Video: Die Cut Window Cards

Hello! Today’s video shares how to create die cut windows with a word suspended across. This technique is fun! So fun that I actually created four cards. I did these cards as part of the Virginia’s View Challenge where I am a guest. (More on that below.)

[All supplies are linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails at the end of this post. Click HERE to watch the video in HD on YouTube.]

If you have stopped by my blog before, you know these cards have three things I am adore. First, they include word dies cuts. Second, they have a window. Third, the technique results in two cards at once. Bam!

For the first set of cards I show in the video, I started by inking white cardstock with Distress Ink and a fabulous Memory Box stencil for a tone-on-tone look. I then used some partial die cutting tricks to die cut a circle window with the Mama Elephant “hello” greeting suspended across it. The technique results in one continuous piece – with the word connected to the panel. I love this look!

After creating the die cut panel, I used the same stencil to apply embossing paste to the front of a white notecard. I then added the panel on top… lining up the stencil pattern in the paste with the stencil pattern in the inked die cut panel. I finished it off with my favorite sequins and silver dots using a Silver Paper Pen. Man oh man… I love the look of that “hello” suspended across that window!

I used the leftover die cut pieces from the first card to create this second. I started by masking around the edges of a white notecard with painters tape and applied embossing paste over the Memory Box Stencil. I then adhered the die cut pieces – lining up the pattern – and finished it with a small glitter die cut heart. Easy. And fast!

So those first two cards, I used partial die cutting tricks to create one continuous piece. For the next two cards, I cheated and did a much faster version of the technique. Any although the word isn’t really connected to the panel around the window, it is hard to tell! You can pick whichever technique you prefer.

I once again started with white cardstock and inked it lightly with Distress Ink. I then inked more over a dot stencil for a tone-on-tone look. After die cutting the word thanks from the inked piece, I die cut a heart around it. I taped the word into the heart in the panel (with the tape on the back) so it looks like the word is suspended across and is one with the panel. (A little cheating is welcome in crafting!) I kept this simple by just adding Wink of Stella to the dots and a bit of sequin and silver dot bling.

I adhered the leftover pieces on a mini card… and added Glossy Accents to the dots for some dimension and shine. I think this is my favorite of the four. So clean and simple.


As I mentioned, these cards are for my guest spot over at the Virginia’s View Challenge Blog. I have shared in the past a few challenge blogs that I like… and this new one is one of the best out there. The sweet Virginia Lu leads it and there are some amazing ideas and submissions. You can draw inspiration from the challenge photo (below) and link over on the blog. I believe they have prizes, too! (Congrats, Virginia, on your awesome blog. I adore you and all that you are adding to this great hobby.)


I have received many emails about me using products that are out of stock in stores. I just wanted to mention a few things about this:

  1. I take a lot of time to link to multiple sources/stores in the thumbnails at the end of each post. You can find these sources in the abbreviations under the product thumbnail. (Example: Click “EH” to see the product at Ellen Hutson.) Sometimes one store may be out of stock but another isn’t.
  2. I do not work for these stores so I have no real way of knowing how many are in stock before I use them.
  3. I do know that the stores I link to (except Amazon – not sure about them) are very good about placing reorders very quickly. However, sometimes manufacturers are very slow to fill those big orders. So just because you see something is “out of stock” in a store doesn’t mean that it isn’t on order.
  4. Please know that if something is out of stock, it is because many people also loved the product you want! 🙂 Heck – I bought the product and used it because I love it, too. It happens. But thankfully there are lots of great products out there. (And I try to mention alternative products in my video.)

I really try my bestestestest to use a variety of products and share with you fun ways to use these products. I use what I love… and sometimes those things go out of stock. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. Oh – and I will be back soon with winners from past giveaways. Thanks!


Below are the products featured above. Click on the letters below the picture to go to a favorite store: Simon Says Stamp (SSS), Ellen Hutson (EH), My Favorite Things (MFT) and Amazon (AZ)…

( SSS | EH )


( SSS )


(SSS | EH | ME)


( SSS )


(SSS | EH | MFT)


( SSS | MFT )


( SSS )


(SSS | EH | AZ)


(SSS | EH | AZ)


( SSS | EH )


( SSS | EH )



( SSS | EH )



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( SSS | EH )


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(SSS | EH | AZ)


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74 thoughts on “Video: Die Cut Window Cards”

  1. Jennifer thank you so much for this wonderful video. I love this suspended word look and have wondered how to do it. Your videos are always so clear and easy to follow. I love the cards you made with this technique today and all the extra tips you throw in. I’m so thankful to have just recently found your blog and videos. God has blessed you with amazing talent and you are so sweet to share it with us.

  2. Well if rambley is a word (which I am hoping I spelled correctly! LOL)
    then Rambley on girl!!
    Awesomely cute cards, as always, and Fabulous techniques….also as always!
    TFS Jennifer! and Happy 4th of July to you! 😀

  3. That was nothing short of amazing. You always have a cool new idea for dies! Thanks for your awesome video.

  4. I, for one, enjoy your long videos because they are jam packed with helpful tips and ideas. Thanks for showing both ways of cutting the suspended word dies. Love the look and want to try it. The cards are great and I love that Wendy Vecchi embossing paste, too. It’s so creamy and I think that makes it easier to apply! Happy 4th!

  5. Great video–I think I actually prefer the easier technique. Is the WV white paste a true white? It appears ivory/off-white in the video.

  6. Every one of these cards are wonderful….I totally love the designs and find I’m especially drawn to the colors…reminds me of the beautiful beaches I’ve seen recently in your vacation pics!!

    I am delighted to see you posting over on Virginia’s new challenge blog. She is such a talented designer and a big fan of you, just like me and many others. I’m sure she was equally thrilled to have your sharing your wonderful talent on her new challenge blog.

    I’m sorry to hear that their are some readers complaining about products you use being “Out of Stock”…I guess they just do NOT realize just HOW many readers and followers you have and how fast an item you USE or Promote can Fly off the store shelves. I love all the stores you promote and shop at each one and have always had wonderful service. I also realize that they have no control on shipments or when new products that have already ordered will be back in stock. You work hard and I totally appreciate that! I value your input and am sorry to hear that this had to be addressed? Hum? = I guess some people just find the need to complain about and that’s a darn shame!

    I highly value all the time and effort you put into each post and I know if I really want a product that I can always “Google” and look for other stores that may still have that particular item….I’ve even shopped many times at the actual company and always had good luck. I’ve also learned to create “Wish Lists” for stamps or crafting goodies I know I’ll want to purchase when I find them. In my case, something I buy TOO fast because I LOVE one of your cards, but then find I can’t quite come up with other ideas on using a product that you do so well with!!

    I also LOVE the long videos and posts and find them very informative — keep em’ coming, they rock!!

    Hope you had or are still having a fabulous vacation – I loved the pics of Lila and it looks like she was in her element at the beaches — so happy for you and hope you are all having a very Happy Fourth of July!!


  7. I may be alone out there w/my comment, but so be it.
    First…I L-O-V-E your cards and your chosen colors and I think your techniques are absolutely fantastic and mind-boggling bcz I know how much time you spend on developing each one. No doubt, you are brilliant. However….
    With that said, for me (and again…maybe I’m a loner here, but) the rushed rambling style of your presentations is totally exhausting! I do my card-making crafts to relax and I do find your video presentations so interesting so I endure the rushed pace of them, but I would rather see these videos presented in a more relaxed way–break them up into two or three or four videos or however it’s possible to slow down–so that you don’t seem so hyperactive w/the process.
    Thanks for the opportunity to learn and to comment.

  8. What a great technique and as usual your video was very helpful. The great thing of videos is that I can re-run them over and over so your recording time is just right for me!

  9. Another great video! Thanks for sharing…love how you take the time to explain things so clearly! I’m glad that you are sharing products you love to work with, and I appreciate that you give lots of alternatives. 🙂 Keep up the great work…you rock! 🙂

  10. Thanks for one’s marvelous posting! I actually enjoyed reading it,
    you are a great author. I will remember to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back very soon. I
    want to encourage you to ultimately continue your great posts, have a nice evening!

  11. You do a marvelous job of linking products. Thank you for your time and attention to detail — in all you share.

  12. Love all the cards you created for today’s post, Jennifer! And thank you so much for the video…I always enjoy them!

    I also want to thank you for taking the time to share the products that you’re using with us…I know it’s time consuming, and that sometimes we just have to ‘wait’ until something is back in stock 🙂 Happy 4th of July to you and your family…enjoy your vacay, too…you certainly deserve it!!!

  13. LOVE this inspiring and helpful lesson, Jennifer. You truly are gifted, kind and generous. Like so many, I appreciate your hard work and lesson plans behind every video. Your clarity, tempo and designs are always spot on! Thank YOU for the kind words and help with the guest design. xo

  14. Thanks for all you do! And know that your efforts to link to stores are appreciated. If you didn’t use the latest and greatest I would never know what to add to my wish list. Sometimes in life you have to wait a bit for the good stuff.

  15. Seriously? People were complaining about stuff being out of stock? I’m grateful that things are out of stock. That means that there is demand and if there’s demand, someone will make products to fill that demand. That’s what will keep this industry alive, and hopefully keep us from losing more stores like Two Peas.

  16. Love your focus on details. Beautiful cards and great use of stencils too!

    And Jennifer you make great videos – the best. Very proffesional with no blah blah…. I dont want them changed in any way! 🙂

  17. Hi Jennifer, you have a wonderfully concise, and clear way of making your card videos. I enjoy and learn from each and EVERY one of them. I wouldn’t change a thing about how they are done. Thank you for doing your job so well and giving me so many ideas of ways to enjoy this wonderful craft. I don’t find many videos that demonstrate more advanced techniques and I appreciate how you showed the easier way and the hard way in this last video. And in my opinion, it was NOT rushed or rambling- just right. Thanks again for all you do to promote our paper crafting industry.

  18. I enjoyed your video and learned alot from it. Love all four of your cards and that you get two cards from one. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Awesome video!
    I really really appreciate the amount of detail and info you provide on all the products and supplies that you use. I have a wish list called “Recommended by Jennifer McGuire” over at SSS. 🙂

  20. Thanks for showing these great techniques. I always learn so much from your videos. I also love that you’re quick and to the point, not rambling at all. No use slowing it down and dragging it out, I can always go back and watch the little tips again if I need to.

  21. I absolutely LOVE the fact that you take the time and effort to add the links on your posts. If I see that something is out of stock at the link you provide I search for it elsewhere or wait for the link you give to have it back in stock. I realize that this is a bonus service that you provide us with and REALLY appreciate it.
    These cards are all lovely and I am going to try the floating word technique! It is an ingenious idea and I don’t know that I would have ever thought of it on my own so I am glad I follow you to get all these cool new ideas! I don’t always comment on posts but I pour over each and every one and often refer back to them at a later date. So glad I stumbled on your site a while ago because I have learned SO much from you! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Oh, did I remember to say THANK YOU? LOL Thanks again!

  22. Long but oh-so-good video. This one definitely shows your engineering background! Love the idea of combining word dies with great big windows, and the stenciling on top of it all is great, too. Thanks for more wonderful ideas!

  23. Thank you so very much for this amazing tutorial….will try them both…LOVE it!
    stunning cards..all four!

  24. Jennifer, I actually used your partial die-cutting method this morning on a card and it worked perfectly! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful knowledge of techniques with us!

  25. I love your technique Jennifer, now if I can just remember how to do it. Thanks for sharing with us.

  26. Jennifer, I love that you love what you do and that you so abundantly share what you’ve learned and know about paper crafting. All of this knowledge you give freely to me and so many others. I completely appreciate all that you do and share for those who wish to learn. Without a doubt, all the “out of stock” messages that we all encounter is because you reach so many who enjoy your enthusiasm and wonderful crafting abilities. It would be impossible for the vendors (I am not affiliated with any vendor) to maintain inventory sufficient to supply even a quarter of your readers on a given day. I say this because I read somewhere that you have more than 5K who subscribe and receive your emails.
    May the Lord continue to bless you!

  27. Have enjoyed all your videos so much! Keep on rambling! Love it! I look forward to checking to see if there’s a new video. I agree that it’s disheartening to see that out of stock note when you’re excited about trying something new. If that’s your biggest problem these days, consider yourself blessed! Hope your vacation was all you wanted it to be! Beautiful family!

  28. Love both techniques today and can’t wait to give them a try. Your choice of colors is so appealing, too. I so appreciate the detail that you go into in your videos and the listing of the products at the end helps me go to the place where it can be purchased. If they don’t have the product, I wait until it’s available. I agree with one of the above ladies that if a company is out of stock, it means people are buying and keeping the industry going. If stampers don’t buy the products, then the businesses will go away. So please know that it’s appreciated very much what you do for all of us who read your blog. If people are so darn unhappy, then unsubscribe. I really like the way you do things. Awesome teacher, Jennifer. Thanks for all your effort!!!!!

  29. I love it when you pack a lot into a video! Thank you for sharing both ways with us. I have to say that you are a good saleswoman. Whenever I see a video and check the items’ availability–they are usually sold out!! LOL. It’s frustrating when you’re excited about trying something, but it also means that you’re doing a great job selling the product! Keep on selling!!!!

  30. OH MY GOSH, I wish there was a way to DOUBLE LIKE a video. Jennifer, You’re a creative lunatic. You know that right? Holy cow. These are just wonderful. I’m not sure how many goof up’s I had have to go thru to do it the “hard way” ….. I may have to go with the easy way to begin with. Your cards, as always, are so wonderful.

  31. Jennifer, I always look forward to watching your videos, whether short and sweet, or long and (as you put it) rambling. In fact, I am delighted with your longer videos because I know that I am going to learn wonderful new things. I have mentioned before that you are a wonderful teacher. Having taught for 36 years myself, I know that there will always be someone that isn’t satisfied. Don’t dwell on the dissenters – I know I speak for the huge majority of crafters who love the inspiration that you present to us. We are very thankful that you share your talent and ideas (and even your family) with us. Love the cards you presented today. I’m always delighted to learn new innovative ways of using supplies that I already have and this video certainly fits that bill. Thanks so much for all you do!

  32. Leave it to you to come up with this amazing technique….. always thinking! Thank you for it.

  33. Firstly, I love the cards – they are amazing, as per usual. You have a real gift and I am glad you share it with the world.

    Secondly, please don’t apologise for the items being out of stock. You are not responsible for the stores stocking said products. Although you do cause them to sell out by making such awesome stuff. lol

    And finally, I read a comment criticising your video and thought you replied most diplomatically. I thoroughly enjoy your videos. They are at a great pace – not too fast, not too slow. I love that you show multiple ideas in each video. In fact, your videos alone are the reason I sign up for the online card classes. I don’t really need to take the classes but your videos are so great they are definitely worth it.

    Thank you, Jennifer!

  34. OMG, one of your best videos ever! I love the tons of ideas you always have about using our crafty items in new ways! Thank you so much.

  35. Jennifer, before I comment on your gorgeous cards, I feel compelled to mention your comments regarding “out of stock items”! I am astonished that you’ve received complaints/comments about items being out of stock! Some people just don’t “think” before they speak (or type, as the case maybe). I often wonder how long it must take you to prepare a post – the design, the video, the editing, the writing, the LINKING!

    Phew, iI’m exhausted just thinking about it!

    I hope I haven’t “misconstrued” the reason for your explanation but it struck me as prompted by some inappropriate comments. I have followed you for years, and have grown as a card maker all because of you!!! Your contribution to the craft worked is second to none and I (amongst thousands) are truly grateful.

    eeek, I blathered on – didn’t mean to 🙁

    One last things, beautiful cards – and thank you, for another splendid video 😉

  36. I don’t typically read the comments on your posts, but I did read some because their length attracted my attention. I think your videos are the best in the business. You are very clear in what you say & show. I don’t think they are rambling or hyperactive at all. It’s not like you go off on tangents or bounce around between topics. This was a long video but I just watched it in 2 sittings. I like how you record the making of a card separate from the narration. I like how you edit the videos so we don’t need to waste time watching you do things that aren’t necessary for our learning. Please don’t change too much because I like you just the way you are! Thank you for all you do!

  37. Hi Jennifer: Your videos are perfection in my opinion and I hope you don’t change a thing. I have learned so much from you and you have taught this old dog a lot of new tricks. The one thing that I appreciate so much is the quality of the audio. My hearing is not what it used to be and your diction is so clear that I do not have any problems. As far as “out of stock” items, the wait makes the anticipation of the delivery a little better. Having worked in the school system for over 25 years I have learned that some people just have to be heard, whether good or bad. I hope you are still enjoying your vacation with your beautiful family and I look forward to the next Online Card Classes and I have been enjoying going over the classes that I have already taken. God bless!!

  38. Awww Jennifer, love both versions of window die cut, thanks for always sharing your cool ideas, can’t wait to try. TFS

  39. As one who seeks out videos to learn new techniques & has viewed many, please know my opinion is that yours are not only the most professionally done I’ve watched, but the cards are the most attractive & appealing to me! Yes, I have been disappointed a time or 2 by the “out of stock” items, but how convenient that the vendors will often email when available again! It’s simply a testament to your popularity. I find your voice and tempo quite pleasant & easy to follow. I’ve expanded my card making repertoire of techniques since discovering you…thanks a million for sharing your talent!

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