Complete Ink Swatch Book Downloads

UPDATE: I have a new downloads page that includes all the updated Ink Swatch downloads for 2021!  Check it out HERE.

A few weeks ago I shared a video showing my Ink Swatch Book, along with many free ink swatch downloads. Today I am sharing my final batch of downloads, along with an editable file if you want to create your own.

In case you missed it – here the video I shared a few weeks ago that explains how I organize my ink swatches. I am still very much loving and very much USING this book.

I use coin pages to hold my 2” x 2” ink swatches and hold the pages together with ring clips. The Simon Says Stamp Swatch Stamp works perfectly for getting a nice ink sample on each square. (However, you can use any stamp you may have.) This makes for a very convenient ink organization system. I love it! I plan to also add my cardstock swatches to the book.

We have created many free downloadable ink swatch pages for many popular ink lines. At the end of the list are two editable files – one for Photoshop and one for Microsoft Word. Between these files, you should have everything you need to get organized. All you have to do is download the files (click DOWNLOAD for each) and print on your favorite white cardstock. (I printed mine on Neenah since that is what I use most.) Some inks have more than one page since there are so many colors.



  • Photoshop Editable Ink DOWNLOAD – For those with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, you should be able to create your own swatches with this file.
  • WORD Editable Ink DOWNLOAD – For those with Microsoft Word, you should be able to create your own swatches with this document. It may not keep the margins correct for everyone, but should for most! We do have a few tips for you: If you accidentally move a text box, immediately hit ctrl + z to undo. If you choose to use a different font or size, you might need to move the text boxes to align them properly by selecting them and then using the arrow keys to move the boxes. The text should fit in the boxes and it is best not to resize the boxes to be any wider otherwise the document will not print properly.

I feel so relieved to have a system that works for me. I hope it works for you, too! Many people have been sharing their swatch books using my downloads. If you have, please share your pictures below.

I must give out a big shout to Karen Kelly who developed many of the additional ink company swatches shared here. She is so very awesome for doing this. And don’t worry… I am spoiling her with many stamping treats in return. 🙂 If you see any boo-boos, please leave them in the comments below. I will get them fixed and update this page afterwards.



Some winners: Beatrice Lawson gets the Altenew stamp… Jennifer Harrison won the Hero Arts stamps… and Barbara Lassiter will soon get the Mini Ink Blending Tools!


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258 thoughts on “Complete Ink Swatch Book Downloads”

  1. These are awesome! Thanks for sharing all this work with us!! I noticed a couple of the Fresh inks were incorrectly spelled (but they were spelled wrong on the Impress website too!!)

    fuscia –> fuchsia
    red current –> red currant

  2. I really wanted to do this, but international shipping for the coin “page protectors” were just insane. I´m so happy to find the new Simple Stories 2″x2″ page protectors, and just ordered them to do this!

  3. Hi Jennifer

    This is amazing and I used the blank swatches I had to purchase inks (much easier than going through the physical boxes, although I did end up with two forever greens!) I noticed that the hero arts neon inks aren’t in there. Are there any plans to add these?


  4. Hi, I loved watching your ink swatch vids….I used your idea with the inked tags for all of my embossing folders close to 100 & counting & included a pattern/numbering system to track each one. Anyhow, back to inks…Ive tried several diff brands & have come to really like the Tsukineko Inks of the dew drop size to cut down cost & to get more colors and nearly have the complete sets in the chalk, dye & brilliance line. Since you seem to be an expert on many inks, what is your impression of these since you dont seem to have any. I also have about dozen TH Distress inks & several StazOn. I plan to also use your system for my embossing powders as well of about 2 dozen kinds. Thanks again & appreciate your advice & input. Crafters UNITE!!

  5. Wow, the ink downloads have grown. I didn’t know you were making additions but many will appreciate them I’m sure. I just finished my ink swatches and the labels for all inks and have now stored them in my wonderful new ink wall unit from Organize More. I can’t thank you enough for your aids in achieving this wonderful addition to my life as a card maker. Thank you so much for sharing!!! I have one hint for others who may not find a download for their ink or those who need another way to label. . .I used my label maker to label the ink swatches which looks neat and similar to the downloads.

  6. This is a wonderful way to catalog the ink colors! Just an FYI…I just cut and stamped the Pure Color inks from W Plus 9 and found two differences in the ink names. Bloomsberry on your square – my ink pad says Blossomsberry. Ocean Blue on your square – Ocean Drive on my ink pad label. Thanks again for sharing these downloads!

  7. Wow Jennifer! You’ve really done a lot of amazing work for organization. Thank you so kindly for sharing this. Your video was great! I have to agree with you about not wanting the binder as the rings will be so much easier and quicker to grab and select your colors~ Great job~

  8. First, I want to say THANK YOU so much for these files! It has saved me a ton of work, and I love how they look!

    Second, I think there must be an error with the Stampin’ Up files. Page 1 is basically identical to page 9, with the exception of three more colors on page 1. I think there might be a missing page – here are colors I have tried without success to find so far on the swatch pages:
    – Positively Pink
    – Mint Melody
    – Eggplant Envy
    – Bliss Blue
    – Baroque Burgundy
    – Rose Romance
    – Marvelous Magenta
    – Mauve Mist
    – Forest Foliage

    Third, there’s a small error on page 4 – it says “Summbr Starfruit” instead of “Summer.” (:

    Thanks again for providing these! It’s been very fun to do!

  9. Also just ran across Green Galore and Basic Brown not being anywhere that I can find. Thank you so much for thinking to include an edit-your-own doc so I’m not stuck! (:

    1. Maria do you have the corrected files that you would be willing to share? I am having trouble with the downloads not printing off correctly. I can only get 4 of the 9 correct. The other 5 are ‘slipping’ down the page so the last row does not allow enough room for the stamping etc.

  10. Thank you so much for the downloads! What an enormous amount of work you have saved for me. I appreciate you!

  11. First let me say “Thank You” for taking the time to create these great downloads for us! I sat down not long ago to make swatches for all of my ink pads and love the system. However I do have one question for you (or anyone else who made swatches) regarding the colors looking not quite right. In the video your impressions look so nice and even, whereas my results are blotchy and some colors are off.

    I chose a solid image stamp from one of the Simon Says Stamp card kit sets to use for the swatches. I have all the Distress Inks, most Simon Says Stamp inks, quite a few Colorbox Pigment inks, many Hero Arts Shadow inks, a few Memento Luxe, and random colors from various other brands I have tried over the years. I made sure to clean the stamp with a baby wipe in between each color, but about halfway through my process I started noticing that the ink swatches were looking kind of off. I would swipe the pad on a scratch paper then compare it to the swatch only to find that my colors looked off.

    I then went back and re-stamped a few colors using different stamps and got different color results. I’m not sure where I went wrong. Did you use the same stamp the entire time? Did your stamp become permanently stained an orange-brown color? Did your colors look off after a while? I tried to clean my stamp using stamp cleaner, soap and water, even rubbing alcohol and would get a few good impressions, but then it’d be right back to looking off.

    I ended up switching stamps a few times so the colors would be true, but I find my results with the original stamp so strange. Even after several days of sitting unused, when I went back to the original stamp to make some new swatches from some ink that arrived in the mail I didn’t get good color quality. (it drives me nuts that not all my swatches are the same image…a tad OCD I guess)

    Any ideas? Perhaps someone else experienced this??

    Thanks for your help and any feedback you can give.

  12. Please ignore my last comment,silly me thought you were giving the actual ink swatches away (and how could you do that with a download!) Put it down to Fibromyalgia fog,lol 🙂
    Hope it gave you a chuckle anyway!

  13. Hey Jen,
    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing! I’m OCD and I love all your storage and organizing tips there soo helpful, truly. Also a big thanks to your friend who did all that work for the other inks, Please tell her a big thanks for that.

  14. Wow Jennifer you just keep coming up with wonderful ways to organize everything! I took an 8X8 scrapbook and turned it into a sample book. I have a few pages with embossing powders and a bunch of pages with inks. I don’t have everything in there but quite a few. I just stamp across the page and label them.

  15. Did you double stamp the MFT inks? The colors I have don’t come out nearly as solid as yours. Suggestions? Is it me? Or just the ink pads I have? Have you noticed this with any colors (I only have about 12 colors and they all pill up like the distress inks)

  16. WOW! This is fantastic. Thanks you so much for all your hard work. These downloads are wonderful and will be so helpful in organizing my ink collections.

  17. Jennifer, can I give you a BIG hug?! Thank you, and Karen, for creating these ink swatches. Your whole system is just fantastic! I use Close To My Heart inks as well as the Color Box Petal Point pigment inks and can’t wait to use the swatches for organizing.

    Re: the CTMH downloads, the Whimsy download (#4) has a few changes. CTMH recently introduced some new colors to that set. They are Thistle, Glacier, Flaxen, Canary and Pixie. The following colors aren’t available anymore: Twilight, Sky, Buttercup, Creme Brûlée and Blush. Thank you for making your downloads so easy to edit. 🙂

    Take care and thanks so much!!

  18. Thank you for this fantastic idea! My ink swatch book is a mess and I was thinking about re-doing it – this will be sooooo much more versatile and effective with being able to move things around. Appreciate you sharing you creativity with us!

  19. I stumbled across your you tube channel and have spent most of my afternoon viewing your videos especially the My Favorite Crafty Things of 2014. I have subscribed to your channel and bookmarked your blog too. I just downloaded the ink swatches for the types of inks I have and will be organizing them in the next few days. Thank you for sharing your favorite craft stuff and organizing tips too. You are very generous in providing these tools and can’t wait to see what else you will be sharing.

  20. How brilliant! Easy to see and easy to use. Now all I have to do is start collecting more inks! Thanks for coming up with this great idea and for sharing.

  21. this is just awesome. thanks so much for this. I haven’t switched to this system yet, maybe when I surpass 100 inks, lol. I probably have…but I the Simon Says Stamp swatches in a ring system for now 😀 I’m sure this is extremely helpful to many!!!

  22. Thank you so much! I wish I had watched this earlier today, before I placed my order with SSS. I think that swatch stamp is a great stamp, but I’ll find something else. Thanks again for sharing! I might actually learn to organize with all the helpful videos you share.

  23. Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for doing all this! And thanks to Karen as well! It’s great to have such resources! 🙂

  24. Just an FYI … the New Ranger Dye Inks layout just ejects the paper through the printer…and does not print. The others printed fine.

  25. Jennifer I have to say these ink swatches are amazing! They have helped me get organized so well and I can’t say thank you enough! However, The studio Calico Color Theory Inks have 6 new colors and I was wondering if you could make another swatch page for those.

  26. Hello, love your downloads. Mama elephant pages 1 and 3 print beautifully but page two just runs my paper right through the printer without printing. Thank you for all the lovely things on your blog and you tube, Barb.

  27. I have that stamp set ordered. I intend to do this for all my inks. I like the coin pocket system best. Thanks for the down loads. My gosh you must have an enormous ink collection.


  28. Love the ink swatch book you made and the ink swatch tabs Kristina Werner made. Wish I had time to do that. I love all the new Lawn Fawn stamps and dies but my fav is really the fab framed stamps and dies. So versitile. Thanks for the preview. I know what I am saving pennies for.

  29. Love these ombre cards. So sweetly simple! You always pull the best ideas out of your creativity chest!

  30. I saw this a long time ago but had so few inks and didn’t think I needed it. I have since started buying a few inks from multiple companies to see if I have a favorite company. I am so glad you have an editable swatch download since I don’t need a full line of swatches for any one company. It was so easy to edit and print. Thanks a million. I included my distress inks and for my mini distress inks I wrote “Mini” afterwards so I remembered which size to look for. I plan on only getting minis from now on but have quite a few full size ones collected already.

  31. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for you right now. These are amazing, and will help so much as I build up my stash. Just starting out, so if I get started now, and do it as I go along, I won’t get overwhelmed trying to do it all at once, when I realize it too late.. haha

    Thank you !! Thank you!!

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