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I know social media gets a bad rap in many cases. But through it I have met some amazing folks in this hobby… many of which I now call friends.

I have recently been making an effort to keep up with all my social media channels, not just Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. (They are my favorites!)

Here is where you can find me:

FACEBOOK – I am really making an effort to be more active on Facebook. In fact, a few days ago I did a big giveaway! I haven’t had my page very long but it is growing into a fun place to share and ask questions. (By the way, if you are a friend on my personal page, please instead go to my business page and “like” it. I am going to cut back my personal page to close friends and family. Thank you!)

TWITTER – On Twitter, I like to share links to cards by others that I have seen that I like, along with new products that catch my eye. Oh, and I also share occasional random thoughts. 😉 I love Twitter because it is so simple.

INSTAGRAM – I LOVE INSTAGRAM. It is such a positive and happy place! Folks load photos and short videos for friends to see. Very easy. On Instagram, I share peeks at projects I am working on… craft room organization ideas… and fun photos of my kiddos being silly. If you aren’t on Instragram, I recommend it.

PINTEREST – I pin a lot of crafty ideas, healthy recipes, crafts for kids and more. Pinterest is an absolute must for crafters. It is like an online bulletin board where you can store your favorite inspiration!

YOUTUBE – Want to learn how to do something in particular? Head to YouTube! It’s all there. On my YouTube channel, I share lots of crafty how-to’s. If you subscribe (click the red button), you will be notified anytime I add a video.

Do you hang out in any of these places? Which is your favorite?

Hope to see you out there!

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59 thoughts on “Let’s Chat!”

  1. Watching craft videos on Youtube is one of my favorite ways to relax. I hate Pinterest, though, because it is just so girly and Martha Stewart and …. heteronormative. It’s nothing but cupcakes and bridal gowns.

  2. Hi Jennifer, love your site….I am a fairly new crafter….I love making the cards and watching your videos… However, I have a real problem with embossing. I use all quality products. Here is what happens for me.
    I stamp the image to vesa mark first.
    Then onto the cardstock.
    I put on the embossing powder.
    I use the heat embosser.. Looks like none of the powder sticks..if I overdo the heat , it burns..Nothing is sticking. When I brush it off I can see a faint image from the versa mark stamping. Actually it ruins the paper!!!
    Also I want to use white ink for images on my navy blue cardstock…It looks faint….how do I get that nice crisp white on dark paper?
    I would appreciate your input.
    Thank you and have a wonderfull day.

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