A PEEK into Creative Chemistry 102 Class!


Tomorrow is the first day of Creative Chemistry 102 – Tim Holtz’s class over at Online Card Classes.

I wanted to share a few sneak peeks with you. If you took Creative Chemistry 101, you know that the class was packed with hours of videos and many techniques from Tim himself. For CC102, he has added a new feature – LOTS of cards from guest artists! The guests put Tim’s techniques to use and created some amazing cards. And the guests include some all-stars, including some from Tim’s team and some regulars from Online Card Classes. Check out this list: Paula Cheney, Jennifer McGuire, Shari Carroll, Kaz Hall, Richele Christensen, Wendy Vecchi, Shelly Hickox, Joy Kennedy, Debi Adams, Tammy Tutterow, Lisa Spangler, Mou Saha, Tami Hartley, Chelle Fowler, Kelly Rasmussen, Kristina Werner and Debby Hughes. Yay!

Aren’t these peeks awesome?

For more information, head HERE.

Are you signed up? What are you looking forward to most? Hope to see you there!

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24 thoughts on “A PEEK into Creative Chemistry 102 Class!”

  1. I am going to have to see if I can scrape the money together to take the class live..I know I can take it later, but I love being able to ask questions and have the answered:)

    The guest artists cards are FABULOUS!

  2. I am signed up, ready to go, need to review the first class today. I’m looking forward to learning tons of new techniques–and also which product can be mixed with which thing!

  3. That’s a terrific list of guest artists! Learning the “chemistry” is fun, but I need help with the application. Looks like you’ve solved that problem. Looking forward to class.

  4. I’m really excited that the class begins tomorrow, as I’m joining! I expected to learn more about techniques on the “chemistry” of the creations and how different materials can be combined or used in alternative ways than the usuals and be inspired by the “expert professor” Tim Holtz! But, as I read the list with the guest designers…I’m absolutely sure that this is going to be a marvelous “journey” into creation!!! Thank you all!

  5. I am already to start and will be looking forward to receiving the first class email tomorrow! Tim also does such a great job of sharing fabulous techniques and I’m extra happy to see the guest designers using the techniques and ideas in a variety of ways.

    Thanks Jennifer!! — There is no doubt this class will be awesome. My only HOPE is that the students do now overwhelm Tim with a “kazillion” questions….I felt bad about that last year and it appreciate that Kristina already addressed that in a “before class post”. It’s great that TIm is so kind and willing to answer, but many of the questions last year were duplicates and/or questions he had already answered…..?? Please Please let’s all be mindful of his time and not bombard him — have fun and happy crafting….and ENJOY!!!!!!!!

  6. Online Card Classes are a real asset to any crafters repertoire…the format is interesting yet easy and always fun. Thanks for hosting Tim for CC102, its going to be great!

  7. Wow, I really loved Chem101 and can’t wait for tomorrow to dive right into 102. That is so cool that Tim has added cards from so many wonderful designers. Great that we will not only see the “science”, the technique, but then also many applications. My oh my I don’t think it can get any better 🙂

  8. I have just decided to take the 101 class. I’m sure this will provide me with loads of inspiration, tips en techniques to make better use of the TH products that I already own and to see which additional supplies I really need…

  9. Have a dental appointment first thing in the morning and when I get home, I’ll be tuning in. So looking forward to see what Tim has to offer.

  10. I’m looking forward to creating new projects – I’ve tried almost everything TH, so hopefully I won’t have to run to the store and buy what I “need”.

    Carmen L

  11. Signed up as soon as I read the announcement. I already couldn’t wait for chemistry 102, your sneak peaks are great, wonderful and so exciting! I feel like a kid just before Santa comes at Christmas.

  12. Looking forward to Tim’s classes and what he and the other designers come up with. Loved Chemistry 101 and a class I took from Tim a few years ago. Can’t wait for tomorrow! Thanks for bringing these classes to us Jennifer! Love them!

  13. The sneak peeks are awesome– such great diversity and vibrancy of color. So excited to continue the creative journey.

  14. I have signed up for Tim’s class.
    I look most forward to his Christmas ideas. I miss Tim’s Christmas tags and think this will fill that void for me.

  15. I am sooo glad I stumbled across your site!!
    I recent got into crafting and I have bought a lot of stuff and have no place to store this “stuff”, I mean “tools”. My husband has a garage full of his “tools” and things to organize so now it’s my turn!
    I need your help!!
    Sometimes I feel so secluded and clueless!
    But thanks to all the neat things I have learned on your site I feel I can now take some baby steps!!
    Would love to win your giveaway!!
    Can’t wait to learn more from you!!
    Thanks again!!!

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