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So – yes – I know this is last minute. But I shared this on Instagram and got hit with a lot of emails. So I thought I would take some quick pictures and share here the Halloween Treat Bags I am making for Colin’s class.

These bags are so very easy to make and you really don’t need many supplies. For the eyes and dots on the bags, I used various sizes of circle punches or circle dies (from 1″ to 2.5″). I bought some inexpensive pom poms for each nose and cut quick and sloppy triangles for the ears and teeth. After printing the child’s name on red cardstock, I trimmed and rolled the end around a pencil to make a silly twisted tongue.

Good old fashion brown paper bags work perfect for this. I folded the top over and adhered all the pieces with strong Glossy Accents. (The teeth and tongue are adhered to the back of the folded flap. I didn’t tape the bags closed – just left them folded over.)

You could fill this bag with candy, cookies or any other typical treat. But me – being the mean mom I am, lol – decided to skip the sugar and plastic toys for something more artsy and fun…

We had a budget for these treat bags, so I decided to give each kid 3 small stamps and 2 tiny ink pads from Hero Arts. Their Ink N Stamp sets are perfect for breaking up for kid’s party favors. (They have Christmas/Holiday ones, too! Keeping that in mind…) They also sell ink sets that are perfect – I used the Halloween colors. (And yes, they have Christmas colors!)

I also included the most inexpensive mechanical pencil I could find. 🙂

Each bag also gets a little personalized monster notebook. This was actually Colin’s idea! I found on Pintrest an adorable and free monster coloring page and he LOVED it. The download is from Dabbles and Babbles and it is the cutest thing in the world! I highly recommend checking it out HERE. All you have to do is print and you are ready to go. (And thanks to Jamey over at Dabbles and Babbles for saying it was ok to share this here with you. Please also check out her coloring faces download, too. Her blog is great.)

We decided to print several and cut them into 2.5×3.5″ pieces for the notebook. I also made a personalized cover page in Photoshop, too. (“Journal” is a big word in their class, so Colin wanted to include it.) After we were done, we used our Cropodile to punch a hole in the top and used a ring to keep them together. (You can get these at office supply stores.) Oh – and google eyes are best added with Studio Matte Medium.

Aren’t those monsters the cutest!? Again, you can find the FREE download HERE at Dabbles and Babbles. There are 12 cute little monsters on the page… which I cut up to make these notebooks.

Now this all may seem very over-the-top. But honestly? I held myself back. I tend to go overboard on this stuff. But once I see the smiles on the kid’s faces? It will be worth the work. (And thanks to my dear friend and fellow homeroom mom Kami who helped to put these together! The bags only took about 1.5 hours in total.)




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64 thoughts on “Halloween Treat Bags”

  1. You are AMAZING ! I love these bags and the goodies inside will last so much longer than candy lol. Let’s face it last minute is most of our MOs I think it’s the adrenalin rush ha. Hope you and your family have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN and get all treats and no tricks!

  2. Wow!! I wish I was one of Colin’s classmates!! This is amazing!! What a sweet mama you are for putting these together. I love that they are a non-sugary treat!! LOVE!!

    1. I was thinking the same thing…I always LOVE the things that Jennifer puts together for his classmates and his teachers. Anyone who is in Colin’s Classes….is a lucky kid and his teacher’s are also gifted with Jennifer’s wonderful talent!!

      Love Love Love these and can’t wait to some day have some little grand babies, that I can make these for, when they group up…with little treats from me to them!!

  3. Wow!! I wish I was one of Colin’s classmates!! This is amazing!! What a sweet mama you are for putting these together. I love that they are a non-sugary treat!! LOVE!!

  4. So cute!!!! Love all the different, easy ideas for putting these together! Bet the kids ADORE them! Great idea for the goodies inside too!

  5. These are super! I will use these ideas for the treat bags for my Grandsons, who get non-candy treats for Halloween from me!

  6. Those drawings are adorable! Will download for any probable future grandchildren so I can make journals for them -:)

  7. What lucky children to have you for a room mother – I will have to file this idea away for my granddaughters who are just 3 …. might be a tad bit too early for them. Love it!

  8. Colin’s classmates will be thrilled with these adorable creations. I know he had fun helping you with these, too. What a great mom and room mother you are, Jennifer!

  9. Very Cute!! I always thought I would do this kind of stuff for my child’s class, but never did. The kids are going to love this better than the candy!!

  10. Such a fantastic idea! Kids will LOVE them! For the monsters, did you print on one 8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper and then cut? Can’t seem to figure out if each cut to 2.5 x 3.5″ … more than a letter size sheet of paper. Thanks 🙂

  11. These are adorable. I think I will have to stash this idea away… I love the idea of stamps and inks. I’m sure the kids in Colin’s class will love them!! I know my 5 year old would love something like this.

  12. SUPER cute treat bags and fun contents! When I was a kid the homeroom Moms brought orange juice and a bag of store-bought cookies. Hee! THANKS for the link to Dabbles and Babbles–those monsters are tooo cool! Can’t wait to “go there” and have a look. 🙂

  13. Love things like this for kids. Super fun bags, and of course the contents are unique & very cool 🙂 thanks for sharing

  14. Oh my gosh! These are the most adorable goodie treats EVER! I am so very sad…my daughter’s school has banned goodie bags! I had already gone through the trouble to make pillow box “mummies” for 3 different grades (I have 3 daughters) and then I sent a blast email, and phone messages, AND emails stating that NO candy, food, treats, costumes or goodies of ANY kind will be allowed! Seriously?
    I think the principal said that it had something to do with food allergies. That really do not make sense…I have a child w/ food allergies and my motto is “When in doubt…throw it out.” (when it come to food w/o labels) We really do not throw it away…someone in our home will eat it. But still…if you have a child w/ food allergies, we mothers are ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS on top of that.
    Also, if that was the case…then why not treats w/o anything edible…like yours? I am a “mean mom” too. This is my least favorite holiday of the year b/c of the whole excessive sugar thing…but I do want my kiddo to have some fun too. They are drill all day…test-ed to death…only have 15min for recess and silent lunch. Come on..give ’em a break. .aarrgghh!

  15. Such holiday fun! Thanks for sharing the how to. I love to make art kits for my nieces and nephews and they always love them. As a crafter, I always have a lot of “stuff”, so I include die cuts for them as well to use on their art pages.

  16. What a cute idea! The personalization makes it all the better. I did some things like that when my daughter was in school. The kids loved seeing their name on something like that.

  17. This is absolutely adorable. Would you mind me asking what the budget was? Wouldn’t this cost ~$200 for a class of 24 children or so? Does each parent chip in? My children are still young so I don’t know how this works. Thanks.

  18. Thanks for sharing Jennifer, this is so this brilliant! I wish I could see them 3 days ago when I was creating bags for my daughter’s friends andspend almost four hours on them 🙁

  19. Dear Jennifer, your gift bags are absolutely WONDERFUL! I love the idea of the monsters on the bag, they look so cute and the personalized tongues are great! And then, I saw the content of the bag and..OMG! this looks even better than the bag!!! I’m sure the kids will be thrilled with this so very special present! HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you and your family!

    Greetings from Greece

  20. Wow what a fun treat bag…the outside is almost as exciting as the inside. you have made kids and mom happy in Colin’s class. These will keep the little minds busy and creative!

  21. You inspired me to make these for my high school band kids! Even older kids enjoy a fun treat, right? They were simple to put together when I used my Crichton for the shapes so thanks for posting the pictures and sharing! Happy Halloween!

  22. Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous idea! I’m saving it for my Sunday school class next year!. TFS

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