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I am so excited to see that Simon Says Stamp has launched their new and improved website. WOW. Amazing! I am blessed to call Heidi, the owner of SSS, my friend. I have never known anyone to have a bigger heart or to work so hard for others. I know this new website has been such a HUGE undertaking and I am so proud of her and how awesome it looks. If you want to see the new Simon Says Stamp, click HERE. (If it isn’t loading just check back. It takes time for the new site to roll out all over the world.)


And to share my excitement for the folks at SSS, I am personally giving away a $50 gift certificate to Simon Says Stamp. For your chance, leave a comment here by 11:59pmEST on 4/30/14 telling me your favorite thing about the new site.


I am here with some winners.

By the way, people often email me about winners being announced. I always email winners when they are picked and eventually just mention the winners at the end of a blog post. No matter what – I always get in touch with winners – no worries. 🙂

Oh and people ask about international folks winning giveaways. Yep! I ship international. Gotta love stampers no matter where they are! 🙂

Have a good one.

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1,199 thoughts on “A NEW Way to Shop + $50 Giveaway + Winners”

  1. Love all your cards and techniques (of course)!!! I am seriously loving how much easier the new SSS site is to maneuver and I like the cleaner look. The visual flow is tons better

  2. I like that I can add an item to my cart without leaving the entire product page. Makes shopping quick and fun. Thank you SSS!

  3. I love the look of the new site. I really like the categories across the top. It makes it easy to find exactly what I’m looking for.

  4. I miss my wish list, but like the new system a lot. I know I can ask to have my old one emailed to me, but I figure this will just be a good excuse to roam through the new site looking for things to post to my new lists.

    1. I requested my wish list and they sent it within a day. Just wanted to let you know! Mine is ridiculously huge and I had invested a ton of time in it.

  5. They got rid of the two filters at the to left corner that I could never get to wor together and the new categories make so much sense and ease for navigation – great job SSS!

  6. I really love the new sit; the fresh new look, the ease of navigation, the project list feature, etc.. The site is really improved, and I’m really happy about it! 🙂 Thank you so much for the chance! xo

  7. Absolutely love the new website, especially with the clearly defined tabs across the top of the page, makes if very easy to find everything. Can’t wait to do some shopping!!

  8. I really love the new look of the website and searching by categories makes a lot of sense to me. And I like that you can still look at your favourite brands, so that’s great too!

  9. The website seems more simple & clean with the tabs! Missed my Wish List right away. Good they can retrieve that. Thanks, Jennifer, for the opportunity of the gift certificate! You have a giving heart!

  10. Yea…the project list is now updating…makes me happy!. I did contact SSS and they sent me a copy of my wish list , that was a big help. What I like most about the site is they are willing to work with you on any problems you might incur!!!

  11. I just explored my stamp lovin’ side not long ago and I’m still tumbling across this big world of creativity…so I can not say much about what is better to the new SSS site…but I can say that it is very clear for me and makes really sense…not to mention the wonderful things there…so, I think it is well done 😉
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. I love that the pages start with 96 items. I like that a lot, it is easier than hitting next a number of times. Plus they have lots of my favorite items.

  13. I made a query to SSS customer service regarding my old wish list and they emailed it to me right away – alphabetized yet! I like the new cleaner look, the much improved search engine and the larger photos. A huge thank you to Heidi and SSS for undertaking such a formidable yet worthy task. And thank you for the opportunity to win a SSS gift certificate. Have a great day!

  14. Love how clean and easy to navigate the new site is. Plus, they are just the nicest people! Thank you for the opportunity to win a great prize.

  15. Love the new site so far! In the past, I found all the side navigation categories overwhelming & products hard to find (if you didn’t know the exact name to do a regular search). REALLY like the new (reduced in number) tabs & drop down menus! So much less overwhelming – and much more logical! The overall look of the site is wonderful too! Look forward to using the new site even more!!

  16. I love the new banner at the top showing the different catagories… made finding stencils so easy and I could see all the different brands… Congrats Simon Says Stamp on the new website and thanks Jennifer McGuire for the chance to win!

  17. I like that 96 items display quickly with a nice size image when I click a category. I like to scan though lot of goodies and see what I want.

  18. I love SSS, I had the pleasure of meeting Heidi once. You are blessed to call her a friend. Thank you so much for your enabling. Now to get my bank account on board with it. 😀

  19. I love the new site! The colors and design are funky and modern and the links om the website are intuitive and actually work well.

  20. I like the new website but is hard to zoom in the images of each product, you can’t see the details on them. I lost my wish list but is still good place to shop. I found an old paper pad I’ve been looking for! Yey! Thanks for your videos and blog post!

  21. Great new SSS site – like the quick way I can navigate in it & MY computer is really slow – uses XP! Yay!

  22. Simon Says Stamp is one of my favorite places to shop for stamping, crafting and ink supplies. I love that I can keep a wish list as I find way more things I want then I have money for, but with a list of things I can go back as able and purchase them. The new website is bright and colorful. Haven’t had a chance yet to navigate through it but I know it will be awesome.

  23. I’m loving that the new site allows you to make different wishlists. So far I have ones for “must have” and “maybe later”!

  24. I like the “sort by newness” feature, and having the logos for the major brands is nice. And I’m very happy you can do a search and then narrow it down by manufacturer.

  25. Thank you for doing this Jennifer. I love the new site, my favorite thing is how easy it is to navigate now, love it!

  26. Love the new look of the website. I especially like the categories at the very top of the page! So helpful!

  27. Love the fresh clean look! The search feature works great.

    Thanks for the giveaway and have a great weekend!

  28. I like that the product logos remind you of brands that may have slipped to the back of my mind. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  29. The new SSS site is great! I think the layout is the biggest improvement – much easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for. Well done!! I, too, asked for my old wish list, and not only did they send it very quickly, their emails are so friendly. Love that!

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