never had the opportunity to meet my FIL, I know that he would be so proud of the man his son is today. My husband is now 42 and we are only slighter closer to a cure than we were 20 years ago (which is nowhere near close enough). Thank you for using your influence and platform today and taking the time to participate in the ice water bucket challenge and for paying it forward!!! It matters and has an impact, as you have had a great impact on my heart today. Thank you for your support!!! xoxo

  15. You are a real trooper! I look forward to your videos, but this is not one I actually expected ☺ I first heard about this when my two nephews took the challenge. It is wonderful that something for such a great cause has gone viral! (BTW, my nephews and I live in the same town as Tim Holtz, but I have never met him. I did shop at the Ben Franklin he worked at when he worked there.

  16. Jennifer, I love your heart and the hearts you are nourishing in your children. Never feel you have to apologize for sharing this kind of stuff on your blog!

    I don’t share your love of baseball, except for the college game, but having been a volleyball Mom I enjoy watching you learn to enjoy the sport your son is so interested in (and good at!) He will always treasure you being there and being involved.

  17. All of my comment didn’t show up. I had added that my nephews said you had to use 10 gallons of water and 2 bags of ice. So, they each got doused with 2 5-gallon buckets. Since that those are the rules in Prescott, I think that is what Tim needs to do!

  18. I loved your videos. Kind of a small bucket, though. LOL I especially liked the Lou Gherig video, as I am a rabid Red Sox fan. By the way, where were the Red Sox in the video? 🙂

  19. Thank you, Jennifer!! My husband’s father had a form of ALS that dragged on for*twenty* years (a very, very slow form) and we lost him about 3 years ago. I had a friend from high school who was diagnosed about five years ago and died last year. It is a hard, horrible, ugly disease. While some are offended at the “waste” of water and others are offended thinking it trivializes the disease – many in the ALS community are thrilled that this is bringing attention to the need for research and for the millions it has raised toward that goal.

  20. Thank you so much for your big heart and donation.
    My husband is currently going through lots of testing and they are trying to rule out ALS. It’s been a roller coaster ride and so far they have not been able to rule it out. It’s a very hard disease to diagnosis and there is no one test to tell you that that is what it is. So in order to diagnosis it they have to rule out lots of other things and some of the tests are painful.
    I am trusting in God to get us through this and if we get the diagnosis that we don’t want that he gives us the strength to deal with it.
    Again thank you for bringing even more awareness to this awful disease.

  21. I love your heart. I love that your whole family is involved. I love the awareness that this ice bucket challenge has raised for this disease. Just wanted to let you know. 😉

  22. lost my dad with this years ago, and a German Shepherd Dog with the canine version just 2 years ago..great to see some attention coming to a long overlooked disease…Thank you

  23. I am a nurse Jennifer and I see a lot of heartache every day with many diseases that people did not bring upon themselves. Nice job in the challenge. As far as baseball perhaps you and your son can get the little league on the TV tonight. An awesome girl will be pitching for the Philadelphia team. Perhaps your son would enjoy watching even though it is a girl pitching for Philly. The whole team is awesome, they are up against the Vegas team. Thanks for supporting ALS. Deb

  24. Way to go!!
    Such a great cause and a wonderful execution lol!!!
    Loved the fact that Layla threw ice cubes at you. So funny!

    I wish they would raise many more millions for this horrible disease and find a cure.

  25. Jennifer! Congrats on completing the challenge. My husband, Joel, just completed the challenge! My girlfriend’s sister, Heather, list her battle of ALS. She chose to decide when SHE wanted to go to heaven and went on life support. She enjoyed her last year and planned everything about her final days including a stellar party. Thank you for completing the challenge! You continue to be an inspiration! Cheers!

  26. You are AWESOME! This is my first ever comment I’ve ever left here because time is NEVER on my side:( but I DO visit you because…..who wouldn’t! 😉 You are a true sport for doing this challenge my friend! I also was very intrigued about you & baseball! I never thought in a million years that I would LOVE the game of baseball as much as I do! I am a HUGE S.F. Giants fan & both of my boys have played baseball since they were 4 yrs old! They are 12 & 14 now & my 12 yr old is now on a tournament travel baseball team & my other baby plays for Highschool! I’m not sure if your son is playing, but it is the BEST FEELING to see them out there playing the game they love! It’s almost like us crafters doing what WE love! It is just the COOLEST thing to know you watch baseball too! Sorry for the long comment but I just wanted to let you know how AWESOME you truly are!
    BIG HUGS! 😉

  27. I’m so glad you participated to bring awareness to this. I had a friend lose her battle wih ALS three years ago. It was so devastating what this did to her body. Love that your family is involved. My son and I are participating in a local Walk to Defeat ALS, and he graciously asked his friends to donate to ALS Assoc in lieu of birthday gifts. Couldn’t be more proud of him!

  28. Thank you and your family for doing the challenge. ALS is considered an “orphan” disease because, depending on what agency you get your information from, “only” 10,000-30,000 Americans suffer from this life-changing disease. That means drug companies won’t do research to work on a treatment because there isn’t enough financial gain to be had. There has been only one treatment out in the last 75years and it isn’t a cure; it buys people a few more months with an ease of symptoms. Not that it is anything to sneer at, I would have given anything for a few more months with my father. But, with more exposure and awareness, gains will be made! So, thank you for what you’ve done.

  29. I never thought I could love so much people I never saw in my life and for sure, I am not going to meet face to face… until I got into the Scrapbooking world… but you are one of “them”. You are such a good person and you are able to show it through your cards. I love them and the way you teach us what you know!! I really enjoy with your cards and of course, the online classes!! Thanks for sharing with us the challenge because it was so kind of you! Your kid is so cute!! jeje Kisses from Spain.

  30. Had 2 boys that played baseball, they loved it, kept them busy, and we went on many travels with teams. It is a game of skill and brains, they had good coaches (for the most part) and learned a lot about the game and about teamwork and about managing time (no baseball if school work was not maintained) I hope your son and family have the same great experience.

  31. Such a worthy cause…so nice to see your whole family reaching out to help others. My son and I did the challenge too.

  32. That’s great that you are doing it and getting the whole family involved. 🙂 ALS is so heart breaking.

    On a happier subject – I have always enjoyed watching baseball myself and the heart in the game is a big part of the reason so I am always happy when others catch it too.

  33. Great job, Jennifer and Ken, in raising Colin to put the need of others ahead of his own wants. Jesus is pleased.

    Several teachers in our school district have been diagnosed with ALS and the community has had fund raisers for them. It is a terrible disease.

  34. I have not seen the ice bucket challenge in Norway yet, but I bet it will show up sooner or later! My grandfather died of ALS. He only got 6 months after beeing diagnosed. It is a horrible desease 🙁 Thank you for donating.

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