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I am still on an extended vacation… taking some much-needed time off. I am an “island girl” at heart and only feel 100% at ease and myself when spending time on the USVI’s or BVI’s. So thankful to be back. (If you want a peek at some photos, you can check out my Instagram feed.)

Just popping in share a few links with you… totally random:

  • I am so very sad to hear of 2Peas closing. I was a Garden Girl there for many years when I scrapbooked and it opened many doors for me. I also made many friendships that still last to this day. I will forever be grateful to them. Please check out THIS letter from my friend April Foster. Her words are perfect.
  • You can get all Kelly Purkey products at 75% off over at Simon Says Stamp! What a deal. Use code “PURKEY” now through 7/15/14.
  • You can also get a great deal on Copic Markers — 20% off at SSS with the code “HUE” now through 7/15/14.
  • I recently saw THIS post by the sweet Jessica Turner and think it is a great read for just about anyone. I know I don’t feel 100% fabulous in a bathing suit (or even close) but that doesn’t make me hesitate for one second to throw on my suit and play with my kids. My kids matter a heck of a lot more than my insecurities. Nicely written, Jessica!
  • I just finished reading The Book of Unknown Americans… written by my crafty friend Cristina. It is fabulous and I highly recommend it. Such amazing writing.
  • I am so proud of my friend Tammy! She will rock that job. Congrats!

That is all for now. I have lots of videos to share over the next few weeks. See you soon!


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  1. Enjoy your time off!! I just finished Cristina’s book too! It was great wasn’t it? Really makes you think about what people are going through!!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Kelly products. Sad to say after 10 minutes of clicking on KP products I got OUT OF STOCK on every single item I clicked on – and that was a lot of clicking.
    I envy your fun in the sun – have a really great vacation!

  3. Have a wonder-filled time, Jenn. I am an island girl, too. The Big Island, 24/7/365 x 10 yrs now. Enjoy yourselves! PS everything I clicked on by K Purkey is sold out. I really hope they restock before the sale is over because there was nada left for me. Best wishes!!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your links! I am born and raised on the island of Maui…Island Waihine Rocks!!

  5. Have a great vacation and enjoy your family! I must be out of the loop but what does BVI and USVI stand for (I was thinking British Virgin Island and US Virgin Island but wasn’t sure)

    Ditto with the Purkey products. Not one thing I wanted in stock. Wish SSS would allow you to search by In Stock products only.

  6. Looks like Vigin Gorda. That’s close to St. Croix where I live. Enjoy to the fullest!

  7. I was in my favorite craft store in Berkeley, CA and a funny thing happened. The owner was showing me her HERO Arts Unicorn chalkboard card technique and it had three little hearts in it. I randomly said, “that is so Jennifer McGuire”. Her jaw dropped open and we both laughed as it apparantly was a technique she had picked up somewhere from you! Enjoy your vacation! We love you! God Bless and come back refreshed with lots of new ideas!

  8. Jennifer, You Rock! Even on vacation you continue to talk to your “friends” keeping us informed. Thank you and enjoy the vacation.

  9. I reserved a copy of Book of Unknown Americans at my library. Thanks for the recommendation. Beautiful picture, needs to be framed and on your wall. Too nice to sit on a computer, like so many of my pictures do, hiding.

  10. You all look so happy and like you are having so much fun!! Lila is already the cutest little Beach Bum and clearly seems to love it there! Colin is growing so fast, but such a sweet boy! You are such a wonderful family — I’m sure the girls miss being with you!!

    Savor every minute — those islands are absolutely beautiful….a taste of Heaven on Earth!!

    Happy Happy Vacation — Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics!!

  11. On your recommendation, I read The Book of Unknown Americans too. Really enjoyed it…thanks!

  12. Great pictures…thanks for sharing. I live for summer and the water. While I prefer the beach, I’ll settle for the pool in our backyard. I love the sun and the water!!! We have always wanted to visit the islands but don’t know where to start. Maybe you, and your wonderful nerd husband, will someday share some of the info you have gathered over the years. Enjoy your wonderful vacation!

  13. You deserve some time off ! Enjoy Jennifer. I haven’t been fast enough for the Kelly Purkey’s stuff, almost everything is now out of stock… And I do swim with my kid even if I don’t feel comfortable in my swimsuit 😉

  14. Looks like the Baths to me. Love that part of the world. Many happy memories were made there. Enjoy and make a lot of your own!

  15. Hi Jennifer, You so deserve whatever time off you take. I don’t know how you accomplish so much with all the demands on your time. I just wanted to tell you that I am revisiting the Online Card Classes. My creative side is on vacation, without my permission, and I am struggling to make some cards. After viewing a few of the videos I am inspired and also amazed when I went into my craft room and things started happening. All of the classes I have taken have been wonderful. Enjoy yourself and your beautiful family.

  16. Enjoy getting your tan and your amazing family. You truly deserve the break. And thanks for sharing Jessica’s blogpost.

  17. There’s a wonderful poem by By Rachel Field.
    If once you have slept on an island
    you’ll never be quite the same;
    you may look as you looked the day before
    and go by the same old name.
    You may bustle about the street or shop;
    you may sit at home and sew,
    but you’ll see blue water and wheeling gulls
    wherever you may go!

  18. Enjoy your time off. Thanks for the link to Jessica Turner’s post about swimsuits. Time to just do it.

  19. Just looking at your Instagram photos and they are beautiful. I’m a little behind on Instagram – like 4 weeks!

  20. Does that mean they are clearing out her products? I really wanted the flamingo die cut to do some stuff for my niece.

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