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I know social media gets a bad rap in many cases. But through it I have met some amazing folks in this hobby… many of which I now call friends.

I have recently been making an effort to keep up with all my social media channels, not just Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. (They are my favorites!)

Here is where you can find me:

FACEBOOK – I am really making an effort to be more active on Facebook. In fact, a few days ago I did a big giveaway! I haven’t had my page very long but it is growing into a fun place to share and ask questions. (By the way, if you are a friend on my personal page, please instead go to my business page and “like” it. I am going to cut back my personal page to close friends and family. Thank you!)

TWITTER – On Twitter, I like to share links to cards by others that I have seen that I like, along with new products that catch my eye. Oh, and I also share occasional random thoughts. 😉 I love Twitter because it is so simple.

INSTAGRAM – I LOVE INSTAGRAM. It is such a positive and happy place! Folks load photos and short videos for friends to see. Very easy. On Instagram, I share peeks at projects I am working on… craft room organization ideas… and fun photos of my kiddos being silly. If you aren’t on Instragram, I recommend it.

PINTEREST – I pin a lot of crafty ideas, healthy recipes, crafts for kids and more. Pinterest is an absolute must for crafters. It is like an online bulletin board where you can store your favorite inspiration!

YOUTUBE – Want to learn how to do something in particular? Head to YouTube! It’s all there. On my YouTube channel, I share lots of crafty how-to’s. If you subscribe (click the red button), you will be notified anytime I add a video.

Do you hang out in any of these places? Which is your favorite?

Hope to see you out there!

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59 thoughts on “Let’s Chat!”

  1. I hang out in all of those places. I would have to say YouTube is my favorite because it’s the ultimate how to for whatever your looking for. Instagram and Pinterest are addicting love them too.

  2. I use Pinterest a LOT plus I’ve subscribed to several channels of my favorite crafty people @ youtube.
    Facebook I use for friends and family only.

  3. Im not very good at keeping up to date, dont think ive looked at Twitter this year! Ive fallen out with facebook, it annoys me but Pinterest, Feedly & YouTube r my go to places when I have time to kill..

  4. I just started using instagram about 1 month ago and then I saw you were on there, too. And I have noticed you’ve been more active on facebook. In fact, that big giveaway you had on fb confused me b/c I kept going to your website thinking you were having the giveaway there. Then I realized you were doing one on facebook!

    Jonathan and I enjoy keeping up with you on instagram–we love seeing Lila! 🙂

  5. I follow blogs, use Pinterest and subscribe to YouTube channels. But I am not a FB fan or user. Lately I have been checking out what Instagram has to offer. I appreciate being able to find inspiration in a lot of places now. 😉

  6. I check out FB every day & do a little bit of You Tube but I don’t do the rest. I’m afraid that I would never leave my computer chair lol.

  7. Really am not a great fan of social media at all .. I hate Facebook and it won’t let me unsubscribe.. sometimes I look on Pinterest ,follow a few blogs quite regulalrly, love technique videos so spend time on YouTube ; I don’t really share much at all just take photos of stuff I make to remind me what I’ve done!!

  8. Your one of my “top sites” on my desktop computer. I watch the blog videos on my i-Pad. I don’t use other social media.

  9. I love your blog and watching your youtube videos. The only social media I do is pinterest but I love it!! (and follow you on there!)

  10. Trying to do better!! I’m in a very rural area so sometimes it’s hard to stay connected because of Internet/cell connection!! I’m trying to be better though!! Thanks for sharing and have a Fabulous Weekend!! 😉

  11. Love your you tube vids. I remember watching the thinking inking workshop when I first started crafting even though I didn’t have most of the stuff. I went back to it last autumn and what struck me was how much I remember which I think shows how great the ideas and the vids are

  12. I LOVE instagram (@michii00) and I love seeing your adorable family pics. Especially little Lila! She’s such a ham! And thank you for sharing your beautiful card tutorials! YouTube is full of amazing things, isn’t it?

  13. Well Jen a gal can only do so much lol. I do not have a Twitter or FB account (gasp) for that reason I do have Pinterest, You tube and Instagram because I get great info and ideas with out having to keep up with the social part. This may sound self serving but there are only so many hours in a day and some of that time is spent with taking care of the house and most importantly spending time with my family. Sooo you have nothing to apologize about I’m amazed at what you do already! Have a great weekend and be kind to yourself. 😉

    1. i SOOOO understand. time with my family comes first and thus why i don’t have a schedule to my blog. i can’t promise to do things by a certain date because i gotta make sure they are cared for first. 🙂 now my house? i don’t care if it is clean lol

  14. I hang out in all of those places, but Pinterest is my favourite.
    Btw thank you for sharing your little girl with us. I have a special interest in here, she is same age as my youngest and she always brings a smile to my face 🙂

    1. i love sharing photos when they are little and always in my care. the older they get, the less i share because they aren’t with me to protect as much.
      big hugs to you!

  15. Only FB, Pinterest & YouTube for me . . . haven’t quite gotten the hang of Instagram or Twitter. Color me old, I guess 😉

  16. Personally, I got off Fb during the election cycle and then didn’t miss it, and haven’t been back on sense. It seemed I might loose some very good friends/family over, politics and decided it would be better to back off. Sense none of my family is on twitter yet, I transitioned there and kind have kept it a hidden secret, but I have been outed now, by someone using my phone, lol. Instragram, I am just learning, as I move into more photography, but I love pintrest searching for things. I loyal as it comes to youtube, be it following, Jennifer or fixing the dishwasher. I haven’t found that happy medium though and it is a lot of time. Jennifer I be curious how you split your time on them?

    1. i avoid the political stuff. i don’t like it. thus why i haven’t been a big facebook fan.
      twitter and instagram are easy on my phone so i can do that while waiting in line or sitting at a kid’s practice. 🙂

  17. I am very wary of facebook and share only craft stuff on there. I do enjoy Pinterest for endless inspiration and it frees up space on my computer cause I’m not saving everything to it anymore – win win:)

  18. Wow you are such a busy bee with all the social media….looked around at at the links you gave..such a great time looking around and seeing your cute and sweet children..
    i only look on Pinterest and Youtube…but will have a look more now on Instagram…

  19. My favorites are – Facebook – I have connected and stayed in touch with so many friends and family members through the years. I enjoy YouTube as well – learning how to paper craft through videos is my favorite way of learning. Pinterest ROCKS – so many pages and so little time to try them all! Thank you Jennifer for all you do!!

  20. I follow your blog because that comes directly to my inbox. From there I link to your youtube videos. That’s mostly how I know your work. Never have gone to Instagram. Just found you on Facebook, now I’ll look up your Pinterest boards. You’re a busy person!

  21. I follow you mostly from your blog as it comes to my inbox every day. I love Pinterest and Youtube for all of the ideas that are shared there. Now I have added you to my Facebook, so that I can follow you there as well …. sounds like a stalker. I do not have twitter or instagram at this time … still thinking about them.

  22. I subscribe to the your blog and love the videos, i also check out pinterest. I use less of the other social media sites as i work so much on the computer that I need to force myself not to spend anymore time than what is needed. you are one of the best out there!

  23. LOVE PInterest, and then I have my favourite blogs. That really captures most of my spare computer time. It is so easy for me to get “lost” in what everyone is creating I run out to time to create myself – LOL

  24. I just love Pinterest, I have gotten so many great ideas from there and I have made quite a few things from there too. I do some Facebook and follow some blogs too.

  25. Another reader said she quit FB around the election because she was beginning to dislike some of her friends and family. Ditto. I like them all so much better now. I really enjoy Pinterest. I have had to school myself about feeling a bit inadequate when I see all these perfectly organized, clean, and decorated homes. I refuse to obsess about it all and focus on making our home a happy place for our family rather than a Pinterest show place.

    1. remember that why people share on pinterest is their BEST. their best organized closet. their best recipes. their best photos. we can’t compare our average days with their BEST. 🙂 (my therapist told me that one – lol – and it helps!)

  26. Hi Jennifer! I use Facebook primarily for family and friends, which has morphed into kids from school and ex co-workers too. I know a lot of people use it for their businesses, but I just can’t go there. I belonged to a bird forum previously and enjoyed that during my body melt down with my broken vertebra at the bottom of my spine, sharing my bird hobby and love of genetics and advice for novices for years. Eventually, I posted a picture of myself because I wanted people to know that I was normal, if you will. The bird crowd is very unique, if not eccentric and it snowballed into a lot of bizarre things that I was not comfortable with, both on and off the forum. Plus we had some identity theft on ebay with paypal shortly thereafter. So, I’m very leery to invite the public in. I have since then, started my own paper-crafting blog, but I’m very careful and afraid to post family pictures there. I would love to share pics of my grand baby, but I’m afraid. I know the paper crafting people are entirely different. I do have a Pinterest page, but I’m there so little. I tried Twitter at the beginning and it just didn’t make sense to me. LOL I like that technology is making posting things in all places easier because I really don’t have time to go to each Media and post something. I’ve got to get through the 50+ emails I get per day from my favorite crafters! Ha!

  27. Social media could be overwhelming… BUT! I cannot imagine our lives without them. My fave are FB and Instagram (I’d love to cover more but have no time). I’m following you for a while on almost all your social media. Esp love your instagram (quick and easy way to show us sneak peeks of fun stuff you’re preparing to share – I get so exciting).

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