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I am with my dear friend Kristina Werner this weekend and we decided to do a couple Q&A videos together. Here, we answer six questions that some of our readers asked us on Facebook. And over on Kristina’s channel, we answer six others. Be sure to check them both out!

Enjoy. See you soon!

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90 thoughts on “Video: Q&A With Kristina Werner”

  1. You guys are such goobers at the end! 😀 this is why after all this time you two are my favorite bloggers and I feel like if I knew you personally you would fit in with my group of goober girlfriends who can just look at each other and burst into laughter! Thanks for the q&a!

  2. Great questions, answers and advice! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the next OCC. Would love to see more Q&A’s in the future…how ’bout a monthly Q&A session?

  3. Jonathan and I have benefitted from your generosity. Actually, the latest card on my blog is one of the stamps that you sent us. 🙂


  4. Wonderful sessions.. watched both videos, you both are my favorite…
    Liked the answer for Distress minis.. I’ve full collection of reg DI and was thinking about buy or not to buy Minis.. I think I should go for reinkers intead.
    Thank you..

  5. Thank you so much for the Q&A Video! Very informative. I love seeing you guys on your blogs but this was an extra treat for me.

  6. How special! I loved it! My two favourite girls I watch regularly…together. It was nice seeing more than just hands. I would love, love, love to be the lucky buyer to get to buy your “old” supplies. I would be first in line if I knew where the line was. Thank you both for sharing your creative endeavours with us! Melodie xo

  7. Thanks so much for sharing some fun QA’s. You guys are so fun and inspiring. I don’t think I would be so into crafting if it wasn’t for you two specifically. Your blogs are great and your online classes are so much fun. Thanks again.

  8. I loved watching the Q&A w/Kristina! You two and Nichol Maguirk are my favorite designers/bloggers! You all are so talented and it’s nice to see the amazing friendship between the two of you! Thanks for sharing another informative videos!

  9. What a great feature, Jennifer (on both blogs!) … your energy and enthusiasm for what you do is inspiring … thanks for all the fab answers to those fab questions! Anita 🙂

  10. So much fun watching the videos with you and Kristina. Both entertaining and informative. I found out at our Quilt Guild – a good source for colour combination is:
    Thanks Jennifer.

  11. Oh defiantly you have to do this again…… so entertaining. Love it and the info on both was great. Thank you for it.

  12. Thank you so much for all your tips they were very helpful for us newbies. My goal is to expand my scrap-booking when I retire. I can’t wait. Deb

  13. Great video(s) – made me smile! Lovely to see you both instead of watching your hands work your usual crafty magic 🙂

  14. Thank you so much for doing this video. Some great advice and lovely interaction between you two. Seeing this makes me feel amongst friends!! Helga

  15. It was great to see the both of you together. Wonderful video. I bet you both are having fun and lots of laughs. That is what good friends are for right? 🙂 You both are the best of the best in this crafty world.

  16. Great video Jennifer! You two are adorable together! I love your videos and all of the fun techniques you bring us.

  17. Thank you both for all of the inspiration, answering so many questions tutorials and the great online classes that you do. Your both on my must check list of blogs and I have taken every online classes. You both have introduced me to new companies and must say you are great enablers. Thank you for providing so much information and examples.

  18. Enjoyed both Q&A’s!! Your enthusiasm and love for everything crafty shown through! Love all your inspiration! Can’t wait till you do it again!

  19. loved both videos. I did buy some mini distress in my favorite colors to take places. love the hero arts minis too.

  20. I loved watching the videos on both blogs. You both are so genuine and it shows through in your friendship. I was at a local scrapbook store yesterday. It is a very small store and there was a lady purchasing a ton of products. She was talking to the owner and she kept saying Jennifer said this, or Jennifer did that. I assumed she was talking about a friend that she crafted with until she mentioned the last name of McGuire. She talked about you as if she were your best friend. I think it is wonderful that you touch people in this way. I too am an avid follower of both you and Kristina. Thanks for sharing your talent and giving so much inspiration along the way.

  21. I think it would be so much fun to hang with you two for a day – or longer. You are both so creative, talented, good teachers, and …well, fun!

  22. I just loved this so much, Jennifer. Thanks for taking time out of your OCC planning to put it together. PS I LOVE your OCC’s. They are phenomenal. I wish I had the emotional fortitude to purge my supplies. Although – I will say – I have stuff new that I just had to have – and never used – and eventually come back and make great stuff with it. The entire video made me smile. I’d love to see another one in the future.

  23. Love this, thank you for sharing!!! I love both of ya’ll.. there’s so much creativity between the two of you..yikes!!! so fun seeing you together 🙂

  24. It just warms my hear to see you both together! Your two blogs are my favorites, and are what brought me to Simon Says Stamp. Thanks for sharing your time and talents with us and enjoy your time together!

  25. Sure was fun to watch you two together. I follow both of your blogs and love the OCC. Thanks so much for showing us how well you work together, too.

  26. I loved seeing the two of you together. It’s nice to see faces, not just hands. I can see the passion you have for crafting and the enthusiasm. It spills over on your videos and inspires me so much. Thanks for sharing so much with all of us. Love your blogs and Online Card Classes.

  27. As I was watching each of your videos, I was thinking what a blessing it is to have great women friends .. especially if they love doing the same things you do!! Thanks for sharing … enjoy your time together.

  28. Oh My Goodness my two FAVORITE GIRLS! I love watching you ladies. Great video. Awesome questions. Hope to see more of you ladies together.

  29. How exciting to watch the two videos of my favorite teachers. Thank you for all the inspiration and videos. I finally got brave enough to try some techniques, and WOW!

  30. This is my first time watching your video. It won’t be my last! Thanks for teaching me some good new tricks.

  31. Great questions & answers. Love the purging answers. But I’m afraid
    I’m a craft supply hoarder. I know I need to weed out some some
    of my supplies. Like the idea of donating to a child care center.

  32. I enjoyed listening to you & Kristina!!! 🙂 You gave us some GOOD INFORMATION!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 HAVE FUN while you’re together!!!! 😀 Off to see Kristina’s blog now! 😀

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