Guest Post & Video: Layered White + Colored Ink on Kraft Revisited with Kristina

It’s Jennifer here. I am on a long vacation with family on an island in the middle of nowhere. When I told Kristina this, she offered to do a guest blog post for me. I cannot say enough about how wonderful Kristina is and I am honored to call her my friend and colleague.

Oh for those of you wondering about Roxie – my parents are staying at my house with her. She is being loved.


Hello everyone! Kristina here! Since Jennifer is prancing on the beach with her kiddos, I’m taking over! Mwa ha ha!! πŸ™‚

For real, though. I’m happy I get to share a card with you guys today. Especially because if anyone deserves a vacation, it’s Jennifer.

Jennifer’s a hard-workin’ momma who needs a bit of sun and relaxation. And not only that, she’s an amazing friend. So thoughtful, caring, and most of all, she’s the best cheerleader ever. With all of life’s ups and downs, I’m lucky to know she’s in my corner. I’ve never met someone who lives her convictions and beliefs so fully, to the depths of her heart and the tips of her fingers. She’s eager to help, lend a hand, offer support, and does it all even when it’s not the most convenient for her.

And the best indication of her character is her children, because they’ve inherited the best qualities from their mom. I’ve met all but one (I’ll meet you someday, Kay!), and they’re simply the best! πŸ™‚

Anyhow, back to the card… πŸ™‚

I took Jennifer’s card from last July and used it as inspiration. She calls the technique “Layered White + Colored Ink on Kraft”. For my card, I used a stenciling instead of stamping…

Jennifer’s Original Card (using stamps)

Kristina’s New Card (using a stencil)

I also have a video of the card for you guys. Yay! I used the Large Moroccan stencil from Simon Says Stamp for the technique, and finished it off with a greeting from Simon’s Sending Happy Thoughts stamps set embossed on vellum. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks, Kristina. I adore your card! And you.

I will be back soon with an organizational video soon. XO!


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60 thoughts on “Guest Post & Video: Layered White + Colored Ink on Kraft Revisited with Kristina”

  1. Wow! I love this card and technique! Jennifer, you have the best videos and your fill in is awesome! Love it, Kristina!

  2. How fun! I hope you are enjoying your vacation Jennifer and thanks Kristina for filling in so beautifully!

  3. So great to have friends who help each other out, hope you’re having a great relaxing vacation Jennifer! Awesome video Kristina, love your card and can’t wait to give both your and Jennifer’s cards a try!

  4. Lovely card Kristina. I just love the colored stenciled background. Denfinately am going to try this. Hope you have a wonderful vacation Jennifer!

  5. You couldn’t have picked a better substitute, Jennifer, than Kristina! Terrific cards…both of them!!!!

    Enjoy your time at the beach….don’t get sunburned. Since I live on the Florida East Coast, I would rather go to the mountains!!!!

  6. Great card… I just love this creation. Great job on the tutorial. Also I hope Jennifer is having a great time, though I’m sure she is thinking of new creations.. a mind like hers doesn’t go on vacation! haha….

  7. Jennifer, I hope you and your family are having a great time! Kristina, you’re a great friend and you did a wonderful job! I love the way the white peeks out from the color. I’ll have to try this.

  8. Great technique, both cards are beautiful. You really added a twist to Jennifer’s original design. Your design almost looks 3D. I hope Jennifer and her family have a great vacation, but I’m happy you were there to entertain us!

  9. Great card! I will be trying that kraft with white very soon. Thanks for the inspiration from both of you!

  10. Hope Jennifer had a great vacation! I love Kristina!! She is one of my favorite!! Actually every night before bed, I check a few websites, my favorite two and the top of my list are….Kristina & Jennifer. I love you both! Both of you have inspired me so much. I really enjoy the wonderful inspiration you give & I would like to thank you both for sharing it with all of us card makers! Keep up the awesome work. Jennifer, you could not up have picked a better stand in, Kristina is the best, in my opinion (& so are you!)

  11. Fun idea to have Kristina here substituting for you! Love this technique using a stencil! Gives a really cool, dimensional effect!

  12. I love this card. It’s great to learn new techniques. I love all your videos and this is my favorite card so far. Thanks for another great video. I checked out everything you designed at SSS and you are one talented lady! I really like the new stencil you designed. Great work…keep those stencils coming!

  13. I grew up on an island in the middle of Pacific. I hope you are enjoying your time at your island. Thanks for the great technique and great guest post!

  14. HAPPY Holidays Jennifer πŸ™‚
    You sure left your blog in good hands today – Kristina has done an awesome job with her card & tutorial!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your creative inspiration Kristina – I really enjoyed this technique and LOVE the offset effect on your BEAUTIFUL card!!!

  15. What a wonderful friend you are!! I hope Jennifer is enjoying her well deserved holiday with her family. This card is absolutely gorgeous! I loved watching the video and can’t believe how vibrant the colours become and how well they blend. I’m hopefully receiving my first ever order of Distress Inks and Blending tools tomorrow and can’t wait to give this technique a whirl. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

  16. What a great card and thank you for showing us that amazing technique! I love the effect it leaves on the kraft card stock!

  17. Great collaboration!! Good friends are a treasure. Beautiful cards … and safe travels to the McGuire family.

  18. First of all I hope you hav a great vacation Jennifer and enjoy it to the fullest. And how great to have Kristina over at your blog as a guest designer. Beautiful card and great video as always.

  19. Awesome card Kristina!! Thanks so much both you and Jennifer for all the inspiration and enjoyment you bring to all of us! Jennifer, I hope your vacation is wonderful and relaxing. πŸ™‚

  20. How awesome! My two favorite ladies , two cards and inspiration galore ! I only found you both this year and honestly you have really helped me branch out from just crochet and clay art to try my hand at paper crafting cards and using your techniques for journaling art also. I’m not that good but I always feel encouraged to keep trying , we all started somewhere right? This particular technique really gave me some ideas when I watched the video last night and ooh how pretty Kristina when you blended the distress inks and they majically created new shades, I don’t have white ink but now I see the importance – lifting the stencil off was my favorite part – just wow! Big hugs to you both and Jennifer have a great vacation!

  21. Just Beautiful Kristina! I can’t hardly believe all of the demension this creates, when you were done with the card base, it looked like an embossed piece. So Cool!

  22. What a great card Loved watching you create it was so fun and it was cool for you to say that you were inspired by Jennifer and you did a fantab job what a great friendship you guys have.

    Hi Jennifer hope you are have the best vaca ever and just enjoy to the fullest.

  23. You both are the best! I wish Jennifer and her family a relaxing vacation. I love your card Christina and how nice from you to post on Jenn blog!!!

  24. To of my very favorites, Jennifer and Kristina!! Love you both. Jennifer does indeed need a vacation, hope she has a wonderful time! And Kristina, a beautiful card as always, love it! Thanks for the great video and being such a great friend!!! Love ya!

  25. Happy Happy Vacation!! Enjoy the wonderful paradise and know that we’ll all be hoping that the entire family has a blast! RELAX and have fun at the beach! WOOHOO!

    PS: I love the friendship that you and Kristina share and thought it was so sweet to see her posting today for you! You guys are the best!

  26. Beautiful card and I love the dimension created from off-setting the stencil slightly. Thanks for sharing this with us on Jennifer’s blog! I’m sure she is appreciative, too!

  27. Love the trompe-l’oeil effect you achieved by off-setting the stencil just a titch. Also, beautiful work with the Distress inks! I am more in love with them every time I use them.

  28. Love this technique and your finished card, Kristina. It’s amazing how three dimensional the ink makes the stenciling look! It is inspiring to see good friends like you and Jennifer. Hope Jennifer has a fabulous time with her family and some much deserved rest and relaxation.

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