Even More FREE Ink Swatch Downloads

Hello! I am back again… with even more Ink Swatch Book free download shares. Today I am adding WPlus9, Amuse, Fresh, Colorbox Chalk and Memento. I also fixed the Hero Arts Shadow Inks Download 2 (it had a repeat) and the Papertrey Ink 1 (it had a misspelling). See below for my full list.

All you have to do is download the files (click DOWNLOAD for each) and print on your favorite white cardstock. (I printed mine on Neenah since that is what I use most.) Some inks have more than one page since there are so many colors. (The last link is an editable file so you can do other inks. You will need PS or PS Elements to edit it.) For info on how to use these, click here.

I will soon be adding Versafine, other Hero Arts, Close To My Heart and Ranger Archival Inks. If you have any other requests, please leave a comment. Also, let me know if you see any boo boos. Thanks!

See you soon with another video!

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112 thoughts on “Even More FREE Ink Swatch Downloads”

  1. You totally ROCK!!! Thank you so much for doing this!!! Aside from the one-off inks I have like Delicata and the shimmer Versamarks, these downloads will include 99% of my ink collection! I just LOVE this system and you have made this so easy!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. If a girl could wish, I’d love to see a Palette ink swatch done. They are made by Stewart Superior, and are my go to inks. They are hybrid, work on multiple surfaces, and DO NOT SMELL! It’s all my friend’s fault, she had some, and then I HAD to get them ALL.. still missing 4 ink pads.

  3. I just printed off the previous download for PTI today and for the life of me can’t find the misspelling in download 1. Which word is misspelled, lol. By the way thank you for all your wonderful organizational tips. I am following most of them so far.

  4. You are the Bestest! I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. The Memento dye inks were the last group I was waiting on.

  5. You’re amazing! This color swatch system is really useful and feels like Christmas.
    I’ve uncovered inks and markers I didn’t know I had. Have a blessed day!

  6. I just wanted to write you a note to say that you are so, so generous! I love your organizing style, and I think it’s so kind of you to share it with others for free– and to keep adding more!! I have to admit, I won’t be using your downloads (I have a very, very small collection of inks!) but I just think your generous example deserves thanks!!

  7. I just wanted to thank you also. After deliberating for quite some time on which option I’d go with to organise my growing collection of inks, your video and pdfs came at just the right time. You have saved me a lot of effort and I’m sure I’ll be back to download more through the years. I seem to never have enough ink colours to choose from!

  8. Wowzers! Thanks… I’m kind of a nut, but, to be honest –
    I get almost as much enjoyment from organising my
    stash as making things with it.
    BTW, I think your engineering background is showing!
    (meant as a compliment from a clinical scientist)

  9. Hi Jennifer,

    First of all: HUGE thanks to you for taking the time to do this; it’s been a tremendous help for you getting my inks organized.

    I have a request, if I may: I often have trouble to understand how the different ink brands complement each other. For example, how would the Avery Elle red pigment inks compare in shade to Hero Arts reddish shadow inks? I have some of the inks you have, but I often don’t understand if another ink is darker, lighter, or “richer” than what I already have and if it would complement my collection or double an existing color. Right now, I’m wondering this mostly about the Simon Says Stamp pads and the Hero Arts colors.

    Since you have an amazing number of colors, I wondered if you could actually post pictures of your ink swatches in these coin sheets so we can take a look at them and see for ourselves? I’ve been going through your original video second by second to better understand the differences in the pool/aqua colors and yellow tones, and I’ve ordered a couple of ink pads based on what I’ve seen.

    I hope that was somewhat coherent 🙂 Thanks!


  10. Jennifer, I have been watching you for about 2 years now on U Tube and your blog. I must say, you truly are my favorite designer. You’re generosity of spirit is wonderful. You’ve helped me be inspired, excited to try new things with my card making, and wonderfully organized. I certainly appreciate you and all you do to help others. All the best to you and your family and keep up the wonderful work. Thank you

  11. These are wonderful! I think organizing your supplies should be a hobby in its own right! Thanks so much for your generosity in sharing them.

  12. Jennifer thank you so very much for these templates that are helping me tremendously with organizing my ink colors! Be Blessed!

  13. Jennifer, before you posted your print outs I had made a letter sized sheet with 2×2 squares that I stamped with a different stamp for each company’s ink pads and stored then in page protectors on a ring. Very similiar but I love the option of storing by color not by company so I have switched over. I have one helpful idea for those who have a lot of ink pads. Stamp before cutting then you can cut all your sheets and stack up color families all at one time and be able to organize them more efficiently. Thanks for all the hard work that went into making the charts. I wish I had waited before using the blank one for all my PTI pads.

  14. Thank you so much! I am using SO many of your organizing tips! I would love to have a VersaMagic ink swatch download.

  15. Hi Jennifer, I see some missing colors for Memento Dye Inks-Elderberry, Nautical Blue, Love Letter, Morocco, Pistachio, Toffee Crunch, Peanut Brittle, Espresso Truffle and Gray Flannel, Northern Pine, Olive Grove, and Teal Zeal.

    1. The Memento Luxe colors are all there. I should know — downloaded, printed and stamped my Memento ink pads yesterday. 🙂

  16. Thank you so much……you are amazing and so generous! Can’t wait to get the Ranger Archival download……BTW….there are some new colours from Wendy Vecchi….so please include those too! Thank you again…..I think I am going to love this system!

  17. Thank You so much. You are too kind to do this! Is there anyway to convert the PSP file to word or excel? I would love to do this for my markers as well!

  18. Wow, girl! I’m going to join in the chorus… you’re so awesome for sharing these! I’m sure lots of stampers would also love to see the inks from Clear & Simple Stamps. They have dozens of beautiful hybrid ink colors. 🙂 THANKS again for all of your hard work and generosity!

  19. Hi Jennifer, Thanks so much for the freebie downloads. I’d love it if you could also do the Ranger Adirondack dye inks – brights, lights, earthtones. Thanks so much!!

  20. I feel so guilty, after all of the vendors you’ve already provided, but how about Adirondack Inks? You rock!

  21. Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you’ve put into these free (!) downloads. I may be the last person on earth who uses them, but I periodically bust out my Marvy Matchable dye Ink pads. They’re so nicely stackable and transportable. A download would be so appreciated and I would surely use it! Many thanks!

  22. Thank you so much for taking the time to compile these swatches – incredibly helpful. I am constantly in awe of you organizational tips and have adopted so many for my craft room. Adding Ranger Adirondack Inks would be great, but now that you have the editable psd I can use this instead!

  23. Hello Jennifer,
    Thanks to your wonderful organization I’ve been using the downloads to help with my crowded workspace. I have the Tsukineko Versa Magic Chalk Inks (5 sets of 4 colors) and Tsukineko Brilliance Dew Drop Inks (4 sets of 4 colors). I purchased these awhile ago at JoAnns and have been very happy with them and think if I chart them I will use them even more. Not sure how popular this product is though. This project has definitely brought my attention to the fact that I have a lot of ink. Good wishes to you! Thanks!

  24. Thank you SO much!!! I can’t wait to get my swatch system organized! I happened to notice that there are some repeats of colors on the Stampin Up sheets – pink pirouette, wild wasabi, tangerine tango, melon mambo, wisteria wonder…there are more but those are the ones I remember. Maybe they are supposed to be repeated but thought I’d mention it in case. I love these sheets – SO awesome!

  25. Hello and thank you for making these sheets up and sharing them with us all. I couldn’t find the coin pages here in Australia, so I got them from Amazon, thanks to your link and international shipping!
    I also use Tsukineko Versa Magic & Brilliance Dew Drops, and Adirondack Dye & Pigment Inks. If you have enough requests for these I would love them as downloads too.
    Thank you again – your organisation tips help big time, and I find I use my full range of products more if I can easily see what I have available – otherwise – i go for what is on top!
    Cheeers, Nicole

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