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I am just going to start out with this: Cancer sucks. Especially breast cancer.

Breast cancer hangs over our heads in my family. My grandma had it. Ken’s grandma died from it. My mom and I have had scares. One of my best friends had it. It just sucks.

When I learned that the mom of one of my good friends, Julie, was having surgery to kick breast cancer’s butt, I was crushed. I wished I lived closer so I could help out. But instead, I did what I know best – I started making cards.

So today I have the great honor of filling in Julie’s very big/talented/fabulous shoes for the Ellen Hutson “Hello, Monday” feature. This is a video feature that Julie does on Ellen’s store blog every Monday… and it is incredible. (So incredible that I have an alarm on my calendar to remind me to go there every Monday. You should, too. To see previous Hello, Monday features, just head to the Ellen Hutson CLASSroom blog and search on “Hello, Monday.”)

To see my video featuring three pink encouragement cards, head HERE. Here are some peeks…

And to those of you out there who have breast cancer in your lives in any way – you are in my prayers. My grandma had a mastectomy at a young age and lived to 101. There is hope.

Big hugs all around. Oh – and please don’t forget the power of one simple card. It is an amazing hobby we have, huh?

(And a big thank you to Ellen Hutson – who lost her sweet mom recently – for supporting many artists in this industry. You are loved.)

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    big time!!!! any cancer I lost my DH almost a year ago to a very rare and aggressive cancer. after going thru all the regular chemos (which turned out to be the easy part), 16 intratthecal chemo sessions, which is having chemo injected straight into your spine in a procedure like a spinal tap VERY PAINFUL, he passes away unexpectedly. so I keep all those suffering from the various forms of cancer in my prayers, the patient and family both suffer.

  2. I agree, cancer sucks. Had my annual mammogram a couple of weeks ago. Hate going in, but it’s got to be done. I’ve been blessed with clear scans.

    Heading over to the CLASSroom. I know you have something fun over there.

  3. Jen, your thoughtfulness in helping Julie during this time is generous, heart-warming and inspiring! What a fabulous friend you are to do what you can to keep this already stressful time for Julie less stressful! Hugs to you!

  4. Dealing with cancer (especially breast cancer) is a devastating ordeal. I can empathize whether it is an acquaintance, friend, family member or yourself. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy after her first mammogram. She passed away about a year later. About three years later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, too. I was cancer free for five years and the cancer came back. I had a mastectomy last year and have been doing well since then. Best wishes to all that have had to cope with this. I want to thank you for your support (and everything else that you share with us). I love your cards. I have taken all of your online classes and enjoyed all of them. This illness can be kicked, hang in there, and keep the faith.

  5. As a cancer survivor I can tell you how very much a card is appreciated. Just knowing that people are out there thinking of you and praying for you makes a huge difference. I didn’t have breast cancer I had colon cancer but my dad had died from cancer 2 years before so it was such a scary time for me, my husband and my girls. Great hobby we have to encourage others I couldn’t agree more!

  6. Julie and you are such treasures to us who follow you… I’m sure we’re sending all our prayers and positive thoughts to Julie, her Mom and their entire family. This affects them all…everyone knows that. So please, please get your regular checkups and encourage those around you to do the same. We’ve got to wipe out this filthy disease.

  7. Glad you are filling in for Julie. I am a big fan of her videos –her laugh IS contagious — and was saddened by her news. Any chance of a card drive for her mom so that we could all share our support?

  8. My mom is having breast cancer surgery on Wednesday. We’re very hopeful, and very fortunate it was caught early. Doc says no chemo or radiation will be needed. Just one pill a day. PHEW. Prayers are with all others going through any version of this. Thanks for bringing attention to it.

  9. Cancer does suck, no doubt about it. Various types of cancers are embedded in my gene pools on both sides of my family. I wish Julie and her mom the best. I follow Julie, too. I just love her videos and was able to take a Copics coloring class from her when she was in N. California. She is so fun to be around!

  10. I also have a good friend and a family member who have beat breast cancer. Good thoughts to those dealing with this terrible ordeal.

  11. Totally get it Jennifer. My mom had breast cancer at age 38. At age 42 she had a reoccurrence when she was pregnant with me! My mom lived to be 90. My prayers are with your friend.

  12. You filled in for Julie beautifully today – your cards are really special. I never miss her “Hello Monday” videos either. Been thinking about her lots lately too – and sending up prayers. This dreaded disease is in my family also – hate it!

  13. I LOVE Ellen Hutson and I absolutely LOVE Julie’s classes!!! I am a regular stalker of her Monday classroom – I am praying for her and her family too and other than the power of prayer, there is nothing more profound as the power of collective prayer! What great friend you are.

  14. Your post really touched my heart, Jennifer! Thank you for reminding all of us how precious life is, and that we can make a difference with our wonderful hobby!
    I pray that your friends’ mom will do well…take care, sweetie!!!

  15. Loved the card ideas, but your sweet words made it even more special. Going early in the morning for breast sugary trusting for the best. Just slight chance.. Was going to bed then saw this and though I would stay up for one video. Glad I did. Thank you bless you.

  16. Hi Jennifer! Love your video, and cards! Very creative the way you used the raindrop die so many ways! Just love it and will have to try those techniques! I was wondering if you have a mailing address for Miss. Julie? It’s so funny and such a small world, Julie was my high school Spanish teacher years ago! We live in the same state, and would like to send a card to her and her Mother. Tha know you so much for all the inspiration and hugs and prayers to you and your family as well.

  17. Just viewed your video and loved your cards especially the theme since Julie and family are dealing with this awful situation. I think all of us know someone or have had some form of cancer and it takes it’s toll in everyway and form. My prayers are going out for Julie’s mom and family with hope the news in the end will be good. Big Hugs to you and Julie’s family. I too have been diagnoised and beat this awful disease.

  18. Thank you Jennifer for your post and for reminding us that cards can do a lot for those in need. Two weeke ago one of my best friends got diagnosed with Thyroid cancer at the age of 30. Then this past weekend her mother told her she had just been diagnosed with Breat Cancer. Both are in good spirits and both caught the illness early but it a lot for one family to take. I forsee a lot of cards in my future…

  19. We’ve all been touched by cancer in one way or another. Please make mention that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a perfect time to schedule a mammogram. I can attest that mammograms do save lives. My family is a living example. I must be one of the few who don’t think mammograms are all that bad. Yes, there’s some pinching and squishing, but it’s over quickly. Go in for it with that in mind and the procedure is no big deal.

  20. That was really beautifully said, Jen. It seems to be touching everyone I know. Thank you for sharing that your grandma lived to be 101! That’s the kind of story we all need for encouragement! Your cards are sensational! Hugs, Darnell

  21. I checked out Julie’s blog. Is it her mom with breast cancer or her? I thought her blog said it was her mom. Either way we should direct our prayers to them and to all women dealing with this sucky disease.

  22. Jennifer I just came back from a 3 day Scrap Pink crop The money that each cropper paid for the crop goes to Breast cancer. All the croppers also made cards to give to breast cancer patients locally. The LSS that sponsers this crop every year without fail is called Scrappies in Palatk Florida and Im so proud to have been part of this event.

  23. Yes cancer does SUCK big time, in all its awful forms. I lost my Mom 3 years ago this coming Halloween to cancer. And a very dear friend of my Husbands is a cancer survivor. Prayers for all dealing with this ugly ugly disease. Love the cards and video, Great job as always.

  24. I lost a very good friend to cancer last year. She was given 6 months to live 14 years earlier, she told the specialist that he did not know how many days she has…only God knows that. The prayed to be better not cured but a better person …she was amazing.

    One day we were sat talking and she told me that she had not pressed hard enough (it has to be uncomfortable when you check under your arm) when she was checking her breasts and so had missed the orginal tumor, I promised then that I would tell all the ladies I meet….if one person is helped….
    Take care all, God bless.

  25. Julie brightens my Monday every week. I love her style, her personality and she makes beautiful cards.
    I have my first breast cancer screening next week. And my DH survived 3 tumors so far.

  26. Oh Julie, of whom, I love to listen to as she narrates her videos? Julie whose laugh cracks me up? Julie who makes my Monday? Oh, not her sweet mom! I can identify…my grandmother had breast cancer at 23 and had a mastectomy. She lived to be 98. Prayers being said for Julie, for strength and peace for her and for her sweet mama to just rest in the hands of the Lord as He guides the doctors.

  27. Totally agree…cancer sucks. Both my mother-in-law and mom have fought it. Sadly my MIL passed away after a very courageous fight. My thoughts and prayers are with all those who deal with this horrible disease every day. Wonderful cards of encouragement!

  28. Despite not “knowing” Julie – only knowing her through her blog, videos, cards, etc….this news about her mom really saddens me. I will be praying for Julie, her mom and her family. I too would love to participate in a card drive.

  29. Like you, my family has also been touched by Breast Cancer and my Mom is also a survivor, Thank God!!

    I was heartbroken for Julie, as well, and know exactly what she is going through and it’s just a terrible thing…heartbreaking and we all face it more and more. My heart goes out to her and her Mom and I pray she’ll win her battle. It touches far to many of us and I can only hope that they will continue research to make it easier to win the battle and not let this nasty disease win.

    I always try and promote Breast Cancer Awareness and this is the month we all need to do that as much as we can to get the message out. One of my very best friends found she had Breast CA on her very first Mammogram, at the age of 33. Thankfully, hers was detected in the earliest stage, she had surgery and reconstruction and even was able to have a second child, who is now 11! THere are miracles and I’m still praying for one for Jennifer Scull…a near cardmaker friend, I met online!!

    Thank YOU for doing this as our blog is read by many…and every one that helps spread the word, may be saving a life!!


  30. Jennifer,

    This post is special.

    My mother is a two time survivor and had a mastectomy, my Mom’s cousin is a survivor, and sadly my boyfriends only Aunt, was taken a few years ago. I had a scare when I found a lump in my breast and got my first mammogram when I was 19! Sadly, it runs in my family.

    Sending Julie and her family positive energy!

    Thank you for sharing this, and taking the time to mention how much (breast) cancer sucks!
    Melissa Shim

  31. You couldn’t have put it more eloquently, Jennifer!
    Beautiful cards, and wonderful video 🙂 Thank you, for all you do Jennifer 🙂

  32. Thoughts and prayers to Julie, her mom and all of you that are dealing with this terrible disease yourself or in your family!

  33. Ditto that breast cancer sucks…have had my share of scares, being high risk, so have had several surgeries myself. Sorry to hear about your loved ones who’ve faced it, too. Lovely cards as always. I’d say you were a huge help to Julie filling in on her blog post. I’ll go and check it out. Blessings to you all.

  34. I have a friend from church in the trenches in her fight against breast cancer. I’ve been sending cards and coordinating meals. is a great resource for helping in this way. Thank you for your card videos and inspiration. I do believe that I have used some of the techniques I’ve learned from you in my cards for my friend!

  35. I just read this thread. It is humbling and inspiring and scary. Cancer looms over so many of our heads (mine too; my mom and aunt dies of ovarian cancer). We have to be knowledgeable and proactive and compassionate to those fighting illness. I am so proud to be part of a community that has so much heart. I learn a lot from your goodness.

  36. I lost my father to cancer about a year and a half ago and knew how stressful and terrifying it could be. Cancer really sucks and I truly hope that Julie’s mother will win. I adore Julie’s videos especially her giggles. =) Good thing is that we are so lucky to have you fill in for her! Thanks so much for sharing, Jennifer! =)

  37. I love the crafting community! There is so much support and encouragement! I couldn’t think of a better place to be than here! Thanks so much for sharing (please don’t tell me it’s Julie who has cancer…) I’m praying – God will know who my prayers are for! Bless you and all the ways you support and encourage!

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