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I am with my dear friend Kristina Werner this weekend and we decided to do a couple Q&A videos together. Here, we answer six questions that some of our readers asked us on Facebook. And over on Kristina’s channel, we answer six others. Be sure to check them both out!

Enjoy. See you soon!

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91 thoughts on “Video: Q&A With Kristina Werner”

  1. Really enjoyed the UTube today at both of your sites. There were great questions and answers and the chemistry between the two of you is obvious. I have such respect for the quality of your stamping, classes and videos that it was a lot of fun to see you in person. Jennifer, I like your hair cut, too. Keep up the great inspiration.

  2. Dear Jennifer, I can quickly tell you what you amaze me/ inspire me the most:
    You can turn ordinary things, stamps, inks…everything, into an extraordinary techniques. What a talented artist you are! Amazing!!!

  3. I so enjoyed your video with Kristina. It was a delight to hear your comments see the genuine enthusiasm you both share for card making and the caring that you extend to your followers by offering your “best practices.” Thank you.

  4. Oh what fun you two must have together. It just made my day to view your videos. Thanks for always sharing your talents and your love ! Blessings ! !

  5. What fun it was to watch you and Kristina. Since I subscribe to both blogs it was great to watch you together answering the questions.

  6. How lovely that you 2 are real friends. I know online & facebook are great ” friend centers”, but live, face to face friends are the best. I never miss either of your blogs & videos, & I thank you both so much for all you share. You’re 2 of my favorite papercrafters & I learn from you all the time. Hope you have a great visit.

  7. I enjoyed the two Q & A videos today. I loved watching both of you at Two Peas in a Bucket. I still look for your videos that you made and watch from time-to-time. Thanks.

  8. I really enjoyed watching the both Q & A videos. I enjoyed just watching the both of you. I have told a few of my friends to watch you and how well you both teach. I have learned so very much just by watching the both of you. Keep up the great work, and thank you so much for inspiring me.

  9. Thank you both so much. I so enjoy following both of you as I see no others that I can learn so much from. Love both your styles and great advice. So practical, inspiring and further, it just works!!! Felt like I got to meet you both on a personal level today. So fun! The purging though………that’s a tough one for me. I only create for fun vs being in business. Therefore, I spend a lot and want to keep all my supplies forever, all. I figure, since I’m 75, that will be ok, since I’m in my later years of life and that’s just a fact, so I feel blessed. If I were in my 30s, I would have to deal with purging. LOL Lucky me!

  10. That was fun! I enjoy both your blogs, so no trouble checking out both. And Kristina answered a question I didn’t ask but was wondering — if anyone else’s versamark pad pulls the ink off stamps that I swear I washed. Great answer on the minis, too! I have almost all of the regular large pads (and stains or paints in the ones I don’t). The minis are cute, but I’m going to stick with my large ones for now. You don’t use the paints as much, do you Jennifer? I find they lend themselves to the Skittles coloring a bit more. 🙂

  11. WOW these videos were great – loved all your ideas and how you come by them and how you originally got together. great friendships mean greater creativity with double the inspiration. thanks for sharing

  12. I loved seeing you and Kristna together! It’s easy to see that you are the best of friends 🙂

  13. Thank you very much for the video. I was actually really curious to hear the answers.
    Looks like you two operate well together and I’m looking forwards to seeing more of y’all videos.
    You two are very talented and awesome ladies!

  14. What fun this was to see you both in front of the camera!! Thanks for sharing your advice!! Love your blogs and classes!!

  15. Thank you for answering all those great questions! You two are so talented and absolutely cute together in this video!

  16. Thanks for a great Q & A video! So cute to see you together in a video! Looks like you are all having a great time together!

  17. Thanks for the Q & A I only wish I had known cuz I have a question …… What is a good embossing powder?

  18. You two are so cute together, and here I thought you were competitors. I think I see an nline card class in my future. ‘Can’t wait!!!

  19. Great Q&A – love to hear your perspective on these questions. Love your simplistic approach. Now I am off to Kristina’s blog to watch the other video.

  20. I follow both you ladies, so it was a real treat to get a two for one, not once but twice! You are both equally talented and creatively inspirational.

  21. What a great idea. You both inspire me so much and I so enjoyed watching your video. Thanks for all the great inspiration.

  22. What a great idea. You both inspire me so much and I so enjoyed watching your video. Thanks for all the great inspiration.

  23. Your videos are ALWAYS FUN & INTERESTING!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your Q&A
    and CHEMISTRY Jennifer & Kristina!!!

  24. You gals are so cute!! I have learned so much from you and Kristina, both through your blogs and Online Card Classes. I have recently been asked to teach a class at my local scrapbook store. I’ll be gleaning info from both of you to use in my class!! Thanks so much.

  25. You two are a hoot! 😀 Both videos were fun to watch. Thanks for the Q&A; every time you get together, you should do more.

  26. Thank you for the inspiration to really get organized. I am purging and letting-go of so many things that I do not use and donating to a local organization that works with challenged adults and have started a new craft re-sale store.
    Organizing is a process and does not happen in a day, as I would like, but I know the end result will be wonderful.
    I hope you 2 girls will do another video together, soon!!

  27. Hi Jennifer & Kristina! I love your Q & A videos. I always learn something new. I am a subbie on both of your You Tube channels. Jennifer, your daughter is adorable! Kristina, whenever I hear Mannie in the background I smile. I had a cat that would wander around the house “talking”. Lol. Mine was named Thomas. He was a character. Miss him lots but Mannie always brings happy memories to mind. 🙂

  28. Storage is my problem. I don’t like to throw out anything. I have some neat boxes and use all the latest Kartha Stewart storage items.. I have heard you mention online classes. Where are they located? Thank you . greate videos from both you. I am limited on how much I can get out of the house.

  29. This is my first time visiting a blog. I been watching a lot of You tube videos and want to try some of the techniques I’ve seen. Shading is a real problem for me and it seems so easy in the videos. I’m wondering if my problems might start with my paper. (My paper tends to get fuzzy.) I’ve heard you mention the brand/color, but you don’t say the weight or finish. Could you please give me some advice? Thank you!

  30. I need help. I forgot where to go to see the classes that I registered and paid 62.00 dollars. I enjoyed it yesterday but I don’t remember what was the website.
    Lillian Rivera

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