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If you know me, you know I am not a user of washi tape. Don’t get me wrong – I love what other people use washi for, but it just isn’t something I am able to create with for some reason. But in today’s video I show three ways to use washi tape as a tool for stamping. It is fun!

For all of the cards, I used the Studio Calico Double Scoop Card Kit and Bubblegum Add-On Kit. These stamps are delightful! (This video is from the Studio Calico blog – you can see the original post HERE.)

Washi Tape + Stamping #1: Creating a Frame

For my first card, I used the washi tape for masking off a frame for stamping.

I used a mix of my favorite inks (see supply list thumbnails below) and some simple masking…

I like to keep a couple different widths of washi so I can do a variety of frame sizes.

Washi Tape + Stamping #1: Multi-Inking

Sometimes you want to make the greeting of the card stand out. One great way to do this is with color… and multi-inking with washi tape.

Again, the inks are listed below. Oh, and I even masked off part of the greeting to change up the message…

Washi Tape + Stamping #1: Miter Masking

I love the look of a miter joint in woodwork, etc. So I decided give it a try with washi masking and a border stamp…

Simple… yet it work so well!

So there you have it… 3 ways to use washi without really using it. LOL. I would love to hear what your favorite use of washi is!


Below are the products featured above. To find them at Simon Says Stamp, click on the SSS below the thumbnails. For Ellen Hutson, click on EH. Some links also go to Studio Calico

Hero Arts Soft Pool Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)

Hero Arts Green Hills Mid Tone Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)

Hero Arts Butter Bar Mid Tone Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)

Hero Arts Tide Pool Mid Tone Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)

Hero Arts Soft Brown Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)

Hero Arts Soft Granite Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)

Memento Luxe Teal Zeal Ink Pad (SSS|EH)

Hero Arts Black Dye Ink (SSS|EH)

Mowed Lawn Distress Ink (SSS|EH)

Versamark (SSS|EH)

White Embossing Powder (SSS|EH)

Hero Arts Milwaukee Heat Gun (SSS|EH)

Ink Blending Tool (SSS|EH)

EK Success 1 Inch Circle Punch (SSS|EH)

T-Ruler (SSS|EH)

EK Success Powder Tool (SSS|EH)

Uniball Signo Broad White Pen (SSS|EH)

Tim Holtz Craft Knife (SSS|EH)

Neenah White Cardstock 250 Sheets (SSS|EH)

Neenah White Cardstock 25 Sheets (SSS|EH)

Hero Arts Pool Mixed Layering Papers (SSS|EH)

EK 1/16 Thin Foam Dots (SSS|EH)

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39 thoughts on “Video: 3 Ways to Use Washi Tape”

  1. Thanks for the great masking tutorial. Like you, I am challenged to use Washi tape on my cards or artwork, but it works really well for these techniques that you’ve shown. Funny, I quite like what other people do with Washi, but I have tried using it and end up taking it back off again and doing a different (usually stamping) effect instead.

  2. Great video. Thank you so much for sharing you’re ideas. I also learn many helpful hints and tips from you’re blog and videos. I just love you’re work.

  3. Three very lovely cards, Jennifer -I love Washi tape too, but tend to use for holding my dies in place (for cutting) – LOL! Especially love the mitered border card – so pretty 🙂

  4. Jennifer
    I love your tutorial on washi tape. I had no idea that you could do so many things with it but now thanks to you I know a lot more.
    I loved all three of your examples they are fantastic as always. LOL.
    You’re such a good teacher Jennifer and I love hearing your tutorials. You make everything so clear and easy to understand.
    bless you for all your sharing.


  5. Great cards and videos, Jennifer. I bought a set of 3 Rolls of ‘paper tape’ over a year ago, but these turned out to be so narrow, that I have not yet figured out how I can use them on a card. So I use them for masking parts of stamps, like you did on the sentiment stamp (and trying to remember to take off the mask before stamping LOL) and for holding my dies in place for die cutting. I did not buy any other washi tape because I find them quite expensive, and I would not buy them to be only used as masking tape.

  6. Thanks for showing I love washi tape and have some rolls but am at a loss on how to use. I appreciate your ideas. Thanks

  7. Jennifer, Thank you! Great video, you always share great tips to get more out of our supplies and reuse what many would toss. Especially liked the mitered corner card.

  8. Great video Jennifer. Thanks for showing us all the different ways to use washi tape. As always I really like your cards.

  9. I agree Jennifer, I don’t think I have ever put washi tape on a card. My favorite thing to do with washi tape is to collect them! The colors are always amazing . . .

  10. It’s always a pleasure to watch your videos!! I always seem to learn a little something I didn’t know or a tip that I may have other forgotten!! Thank you so much for sharing with us…I greatly value and appreciate your time and dedication to this wonderful hobby!

  11. I love to put washi tape down on card stock or chipboard and cut out die cuts with it. Also love to decorate gift bags, and envelopes with them too.

  12. Thanks for the great techniques! I will be trying them. I love the SSS card kits best because they don’t have the crazy add ons. I like getting a full kit without the buy some more hype!

  13. Jennifer, thank you for these great creative ideas. Anytime I buy a “set” of washi tapes, there is almost always one I like less. This is a great way to use those. I also use them to keep die cuts with tiny pieces in place. Just place the tape over the good side of the die cut while it is still in the die; then flip it, add glue to the back, flip it back over and adhere it to your card. Carefully remove the washi tape, and you’re done – all the tiny pieces will be lined up exactly the way they were on the die. =^..^=

  14. I tend to use washi tape as it was intended for decoration, but I do have some that I don’t like as well and will try using it for masking. I’ve been using the blue painter’s tape for masking, but since the washi isn’t quite as heavy, it seems better for this purpose. Thanks for inspiring us to use what we have on hand!

  15. Thank you Jennifer for dedicating your time and inspirational talent with your admirers. I learn something new every single time I watch your videos.

  16. Excellent video, Jennifer, and love your cards. Now I have some more uses for my washi collection that I’ve been hoarding. Appreciate your wonderful techniques. TFS!

  17. Hi Jennifer!
    WOW! What BEAUTIFUL cards! Thank you for sharing more of your AWESOME techniques! The mitered corner stamping w/washi tape is so COOL….I must try it on my next card. Have a wonderful day! Take Care 😉

  18. Thanks Jennifer for another great, informative and inspiring video. While I’m also a collector of washi tape, it is fun to see what others are doing with theirs. At the same time, I’m so happy to see how you created the cute leaves for the third card – who knew that one could use a circle punch to make leaves! Certainly not me – well, until now.

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