Complete Ink Swatch Book Downloads

UPDATE: I have a new downloads page that includes all the updated Ink Swatch downloads for 2021!  Check it out HERE.

A few weeks ago I shared a video showing my Ink Swatch Book, along with many free ink swatch downloads. Today I am sharing my final batch of downloads, along with an editable file if you want to create your own.

In case you missed it – here the video I shared a few weeks ago that explains how I organize my ink swatches. I am still very much loving and very much USING this book.

I use coin pages to hold my 2” x 2” ink swatches and hold the pages together with ring clips. The Simon Says Stamp Swatch Stamp works perfectly for getting a nice ink sample on each square. (However, you can use any stamp you may have.) This makes for a very convenient ink organization system. I love it! I plan to also add my cardstock swatches to the book.

We have created many free downloadable ink swatch pages for many popular ink lines. At the end of the list are two editable files – one for Photoshop and one for Microsoft Word. Between these files, you should have everything you need to get organized. All you have to do is download the files (click DOWNLOAD for each) and print on your favorite white cardstock. (I printed mine on Neenah since that is what I use most.) Some inks have more than one page since there are so many colors.



  • Photoshop Editable Ink DOWNLOAD – For those with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, you should be able to create your own swatches with this file.
  • WORD Editable Ink DOWNLOAD – For those with Microsoft Word, you should be able to create your own swatches with this document. It may not keep the margins correct for everyone, but should for most! We do have a few tips for you: If you accidentally move a text box, immediately hit ctrl + z to undo. If you choose to use a different font or size, you might need to move the text boxes to align them properly by selecting them and then using the arrow keys to move the boxes. The text should fit in the boxes and it is best not to resize the boxes to be any wider otherwise the document will not print properly.

I feel so relieved to have a system that works for me. I hope it works for you, too! Many people have been sharing their swatch books using my downloads. If you have, please share your pictures below.

I must give out a big shout to Karen Kelly who developed many of the additional ink company swatches shared here. She is so very awesome for doing this. And don’t worry… I am spoiling her with many stamping treats in return. 🙂 If you see any boo-boos, please leave them in the comments below. I will get them fixed and update this page afterwards.



Some winners: Beatrice Lawson gets the Altenew stamp… Jennifer Harrison won the Hero Arts stamps… and Barbara Lassiter will soon get the Mini Ink Blending Tools!


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259 thoughts on “Complete Ink Swatch Book Downloads”

  1. Thank you for all your work and effort. I have six stacking drawers with ink pads. Wonder if I’ll ever have the time to be as organized as you!

  2. Thank you so much !! I printed my sets (Colorbox Chalk, Memento, and Distress) and ordered my coin pages. Looking forward to organizing !! Am I the only person who still has Marvy Ink Pads? I bought them 10 years ago and can’t part with them….

  3. What a lot of work went into this and it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 🙂 Also, another THANK YOU. I just saw that I was the winner of the mini blending tools.

  4. I created one for the additional Memento dye ink colors. I will send to you if you want to post. I also created one for additional ColorBox chalk inks.

    Thank you so much for all you do. You have inspired me in so many ways I can’t count.

  5. Jennifer this is fantastic! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get started. Could you check the Stampin’ Up! Download 7? When I tried to get that one it said the file wasn’t there. Thanks again – you rock!

  6. I jumped the gun and used your original blank file with Photoshop Elements to make my swatch book as soon as your first blog post came out with this terrific idea! It took me several nights after work to log all my inks and create my own swatches using your downloadable file, but it was worth it, and I enjoyed arranging them all by color shades. I have already used the book a couple of times to get just the “right” color ink! One was a very old ink pad I hadn’t used in years, and it was the perfect color! I must say I enjoy organizing, and you have it down to a science, girl! I still have a tote full of Color Box Chalk Ink Cat’s Eye pads left to organize. Now that you have made swatches for them, it will be so much easier for me to just print them out instead of creating my own! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  7. I have downloaded many of the forms and the blank file. Thank you for sharing your idea and your time.

  8. Thank you for all of your hard work. I can’t want to create my swatch book. I wasn’t able to download page 7 of the Stampin’ Up! revised sheets. I think there’s something wrong with the link. Excited to see some of my other inks were added today. This may be my summer project with my college girl! You are the best!

  9. Thank you again SO much for doing this!! My swatches have helped me SO much already and I will be using more inks more often I think! Here are the missing Memento colors if you need them
    Also, I’m not sure about any others but I know Winter Wisteria is missing from the Papertrey Ink pages.
    Looking at my swatches makes me so HAPpY!

  10. Wow this is amazing! Thank you for sharing your awesome ink swatch organization with us. It is so helpful for a not very tech savvy person.

  11. Jennifer, Thank you and Karen Kelly for your perseverance to complete the ink swatch downloads. I think you did an outstanding job!!! My book is “in progress” and gives me hope of organized stamping days ahead! Special thanks for the Word Editable download.

  12. I can’t find the video you did showing how you use the Brother Label Maker. I remember you showed how to save on label making material used in the machine. I have found a link but the video is not there.

  13. I can’t find the video you did showing how you use the Brother Label Maker. I remember you showed how to save on label making material used in the machine. I have found a link but the video is not there. I’m ready to start labeling.

  14. Wow, you really put a lot of work into this! Congrats to the winners. Beatrice Lawson is one very lucky girl, since she also won at Laura’s blog!

  15. Thanks for the color swatch squares! I have been using them and find them to be very helpful. Love your tips and tricks.

  16. Thanks to you and Karen for the LOADS of work that you guys put into getting these files together!! Love your blog!!

  17. Thank you so very much. I find I am using more of my inks now since I can see what they look like so quickly. Love your organization tips.

  18. Thank you so much for all of this valuable and organizational information. Now to “just get it done”

  19. All I can say is this is AWESOME! Yes, I was shouting that, lol! Many thanks to you and Karen Kelly for working so hard on this!

  20. Love the idea of this! Is anyone else having trouble sliding the swatches in and out of the coin pockets? Maybe my cardstock isn’t “sturdy” enough? Any ideas?

  21. Thank you for sharing your ideas and providing the swatches…..IT is truly appreciated…..God bless you, Karen, and Kelly.

  22. Jennifer, Thank you so much for all that give to the crafting community. I am bad about commenting. But I do appreciate you and love your cards and classes.

  23. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. You always inspire us to be more creative and more organized. I love your videos!

  24. Thank you so much for your hard work on this. I am not tech savvy and the addition of CTMH is greatly appreciated. But most of all, thanks for the regular —and generous–doses of inspiration!!

  25. Thanks for the Microsoft Word editable download. I had asked if you were going to make one and am sooo happy to see that you did. You are awesome!

  26. You are so thoughtful and generous. Thank you SO much for the time and effort you spent to make this organizational tool (and such a great tool, also) available for us.

  27. I am so thankful that you take time to make all these for us!! May God bless you with even more creative ideas!!!!

  28. Thanks for creating the different files for different ink companies.
    Think the only other ones are the adirondacks that I can think of. And yes, I have a few marvy inkpads. Think they were the first ones I bought!
    I did create the swatches like your old ones and put them on bookrings, but o like the idea of the coin holders. Will have to do some research and see where the best place to get them in the uk is.
    Kathleen Mc xx

  29. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This is so useful and an incredible amount of work to put it together and share. Thank you to Karen Kelly as well.

  30. Thank you so much for doing this for us Jennifer. Thank you also for an editable Word document since I do not have PS. Love this way of swatches, it is so neat and tidy!

  31. Hi Jennifer! I am a beginner and have found distress inks to be my most favorite to work with. Thanks for your dedication towards your craft. It helps sooooo much!

  32. Thank you so much for all of this! I know when I looked at my stacked ink pads, I tend to just think of them in relation to the colors they are grouped with (if that makes sense) and now that I’ve done it this way, it’s made me really look at the colors I have. I’ve had a much easier time finding the ink color I need! 🙂

  33. Such a cool textured look on the flower card. I tried something similar for a textured background look by using a thin cross stitch grid. Your idea of the screen is much thinner and better!

  34. love the distress inks and the little ones are so cute. love the way you always showcase
    new products. thanks

  35. Thank you (again) for doing this. I’m having so much fun this afternoon as I re-discover all of my colors in a fabulous system. I wonder if the person who sells those coin pages is wondering why they are getting so much business….

    I found that one color is missing from the Colorbox Chalk collection: Sea Crystal

  36. Thank you so much for doing these swatches I could never quite come up with something that works for me but I think this just might. When I downloaded the Tim Holtz distress ones and printed I noticed it keeps printing the download 2 over and over when I click on Download 3 it shows the correct colors but when it prints its the colors from download 2 im not sure if its my printer or just me lol. Has anyone else had this problem too? Please help!!! Thank you

    1. I figured it out it was my printer I had to delete each download after I printed it. Thank you so much for these again.:-)

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