Video: Project Life Organization.

Hello! Today I have something a bit different.

I have decided I am going to take on Project Life memory keeping… but do it my own low-pressure, stamping-filled way. I promise I (and my blog) will remain very focused on cardmaking, but I hope to share Project Life scrapbooking once in awhile.

I recently posted on Instagram a photo of one of my Project Life storage pieces and got a lot of questions. So I decided to throw together a quick video showing some Project Life storage pieces.

The first piece wins the award for “cutest storage”…

This piece is the “I Could’ve Been a Container” Desk Storage piece from The Land of Nod. (I LOVE LOVE LOVE this store and the playfulness.) It is adorable and comes in several colors. It measures approximately 10.5″ wide x 7″ deep x 6″ tall. You can find it HERE – just search on “container” and it will pop up.

This next option is my favorite. I will use the cute one above for my desktop, but this is the one I will likely use for all the basic storage and store it in my Alex drawers from Ikea

This storage piece is divided into three compartments. The back two are great for 3×4 cards and the front is good for 4×6 cards or photos. Note that I don’t have enough cards yet to fill this. It has a lot of room! Here is a better look…

This container is incredibly durable and so very awesome. I use the same one for many things in my office… and the same brand for my stamp storage (which you can see HERE). You can find this piece HERE and it measures approximately 8″ wide x 11.5″ deep x 3.5″ tall.

Next up is a long and narrow option. This would be great if you want to have something good to line up one by one…

I use this long and narrow container for many things in my craft room… and it works perfectly for PL cards. You can get the updated version on this container HERE (which I think would be better) or the same one I used HERE. This one measures approximately 4″ wide x 14″ deep x 4″ tall.

The last option is this smallest one

This container allows the PL cards to be stored sideways and would be a good option if you have a shelf with limited height. (Note that my dividers are too tall – I just used the ones from the other containers.) You can get this smaller container HERE and it measures approximately 5″ wide x 12″ deep X 3″ tall.

If you are wondering about those yellow dividers, here is a bit more info…

I bought several inexpensive yellow plastic folders from Office Depot and cut them to 3″ x 4.5″. After rounding the corners, I added my label with my handy Brother Label Maker. (You can see how I use this label maker at the 8:09 mark in the video HERE.) This works great!

Again, this Project Life storage is much like my stamp storage, which you can find out more about HERE.

Note: Please visit each site for exact measurements, etc.

Hope this helps! Are you a Project Lifer? Would love to hear your tips!


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46 thoughts on “Video: Project Life Organization.”

  1. Hi Jennifer, All the PL stuff at CHA got you hooked, hey? πŸ™‚ I love the system and have been using it for years. I’ve never done a photo a day or a weekly spread as is common, I just put put photos in there as I develop them. Sometimes I do nothing for months and other times I do a lot at once. PL as a base just works. We have photos from a trip we took and I’m using PL for that too. I have a mix if a lot of the cards – Becky’s and other brands. As Becky says PL is a solution and it’s one that’s worked for me. I hope you love it too! I’m a huge fan if the Lizzy, Maggie and Amy mini kits too. If you like their style you can get a bit of it in your albums without having to make anything.
    PS. I’m not much of a stamper, but I’m actually stamping out some 3 x 4 cards now (using PL grid cards) to try out some inks and rollar phrase stamps and to just have a bit of fun for half an hour.

  2. Nooo, don’t promise that your blog will remain more focused on cardmaking – I want to see all your crafting! And would love to see any traditional scrapbook layouts if you return back to making those!

  3. I would love to see a video on the how to’s and in and outs on the label maker. I bought it but I haven’t used it yet because the instructions are over my head and I don’t want to waste the label paper. Thanks!

  4. Jennifer, thank you for sharing your organization and storage solutions. I’m a bit OCD (well, maybe more than a bit!) and life is just better when my things are organized. Previously I’ve used many methods to organize/store my stamps and dies but was never completely happy with any of them. Recently, I finished converting all of my stamps and dies using your methods. LOVE them – they look so neat and I can easily locate what I need. It is also blaringly obvious which categories need purging and which are lacking. In the long run, I think I will actually save money by not purchasing too many similar stamps and dies. I mean, how many fairy/cat/monkey/elephant/flower/Halloween stamps does one really need?! Of course, organizing and storage are always in flux, so I’m considering breaking down my categories even further. But that will be a simple task since everything is already in identically sized envelopes and properly labeled. =^..^=

    PS: I’ve enrolled in the Stenciled class and am really looking forward to it. I’ve truly enjoyed the previous Online Card Classes I’ve taken and love that I can refer back to the info and videos forever.

  5. I’m trying PL, too. Not sure what form it will take on yet. Maybe just as llife comes rather than weekly. Love your storage tips. TFS

  6. Thank you for the ideas for storage. Already dropped one of them into my Amazon cart! I love Project Life and look forward to seeing your take on it.
    I would like to see what types of 3×4 cards you sorted into each of your categories.

  7. I have lots and lots of PL goodies and haven’t started yet. I hope to this weekend start an album! Great organization…love all the cute bins! Good luck with PL!

  8. I WOULD like to see how you are doing Project Life but in general I am SO over it. Not the concept…I’ve been doing my own version of it since 1999…but I don’t need to see so many Project Life pages in my favorite blogs. It all begins to look alike and I skim over it. I do highly recommend that everyone try a version of Project Life. In looking back over my books…it’s clear that the everyday is more important than the special events. I like to include the occasional newspaper headlines too. It puts my life in context.

  9. I guess I do my own version of PL by just storing my photos in albums divided by year & subject. Then it’s easy for me to find the photos I want to scrap. Since I’ve begun card making, I’ve come to realize that it’s the art that I enjoy with paper crafting. I love to play with the techniques & the products until I get something I really like. It seems to me that PL limits these activities in order to make the documentation process more efficient. This is a great system for people with that priority, but not me. I’ve learned so much from you, Jennifer, and am glad you’ll continue to concentrate on the art in your blog!

  10. I have picked up a few supplies for PL but haven’t done anything with it yet. It is on my to do list. I am always looking for ways to organize my stuff. Thanks for sharing what works best for you.

  11. Love your organization ideas–I switched from 3 ring binders to your method for storing my stamps and love it–quick,easy to find, keeps them organized. This looks like a great way to do project life, I have placed photos in albums and have to “add” the journaling cards and haven’t yet begun to collect them. This hopefully will inspire me!

  12. Love all your organization methods and have started using the interdesign bin for stamps and dies.. Does the divided containers hold cards that are exactly 3×4? Becky Higgins cards are slightly smaller than 3×4 but other brands are exactly 3×4 and I use both. Do you know if they fit too? I have to order the containers online b/c of where I live… I can’t try it out in a store.


  13. Thanks for sharing – can’t wait to see your pages, I do heaps of stamping and creating within my project life so looking forward to seeing what you come up with πŸ™‚ Love the land of Nod container – did an international quote – but at $110 postage I don’t think I’ll be getting one πŸ˜‰

  14. Jennifer, thanks again! I bought the storage bin from Land of Nod another time you posted about it and I love it. Just started looking at Project Life materials so now I can consider using it for these items…move over other supplies! Thank you so much for the suggestions!

  15. Made my little yellow divider tabs for my medium CTMH organizer today. Found yellow folders marked down at Staples! Thanks for your awesome videos!

  16. Wow, I LOVE that Land of Nod container!! All your organization ideas for PL are fab. Welcome to the PL club! I think it is almost or more addictive than card making lol. I just started PL this year, but I am already hooked. I’ve been posting lots of Project Life related videos and layouts lately.
    I look forward to seeing what you do with PL.

  17. I REALLY look forward to seeing how you incorporate stamping into your PL. I am into my 4th year of keeping an album, and I am really looking for some different ideas to use. I live in a place where it is difficult to always buy stickers etc to “pretty” up my layouts, and will be super stoked to use all the stamps in my stash! LOVE your work. Smiles from South Africa πŸ™‚

  18. Oohhh I Always love coming to your blog and this is also great. I really love your storage systemes it’s such a pity that I can’t find similar containers here in the Netherlands and shippingcosts are so expensive. I give up at PL somewhere at the end of 2012 but when I see this well I love it. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Thanks Jennifer, I have PL sitting on my couch I just came home with, now I can be organized too. Please share your PL pages with us, I would love to see what your doing, sense I am new to the scene of PL. Actually I am in the middle of converting all of my stamps over to your storage system now, while it is a bit overwhelming, I finally told myself it is not as If I am on a deadline. One thing I would like to know is how do you know everything that is in your inventory so you don’t end up with doubles? Unfortunately I make lots of donations of doubles, and I need to quit doing that. Don’t get me wrong I love donating, but I think I could donate other things that would be more worthwhile. I do have Tim Holtz app and it works great, now to find some way to keep the remaining inventories. Or is that when you say maybe I own to much, lol. Also the major reason I am spending this month on getting organized. Plus I can’t stand things looking messy. I would also be curious to what kind of furniture you are using. I was hoping you would share a video with the new space as I knew your were moving. I think prior you set some of your things are custom made and I did hear you name one of the Ikea pieces recently.

  20. LOL, I bought the same container from Land of Nod a week before this video was posted, also for PL! So funny! I do think it’s really cute, and prefer the character the piece gives to a space. Thanks for sharing!

  21. I would like to see a more detailed video on the label maker. Like choosing fonts and what the setting are, things like that. Also, maybe go slower. πŸ˜‰

  22. Thanks for your tips on PL storage. It looks like the divided Interdesign container is out of stock on Amazon. They have another one that looks the same, but it lists a width of 7″ instead of 8″. Based on how the 3×4 cards fit in yours, do you think the smaller width would work? (I couldn’t find an interior dimension for the divided sections.)

  23. I’m so interested to see your take on this! I know it will be so fun.I am a big fan of your organization system. And you had me sold on theLand of Nod container, but everyone else got to them first! I caught up on the new SSS ink video, too… you’re killing me! I hope you’re doing well. <3

  24. I for one look forward to seeing your PL pages so I hope you do share more than once in a while. Thanks for sharing your organisational tips.

  25. I actually started looking at your site and videos to get inspiration for using stamps on my PL cards. I like to invest my money in stamps bc I feel you get more bang for your buck but have found it hard to always use them. Your videos have been great in helping me with technique and feeling brave to actually use my stamps! Would LOVE to see you do PL in your own way. Thanks for such amazing videos, etc. love your site.

  26. Thanks for the storage information. I love the stamp sleeves/envelopes that you recommended in your stamp storage video.

    An fyi for those looking for a very inexpensive storage: I purchased a container similar to the divided container you show–it has two rows for the 3×4 cards and then two sections for the 4×6 cards or photos. Its a little softer plastic then the interdesign brand–but the price significantly lower too. Unfortunately I don’t have product information, but found it in the storage section of the store.

  27. I see this post is from about a year ago….and maybe that explains why I can’t find these storage boxes on the Land of Nod….or am I just not searching correctly. Help?!?! Theyare exactly what I’ve been looking for!

    Thanks so much!

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