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Hello! A few days ago, I shared my new system for keeping track of my ink colors. This Ink Swatch Book would work for inks, markers, paints and more. To see the post and video, click HERE.

I am back with more FREE ink swatch downloads. Several people requested other ink companies. Today I am adding Stampin’ Up and Papertrey Ink downloads below.

All you have to do is download the files (click DOWNLOAD for each) and print on your favorite white cardstock. (I printed mine on Neenah since that is what I use most.) Some inks have more than one page since there are so many colors. (The last link is an editable file so you can do other inks. You will need PS or PS Elements to edit it.)

If you like different inks than me, you can easily create your own swatches by cutting 2″ x 2″ squares and writing the name on the bottom or using a label maker. We are working on more for me to share here. If you have any ink lines you would like to see added, please leave a comment here and we will try to do them! If you see any mistakes (I tend to make them!), please email me at the link at the top of my blog.

And a big thanks to Karen for helping me out with this.

Have any of you used these downloads? Maybe people have shared photos of theirs on Twitter and Instagram. Would love to know how it is working for you!

See you soon.

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74 thoughts on “More FREE Ink Swatch Downloads”

  1. This is so kind of you to do all this hard work and offer it to your readers. I have had Photoshop Elements software sitting in its box for ages so I was motivated to actually load it onto my Mac. The editable sheets are wonderful – have just done pages for all my Memento Dye inks and Versafine. Wonderful too for all the other miscellaneous inks I have lurking around. I printed out your Distress Inks onto XPress card as that is what I use most for distress colouring. Also did one for Inktense pencils and printed this out on white – as I like to also colour on kraft with pencil, was able to also print this on kraft card stock. Thank you again so much.

  2. Jennifer I forgot to say thank you so much, as I had been waiting to see how you were doing your inks. As soon as the video came up I went to working on it, as I loved it. The ones I would like to request is the regular memento and ranger inks, with the new wendy veechi inks also. I so appreciate your work on all of this. Thank you so much, your the bombBy the way I seen a magazine that all of the artist were featured in, showing how they organize there space? You were a featured guest too, there was one copy left and the person in front of me bought it. Of course I wrote it down and lost the name, grrr.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! These swatches are wonderful. I would love it if you could create some swatches for the following lines:
    (1) Impress Fresh Ink pads;
    (2) Amuse Studio pads; and
    (3) Versafine.

    Alternatively, if you could provide the editable/alterable files in a format other than PS, I would be grateful. Again, thanks so much!!!

  4. Jennifer, I have known of you since I began scrapbooking nearly ten years but have just begun watching your youtube and website videos. They are WONDERFUL. I love, love, love organization and you do it so well. Everything I have watched is encouraging, full of great easy to understand info and extremely well made. Thanks so much for sharing. I have a new go-to place for infer and inspiration.

  5. Jennifer…these are fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing. I love your cards, organization, and all of your tips and techniques. I have a question about the Editable file, and that is the fact that I do not have PS or PS Elements. Do you have future plans to give a download for an editable swatch file that can be edited with MS Word or a PC or a Mac?

  6. Thanks for the swatch files. Wish I had waited for your new additions, but I didn’t know. I spent all last week “swatching” all my inks. I love this method! Thanks for sharing it with us organizing freaks!

  7. Thank you Jennifer! What a great idea! This is so much better than anything I have tried to put together! I just finished stamping all of my swatches and the editable file came in very handy. Now I can’t wait to get them in the protectors and start playing! It’s so much more fun when everything is organized and you can easily find what you need!

  8. Jennifer, Thank you! How about the WPlus9 pure color dye inks? I know a new additional collection should soon be coming out to add to their original 10. Hopefully you can do those!
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  9. Thank you so much for this great idea. I did change it up a bit. I used the We R Memory Keepers 4×4 album. The sheets hold 8 2 inch squares ( 4 on each side). This way I can store them nicely or put a binder ring on them throw them in my purse and take with me when I go shopping.

  10. You are a genius! I just spent a few hours creating sets of swatches using your method. Because my printer chokes on the heavier cardstock I wanted to use, I just cut 2×2 cards and labelled them with my label maker per your suggestion. They look fantastic! For a stamp I trimmed a piece of scrap rubber into a small rectangle and stuck it to an acrylic block. Each ink was stamped twice: once full strength and once “one-off.” I just have one question now. You mentioned in one of your videos that you would be doing something different for the distress inks because of their unique properties. Did you already show that and I missed it? I’m holding off on doing those until I see your method. Thanks so much for your generous sharing!

  11. H Jennifer, I was wondering if there is another version of the editable form available? The listed one above has a file extension of .psd and my computer and phone aren’t recognizing that and can’t locate a program to open it. 🙁

  12. Jennifer,
    I realize this is very old post, but the EDITIBLE page is only in .PSD (Photoshop). If you don’t have PSD, like I don’t, you are NOT able to open the document. Is there a chance that this document could be saved in a Word or PDF document or even a Google document. That way, people who don’t have Photoshop are still able to use the editable version. It would be most helpful and, I for one, would be most grateful. Thank you!!!

  13. Now I know these have been here for ages but I’m just getting organised. I read editable edible. I was thinking how can you eat ink swatches. Mmmm😂😂😂
    Thank you Jennifer Mcqiure. I hope you see this and get a giggle.

  14. Jennifer, I want to thank you for all the ink swatch templates. It will be so helpful when I get them filled in with my inks. But, I have a probably dumb question. How do you put the ink colors in their spots on the template to be perfect little triangles?

  15. Hi,
    I was wondering if you had any new downloads for Tim Holtz Oxide Ink Swatches. I am wanting to make a swatch book like yours. Or do you have a way to change distress to oxide on your downloads you already have.

    Thank you in advance,
    Crystal Garrett

    My new email is : [email protected]

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