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I am so excited to see that Simon Says Stamp has launched their new and improved website. WOW. Amazing! I am blessed to call Heidi, the owner of SSS, my friend. I have never known anyone to have a bigger heart or to work so hard for others. I know this new website has been such a HUGE undertaking and I am so proud of her and how awesome it looks. If you want to see the new Simon Says Stamp, click HERE. (If it isn’t loading just check back. It takes time for the new site to roll out all over the world.)


And to share my excitement for the folks at SSS, I am personally giving away a $50 gift certificate to Simon Says Stamp. For your chance, leave a comment here by 11:59pmEST on 4/30/14 telling me your favorite thing about the new site.


I am here with some winners.

By the way, people often email me about winners being announced. I always email winners when they are picked and eventually just mention the winners at the end of a blog post. No matter what – I always get in touch with winners – no worries. 🙂

Oh and people ask about international folks winning giveaways. Yep! I ship international. Gotta love stampers no matter where they are! 🙂

Have a good one.

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1,199 thoughts on “A NEW Way to Shop + $50 Giveaway + Winners”

  1. Visually, the new site just looks better, and the categories allow you to hone in on a particular thing when that is what you want to do. But the enhanced look and feel make for a more relaxed browsing experience, too.

  2. I agree with most of the others that it will be a lot easier to find things that I am looking for on the new site! I was bummed though that I had some things in my cart or wishlist that I can’t seem to find now and I can’t remember what they all were! I guess that’s what I get for waiting!

  3. It seems that it will be easier to navigate……….. love that they have a handy link to their YouTube videos ~ I can get used to this!

  4. From what I can tell I like the layout a lot better. It hasn’t worked the last couple times I tried to look around and right now it’s closed. I know they have more work they are doing on it. I understand. My new website that was launched in January just got the last bugs worked out yesterday. Looking forward to seeing it soon.

  5. Just saw their new site over the weekend. Seems to flow better. Finding what you want is easier. Thanks for the giveaway….

  6. When going the brand sections off sss the items pull up and I liked using the forward arrow to review the next product and also the availability prompts: view product/add to card, Great feature!
    Love it.

  7. Great website, easier to navigate only snag is that I am having problems paying for my items..may be a problem with UK credit cards, worked on old site fine.
    Thanks for the chance to win a voucher I could spend loads there!!

  8. I love how easy the site is to navigate and the easy to find link to Simon Says Stamp videos. It is so hard to name just one thing that I like best about the new website! I like the colors, color scheme and how it is easier to see the clear stamps than most other sites.

  9. I love the tabs at the top – it makes it very easy to find stuff by category rather than trying to remember the name of the manufacturer.

  10. I am finding it much easier to navigate and find things. (This is only the 3rd time I have been to her site, and it was somewhat confusing before.)

  11. Now that I played w it a bit I think it will be great. It always takes awhile when changes take place. I’m hoping I can still get my old wishlist back yet think yhe whole idea of a project list is super.
    marcia m

  12. Love the new look. Everything is still there but the field on the left is not many pages long. Can’t wait till I can use my gift certificate my son gave me.

  13. Just one thing? not I can narrow it down that much 🙂 love the new project wish lists so I can have more than one running at a time and love how there is a next button when scrolling though products… it’s all about the little things. Thanks so much Jennifer, so very generous of you

  14. Hi Jennifer, the new SSS web site has a great new look. I’m a graphic person, so brand names displayed as logo’s (rather than just the written name) help me to recognise products. Living in Australia, postage is expensive, so I make it worth my while when I get a delivery. Thanks for the great prize.

  15. I love the tease at the top. It makes you want all these new products! Love their website anyways, but the new is great!

  16. Loving the new Simon Says Stamp website – a whole lot easier to navigate and find what I am looking (wishing!) for. Thanks Jennifer, for always being so generous with your talent and tutorials! And for this giveaway, so generous!

  17. To me, the site seems so much “cleaner”, easier to navigate and the layout is so much nicer. Great job on the new site, and thank you for an opportunity to win such a great prize!

  18. Love a new SSS design. It’s so fresh and clean.
    Wish they didn’t removed my wishlist (how can I remember know what to buy? :))
    But still I love the new design much more. So much easier to navigate and find things!
    And (this could sound funny) – now I can save my password in browser. I visit SSS almost every day and didn’t like that needed to login and enter my credentials every single time when I want to access my account.
    Expected to see there “notify by email” out of stock items (I know a lot of ppl want this option). Ok, maybe the next time 🙂

  19. I LOVE the ease of finding the what I’m looking for, plus a place to watch their videos. Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. Working on the SSS site again today making my Project Lists and filling up my cart! I cannot wait for my birthday this year, going to ask for SSS products!!! Anyway, I like that when you hover over a product you can identify right away if the item is “out of stock” by the missing option to add to the cart! So after viewing the videos, I click over to the SSS site and either add to my cart or my project list. I have my Project List titled, “JM Must Haves” 🙂
    Huntley IL

  21. SSS is my favourite place to shop. Since all of the LSS closed and all I have is one big-box store, I shop at SSS monthly (or even weekly at times!) The new site is taking a bit of getting used to… but I’m loving the added features! Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift certificate from them! It sure would help with my project lists!

  22. I like the new navigation bar at the top of the page. Much easier than the old one along the left side. It’s slick!

  23. New website is easy to navigate and find things. I like it. Thanks for making you website easlier to use.

  24. Easy navigating the new site. Like the view details option. Great overall improvements in visual appearance. Great site and fabulous product selection.

  25. I love the ribbon at the top with the break down of products to choose from. oh yes and love the customer service. Thanks Jennifer for the chance to win!

  26. Wonderful, fantastic, such a terrific improvement! It use to drive me crazy with the long, long, LONG list of categories on the left made it so difficult to find what I wanted. I do love the company though and continued to order from them and will continue to do so. Thank you for whatever input you may have had in revamping the site – seems so much more organized now.

  27. Love the ease of use. The drop down menu with pictures, looked for specific items and found them easily. Lots of new product. Love the new site.

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