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Hi! Today’s video started with me showing how to make a one layer card with layered stamping for bold images. However, along the way I ended up showing a close look at silver ink. And then I showed embossing with dies. Ack! Sorry. I squeezed in a lot…

[Supplies are linked in the thumbnails at the end of this post.]

Again – sorry I squeezed so much into that video! I got carried away and just decided to share it all with you. LOL.

I used Perfect Pearls over my Hero Arts Silver Ink for the perfect shimmery silver on my prayers sentiment. I was hoping to fall in love with the Delicata Silver Ink, but I still prefer the Hero Arts Silver. (However, for gold? I like the Gold Delicata much better than the Hero Arts Gold.) And by adding the Perfect Pearls, I get a soft silver shimmer that worked better for the look of this card then if I would have silver heat embossed the greeting. (I should say that the Silver Delicata is lovely when used direct to paper.)

I just love that sentiment! It is from the new My Favorite Things Words of Inspiration stamp set. (So many good greetings in this one!) The flowers are from the new My Favorite Things Easter Bunny set. I love that you can get that large multi-color cluster of flowers by stamping just three times… very easily. So very wonderful. I used a few My Favorite Things inks for my flowers, but stamped each color a few times on top of each other to make the colors bold. An easy trick!

After finishing the card, I decided to use the matching die to emboss around the flower cluster. I didn’t really like it this way since I had added little berries around it and they weren’t included in the embossing. However, I did show this step in the video. It is a cool technique… and the embossing pad is a must-have tool.

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Thanks for the kind comments about my Ink Swatch Book. I am glad so many of you found the downloads helpful! I did add an editable file. However, I will be offering more files for other inks in the near future. If there is an ink you would like to get a file for, please email the suggestion to me. Thanks! (Many people were looking for Stampin’ Up inks, so we will be starting there.)


Below are the products featured above. To find them at Simon Says Stamp, click on the SSS below the thumbnails. For Ellen Hutson, click on EH... and for My Favorite Things, click on MFT
































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79 thoughts on “Video: Silver Ink + One Layer Card”

  1. I love all the information I can get so yay for more that one thing in your video. I really appreciated the comparison between the silver inks. I hadn’t fallen in love with the Hero Arts silver and was waiting for the Delicata. Now you have shown me how to make the Hero Arts look like I want it to.

  2. Thanks for all the information in your video. It was so helpful and I really learned a new trick or two. The dry embossing with the die and the perfect pearls for the shimmer are wonderful to know about. Both cards are lovely and perfect, especially for mailing!

  3. I’m going to add to all the goodness on here and say that I love your videos too, and as someone else mentioned, your unselfish sharing of techniques. You can never show too many techniques in one video – you are a great instructor, so it all works 🙂

    A question/comment: With the die, you actually pressed into the paper on top of the stamp, right? So that would be debossing, since embossing is to make a raised pattern in the paper.

    A tip: You could deboss the berries with a stylus tool. Have the embossing pad or a paper piercing pad underneath your card and deboss a border around the berries to the same level as the rest of the debossing. The pressure needs to be consistent and shouldn’t be hard enough to ‘break’ the fibers of the paper, just to bend them gently.

  4. Jennifer I do not know what we would do without you. I have followed your advice so many times on items AND NEVER ONE REGRET. One item I have thanked you every time I cut paper and that is this…FISKARS PROCISION ROTARY BY-PASS TRIMMER. OUTSTANDING…and one will never regret purchasing, if they do. The ink cataloging is great and one can adapt any ink on the editable file. THANK YOU – THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR US. Blessings.

  5. Really cool techniques. Thumbs up from me. I actually like when you experiment a bit, because it helps me to learn, and gives me the courage to experiment too. I have a pot of perfect pearls, and i haven’t even used it yet!

  6. Jennifer
    This is a great example of things you can do to really make your cards sing. I love the way you built on this design and the colors are fantastic and to die for. I never knew about the tip to use perfect pearls to add shimmer to the silver. It’s amazing the amount of knowledge you have acquired over the years of stamping. I’m learning so much from you. A great are indeed.
    The card is so pretty and sweet…it is so spring and like an awakening of nature..Bright cheerful and sweet to the eyes. Thank you for a great card and lesson.
    pat..I always look forward to your tutorials. I learn things I never knew.

  7. Thank you so much for the video – I really enjoyed it! I have never used perfect pearls (just too intimidated) but you made it look so easy I am going to get some and give it a try!

  8. Beautiful card! Thank you so much for the information and all the tips and techniques you share in your videos. These are so very helpful! You are so kind and incredible teacher!

  9. Another great tutorial. I check your blog almost daily to see what you have up your sleeve next. Keep those videos coming. Thanks for taking out the perfect pearls again. I forget about some old products and I appreciate the reminder to use them.

  10. I love this card…so pretty! Thanks for the re-stamping tips you gave, as well. Those were very helpful.

    Silly question: where did you get the acrylic stamp mount you’ve used a little that’s rounded/curved? It looks so much easier to use than my square ones, and I’d love to buy a couple.

    Thanks, Jennifer!

  11. Dear Jennifer, I so appreciate you taking the time and effort to show us your storage ideas, etc. This latest one for ink samples is simply awesome. I’ve already ordered the pockets and stamp. I also am using your fridge bins. Love ’em! I love your techniques and the way you present them. Good wishes to you and your family.

  12. I love the videos jam-packed with techniques. All the more to learn in a short space of time. Your video tutorials are my absolute favorites on the Web. Keep up the good work!

  13. Very nice card again Jennifer but I have to say I love your video’s because they teach me so much. Please keep up the good work. Thanks

  14. Thanks for yet another WONDERFUL video. I really appreciated the silver ink comparison. Although I’ve said it before (and am sure I’ll say it again :-)): – your side-by-side ink comparisons are helpful beyond words. Really. They are BRILLIANT! Thank you so much!

  15. Jennifer, It woud be impossible for you to give too much information or have a video that is too long! You have given me so many wonderful tips (Those Avery Elle Stamp Storage Pockets are the best!). Thank you for all you give us.

  16. I, too, appreciate your videos and get excited every time I see a new one is released. The amount of effort and the level of detail about each technique is amazing.

    I was excited to try out the Hero Arts silver ink and Perfect Pearls, but I had problems with it smearing. I was using papertrey ink card stock and just a random paint brush I had sitting around. Any advice?

    Thanks for your help.

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