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I am doing something I don’t normally do on my blog. But they say you should use what you have for the good of this world, so I decided to go ahead and do it. 🙂

This weekend, I am joining several of my crafty friends for the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes. Thanks to my friend Jana, we have formed a little team and look forward to having the opportunity to chat and do some good at the same time. When I was telling Colin about it, he asked if he could join us.

Of course my heart was happy to hear him want to do this. But what makes it even better is the reason why he wants to do it. See, Colin is extremely close to my brother, Mike…

Mike was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of 27. It is an unfair disease (that usually starts with kids). So very unfair. (If you want learn more about living with juvenile diabetes, please check out my friend Kristina’s blog. Her young daughter has it and her blog shares helpful info. Oh, and since posting this, my brother, too, has decided to walk!)

Colin is walking to earn money for the Juventile Diabetes Research Fund. If you have time and a tiny bit of extra cash, I hope you will consider donating. You can pay directly on the website HERE – the money goes direct to them.

Please know we get nothing out of this – there is no reward or competition. I just want Colin to really feel that high you get when you do a lot of good for others.

Thanks for considering. Big hugs all around.

(And I will be back with a crafty post early tomorrow morning.)

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  1. Yay Collin! What a great way to help others! Your mom does a lot for others, and I can see you are too! I will donate to help you in your journey! Good luck, little guy (and mom too!!)

  2. Jen what a great example you are setting for your son it is always a great idea to teach kids about empathy for others and if there is a way to help do it! I have and have lost friends to diabetes and yes it is an unfair disease and not always taken seriously enough, I’m going to make a donation so let Collin know that he inspired me! Big blessing to you all let us know how it goes and an extra blessing for your brother. Friday is my birthday and I always buy myself a gift this year my donation will be that gift thanks for your story and the opportunity to help we are citizens of the world and it is our duty to help each other to victory!

  3. Way to go Colin. I have Type 2 diabetes and I can’t imagine what children with diabetes must go through, it is not an easy thing for them to live with. I have donated something to help you in raising donations as well as awareness of Juvenile Diabetes.
    You, Colin, are an inspiration for us all, may we never forget to follow your example of caring and concern for others. Hugs to you.

  4. What a great little guy! Colin you are a rock star- just like your mama! Such an uplifting thing to read! I’m a kinder teacher & come across self absorbed, uninterested kids with no empathy for others far too often. You get what you give. Great job mom!

  5. What a great little guy! Colin you are a rock star- just like your mama! Such an uplifting thing to read! I’m a kinder teacher & come across self absorbed, uninterested kids with no empathy for others far too often. You get what you give. Great job mom!

  6. What a great little guy! Colin you are a rock star- just like your mama! Such an uplifting thing to read! I’m a kinder teacher & come across self absorbed, uninterested kids with no empathy for others far too often. You get what you give. Great job mom!

  7. What a great little guy! Colin you are a rock star- just like your mama! Such an uplifting thing to read! I’m a kinder teacher & come across self absorbed, uninterested kids with no empathy for others far too often. You get what you give. Great job mom!

  8. Colin….DUDE YOU ROCK!!!! My BEST FRIEND in the WORLD, who I have known since we were 10 (and we are 47 now), was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes’s when we were just 11. I was so scared. I have learned a lot about this awful disease and ways to help her through the years. I can’t wait to tell her about YOU. You are an amazing little boy and I am so proud that I had the chance to meet you last fall. YOU are my Hero. Walk on little man and know you are doing the world a HUGE favor by sharing your heart. <3 Michelle

  9. OMG!! How AWSOME! ! Diabetes runs in our family as well and although it doesn’t affect me personally, it is a part of my love ones lives and I’m HAPPY to see Colin is so EXCITED to help raise money/awareness for this disease!! Thanks for sharing and give him EXTRA BIG HUGS from us!! 😉 have a Fabulous Week!! 😉

  10. I think Colin’s mom is pretty special too …. being truthful regarding his beloved uncle’s illness of diabetes. Knowledge is stronger than side stepping reality. Colin is growing up so sweetly and unselfishly giving of his time. Bravo to you all. A donation is coming.

  11. Colin, you are doing a wonderful thing–when we help others, in big and little ways, happiness grows. And that is always a good thing! Good luck and have fun!

    Mike, wishing you all kinds of health and happiness–it’s never easy to deal with chronic problems but you are lucky in your family and I’m sure you know it! God bless!

  12. Your little Colin has such a big heart! It makes my heart so happy! My husband was diagnosed at the age of 29 with the same disease has your brother, he’s been insulin dependent and on a pump for the last 12 years. Thank you for sharing this on your blog, a lot of people don’t understand juvenile diabetes and don’t realize that it is real!

  13. Awwww! Good luck to your brother and to your team! My younger daughter, age 5, has been part of a juvenile diabetes study since birth. She carries the genetic marker for it, and so the study is trying to determine what environmental factors flip the switch and make the immune system attack the pancreas. The study is called TEDDY, The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young. She is doing her part to try to help scientists better understand this disease, and I’m so proud of her, and we feel so lucky to be a part of something amazing like this. Again, best of luck to you, and have fun on your walk!

    1. Valerie – this is fascinating! I haven’t heard about this study before! Been a type one for almost 22 years and they aren’t really sure what “flipped” me when I was diagnosed at age 12. I will have to look into this – thank you for sharing!

      Cortney S

  14. Way to go Colin! So proud of you and your heart of gold! And congrats Jennifer you are a super Mom!

  15. Good for you, Jen, and great for Colin! As an adult now who’s had type one DM for almost 22 years and having been a “red strider” in my own JDRF walks, I can personally appreciate what you are doing! Thank you!

  16. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. What a great thing to get involved with. We have walked in Relay for Life several times as well . . . it is good to see the little ones get involved and care. It speaks volumes of your parenting!!!

  18. What an awesome thing you’re doing!
    I was diagnosed with Type One at the age of 26, just 13 months after we buried my brother from complications of this disease. My family worked with JDRF in the early 80s and then again starting in 2006. My proudest moment of those walks was when my five-year-old niece Maddi sold her own toys at a garage sale to raise $100 for JDRF. My most tragic day as a diabetic is the day my then-nine-year-old nephew Bobby was diagnosed.

    The thing I love the most about JDRF is that something like 93% of the money raised goes to research. Their scientists are leading the pack in research & I am certain they will deliver a CURE…soon.

    Thank you for helping out a worthwhile cause, and for teaching your children they’re never too young to make a difference.

  19. Great thing for Colin to want to help with! My family has a history of diabetes so I give regularly to help find a cure!! Someday they will! 🙂

  20. Doesn’t surprise me at all that a child of yours wants to give. They learn by example. I’m so happy to hear you’re doing this, Jennifer. It’s a cause near and dear to my heart. My 23 year old son was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at age 3. Scares me to think, at his young age, he’s already had it for 20 years. It really is a tough and unfair disease. I will definitely donate. ♥

  21. Way to go Colin!
    Jennifer- please send photos of his face when he sees how much he has collected- he is almost at $1,000!
    Thanks for all you do and all you inspire!

  22. Colin, congratulations on your participation in the Diabetes campaign. WOW! Can’t believe how much money you have collected. What an inspiration to others. We need more young people like yourself to help fight these diseases that take the lives of so many people each year. Hope your mom gives you a big hug. I made a donation because I was inspired by YOU! My husband and I help in lots of causes because we believe in giving back to others. Jennifer, you are an absolutely wonderful mother who is the inspiration for her children! I’ve watched Colin grow up through your blog over the years and he is turning out to be such a responsible and loving young man. Whatever you are doing is working with all four of your kids. Have fun with the walk.

  23. Way to go Colin. What a wonderful boy to walk for such a good cause. But then again, look who his parents are!

  24. Thanks Jennifer for helping make this world a better place. And big hugs to Colin for joining in. His loving and generous heart has sent ripples of kindness and inspiration- I just donated.

  25. I was diagnosed with diabetes over 32 years ago! It is a crazy disease that is hard to manage. About 2 years ago, I developed little spots in my eyes (retinopathy). They were very minor, but I knew that I had to control my diabetes tighter if I wanted to be around to see my kids grow. I found the book The Diabetes Solution by Dr. Richard Bernstein and have followed his program (it is tough, but so worth it) for the past year and yesterday I went to the eye doctor and all of my retinopathy dots had healed. The Dr. said she could see no sign of diabetes in my eyes. Following his diet/insulin regime, I was able to lower my A1C by 1.5 points! It is possible to live a life without complications from diabetes if you follow The Diabetes Solution. You might want to check it out.

  26. Jennifer, you have no idea how amazing our God is! Just this morning, I was determined to research your archives to find Kristina’s name and blog. And here it was in my email, just ready for me to connect with her. I have a big batch of stickers for Caylin, and I had lost her address. Now I am ready to get them to her! Thanks for listening to Spirit nudges! And I am so sorry about your brother’s diagnosis….he will be in my prayers! And Colin is so sweet to learn to give at his young age…what a great little boy!

  27. I think Colin will come close to $1500. He is such a darling boy & kudos to you for raising a kind-hearted boy with empathy. That is what I wish for my kids & kids everywhere too.

  28. Way to go Colin! Best of luck to you! I’m glad you used this ave Jennifer–it’s certainly a strong one 🙂 my friends’ son has JD and they do the walk every year as a family. It’s a donation I’m always willing to give. Take care

  29. Jennifer…so often we forget it’s not really what we say…but what we do. You set the example and young Colin has learned a great lesson in caring for others…hugs to you both. I care for sick diabetics in the emergency department and I know the devastation the disease can wreck on my patients and their families. It’s wonderful to see the kinship and support you have for your brother…and I love that you reached out to this group…every gesture raises the awareness. God bless.

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