Heads Up!

Just popping in to share a few links with you.

Cards For Katy

I am a big fan of card drives… especially when they are for kids. My friend Michelle knows of a sweet 6-year-old girl named Katy who is very sick with heart problems. If you would like to bring a smile to her face (or anyone in her family), please consider sending in cards. You can find out more information about the Cards for Katy card drive HERE.

20% off Ranger Products

Hurry! Simon Says Stamp is having 20% off all Ranger products. The sale ends today (8/11/14) so you gotta hurry! Now is your chance to get any Ranger products you may be interested in, such as Mini Distress Inks, Texture Paste and Mini Ink Blending Tools. Use the code RANGERSALE at checkout HERE.

Embossing Powder Containers

I get a lot of questions about how I store my favorite embossing powders. (You can see a post about it HERE.) So this week I put together a video showing it in detail. However, life threw me a curve ball and I haven’t had time to edit and post it for you… but I promise I will soon! In the meantime, I saw that the containers I use are available at VERY awesome prices over at Zulily:

  • Large Containers – I store my most-used-and-must-have white and clear embossing powders in these larger containers. This price is for three. I normally pay this much for one! I put a few jars of powder in these.
  • Small Containers – I store my other favorite powders in these smaller containers. This price is for three – I have never seen it this low.
  • Colorful Small Containers – This is the same as the last one but in fun colors! I ordered a few. Great price.
  • Medium Containers – This is a great alternative to the small container. It is just a little taller. I use these for storing other crafty goodies, too.
  • Long Containers – I ordered a few of these to try. I think they will be fun for brushes, markers, powders and more.

I also should mention that I use these A LOT in my kids’ lunches. They are fabulous. I see these once in awhile at Home Goods but this is by far the best price ever. They will likely sell fast, so hurry!

Free Lunch Box Jokes

I have mentioned many times how I love to put notes in my kids’ lunch boxes. I also like to include jokes… so I was excited to see great free joke printables from All For the Boys. So fun!

Watercolor Video

Boy oh boy. You must go watch THIS amazing video by my friend Dawn. She is simply amazing.

That’s it for now. If you have anything fun to share, please do so in the comments below!

Happy day!

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25 thoughts on “Heads Up!”

  1. I was so close to getting these! I went quickly and ordered them all before I ran to the grocery store. When I got back I realized I did not have an email order confirmation. I must not have clicked on a final submit for paypal because my order is gone and the small ones are sold out. I guess another day . . .

  2. The containers work well for the embossing powders, I save my sample spoons from ice cream…. I do get the clips from amazon like Jennifer had shown before on her video. I also use them for my silver and gold leaf.

  3. Thanks for the information on the containers. I didn’t know they made them in various sizes. Also you’re right Dawn’s video and her watercoloring is so fantastic. I must try this technique. Also having fun at the online class… glad you started it!

  4. Thanks so much for your recommendation of Dawn’s video. She really is amazing and I subscribed. I’m digging my distress markers out now.

  5. Jennifer, I would to send Katy a card..what a gr8 thing to do to lift up Katy and her family spirits…Thanks for sharing this

  6. I just watched Dawn’s amazing video. WOW! Can that girl watercolor! Thanks for steering us toward her blog. I plan to send Katy a card this week.

  7. Lots of goodness here today Jennifer! THANK YOU! 😀 LOVE those lunch box notes! I had to copy them ALL! LOL And WHAT AN AMAZING VIDEO on water coloring! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 This is a FUN PLACE TO BE!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  8. Thanks, again, Jennifer. I love the joke cards, and checked out some of the others she had they were neat for kids. Some will be making their way to Houston soon.

  9. Jennifer, thank you for the link to cards for Katy. What a heartbreaking thing for this family to have to endure. I will be sure and send some cards out right away.

  10. I bought a couple the sandwich containers from this company to try. I thought it was a good width for most sized papers you’d be embossing yet still shallow. I had to laugh cause when I looked up the small containers that you recommend , it shows what is most often bought with those and it was the little spoons and the cable clips! Didn’t know there were that many card makers out there who also watch you tube videos!

  11. Thanks for the link to Dawn’s video. I subscribe to her blog but never get notices of new posts. I love the flora and fauna 2 stamp set. Of course it looks even better with Dawn coloring the images!!

  12. I bought my containers (same ones as Jennifer uses) at the Container Store. They have lots of stores and you can order on line as well. I just got some small ones for $2.49 ea and a large one for $3.99. They carry them all the time, so you can get as many as you need. I think they have the colored ones as well. Containerstore.com

    By the way Jennifer, you need to stop with all of these good ideas. I’m going broke! 🙂
    Love your work,

  13. Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, I was too late, but on the bright side I found a new stamp set to love (Dawn’s projects, Flora & Fauna)!

  14. Just a heads up for those with a TJ Maxx. After Jennifer mentioned Home Goods, which I do not have, I went and checked two diffferent stores and between the two I scored three of the large ones and 10 of the small ones, all for less than what they were on Zulily. I also picked up some sandwich size about an inch tall for some specific powders I have, and a few other sizes, just for fun. I believe Marshall’s might have them too, but again, do not have one of those either. With gas prices so high, I will not drive far. I’d rather buy on Amazon for a little more and save myself some grief.

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