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Today I am sharing my storage system for completed cards. I get asked a lot about this… “What do you do with all your cards?” Honestly? I send most of them to loved ones. Therefore, I like to keep them organized so I can quickly find what I need.

And guess what? It works really well! Yay!

The Fridge Binz Storage Container that I use for cards is the same one I use for my clear and cling stamp storage and my die storage. I love this container – it is very durable and looks great. The cards fit sideways in here and it holds a lot. However, many CD storage container will work for this.

I divide the cards up into different occasions using Ellen Hutson Craft-a-Board (cut and corner rounded) and my favorite label maker. I keep this container in a drawer for easy access. (In the next drawer I have my envelopes, return address stamps and postal stamps. I will share this in the future. If you wanted to, you could keep the envelopes on one half of this container. It is a tighter fit but works – that is what I do.)

I give my kids a lot of cards. Kay (who is away at college) gets the most, so she has her own category. 🙂 I also often like to stick cards in Colin’s lunch and on Audrey’s bed when she gets home from school. Sometimes I don’t have a card ready, so I LOVE LOVE LOVE to use the Pebbles Love You More Journaling Cards. These are *perfect* for fun little notes to kids. Just perfect. And better yet? They have a boy’s version and a girl’s version – both have lots of notes inside. (By the way, you can see these journaling cards stored in the front of my container in the first photo above. Works perfect.)

I hope this give you some ideas on how to organize (and therefore use!) your handmade cards. By they way, if you have more cards than you know what to do with, please consider sending them to Operation Write Home. It is an amazing organization!

By the way, you have seen me use the Fridge Binz Storage Container for many storage solutions. However, it appears the company has two slightly different containers with the same product name and number! The dimensions are the same on each, but one has a handle that sticks out the front and the other has a built-in handle. I have been using the one with the handle that sticks out the front (you can get it HERE and HERE), but think the built-in handle design (found HERE) is better as it has more usable space. Just something to keep in mind if you want to order. Here is a comparison of the two – just look closely at the front of the containers. (This shows my stamp storage solution using the Avery Elle Stamp Pockets.)

OK… off to bed. What a busy week! This back-to-school stuff is for the birds. Bring back summer! Who’s with me??

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59 thoughts on “Handmade Card Storage”

  1. I would really LOVE that idea for my own card storage, except for one thing: In the town I live in, it’s a mining town, and to say that the town is DUSTY is a huge understatement. Those cards would be covered if there were no lid on them.

    Thankfully, last year at Staples, they had some really cool storage containers with flowers on them… I was originally going to use them for stamps, but they were just a tad too small.. BUT, they hold my standard sized cards PERFECTLY in the horizontal position. So all my cards are stored in these containers 🙂

  2. I love these storage bins! They look very versatile & don’t seem to take up a lot of space! It’s great to see what ideas others have.

  3. I am definitely with ya. I hated when summer ended and my kids went back to school – ALWAYS wanted them home with me.

    Love how the same storage system works for organizing cards too – thanks for another great idea!

  4. *Waves hand wildly* BTS is exhausting and just when I think I’ve gotten caught up I have volunteer duties, open houses for 3 and running around just doesn’t stop. I miss summer so much!!!

  5. Great storage idea. I can’t believe Kay is in college. I remember sitting next to her at a CKC years ago. Goodness. Time flies.

  6. Genius storage idea, Jennifer! Thanks so much for sharing this with us…I think I’m going to get some for myself!

    I know it can be exhausting when the kids go back to school…I remember those days well! Since my kids are grown and gone, I actually miss all the activity. And, after all, there’s nothing like those lazy, hazy days of summer! Oh dear, I think I’m dating myself 🙂
    I hope you have a fun and ‘restful’ weekend!

  7. Boy I wish I was as organized as you. These bins sound glorious to have and to store so much of our craft supplies. I thank you though for giving me ideas on how I can update (I think I do this every week) our craft rooms.

  8. Great ideas, Jennifer. I really like the finished card storage. Right now, they are piled on one of my craft shelves. Not good! 🙂 Thanks for the post.

  9. Yes…I want my summer!!! Where’d it go? I love your idea storage idea with those Fridge Binz and the versatility of them are just great! I found one of those and began converting (or die-verting LOL) my dies to that system and I really like it! Thanks for such a great idea, I think in the long run, it will really save a lot of time.

  10. Jennifer… Thanks so much for all of your organization inspiration. I have started using the Avery Elle stamp pockets and LOVE the system!! Have you ever posted about your stamp pad organization. My collection is growing quickly and I am trying to find a good way to organize them. Thanks so much!!

  11. The best post in the last few months. I loved this one so much. So many ideas to show your family how much you love them. Thanks Jennifer. Sometimes we need inspiration beyond making the cards.

  12. TFS another great storage idea! THanks for pointing out the different handles! I ended up with the built-in handle one from Am—. Got it for a good price… something like $15 with Prime.
    I can’t wait to see how you store your envelopes, return address lables and postage stamps. Speaking of…. I actually can’t wait for the full tour of your new crafting digs! I’m still in envy of your ‘old’ room!

    1. i wish i was done moving in but i am not. ack! i would rather spend my time away from family on working to make good use of the time… but therefore my office isn’t done. 🙁

  13. What a fantastic idea!! I’m just starting out making my own cards and seem to get inspiration every day to make one but tend not too because I don’t know what to do with them all. Its a shame that these days email/facebook etc are a more popular way of communicating than by handwriting. Thankyou for the idea of where to send cards that I can’t use…a very worthy cause!! Need to see if I can find something along those lines in New Zealand.

  14. Great storage idea! I saw someone else’s for OWH that’s really similar – she used patterned papers to decorate the sections, and uses the system to be sure she gets a good selection of themes in her boxes for us. Thanks for the OWH shout out too!

  15. I love it when you share organizing tips and solutions. Categorizing them is such a good idea! No wonder it takes me about 20 minutes to just find a card for a loved one… Would you please share how you store your ink pads some day? Thanks! =)

  16. Thanks for sharing more tips. I have recently received my AE storage pockets, so I can start organising my stamps. Since your containers are not available in my area and are too expensive to have shipped over to Greece, I have been looking for some alternatives and discovered the storage pockets fit perfectly in the small IKEA Kassett boxes (without the lids), so when we had to to fly to Athens last week to renew our passports at the Dutch embassy, we stopped over at IKEA’s to pick up some boxes LOL. Now all I need is the time/discipline to start organising…
    As for summer, it’s still 30 °C over here, so summer is quite not over yet. Just the way I like it.

  17. bonjour,
    Dés le début ,j’ai utilisé votre système de rangement avec les pochette de dépot office les seuls que l’on trouve en France . Mais lors de ma dernière commande, les pochettes n’ont plus de rabat et on ne peut plus les couper en deux .Donc je vais commander chez Simonsaystamp. Je viens de faire une carte avec le feuillage (encre distress et perfect pearl) en précisant que cela venait de vous . Donc j’ai adopté votre rangement pour mes tampons et les dies s’est super pratique .Merci de partager à nous, merci d’être venu voir mon site ,c’est un honneur
    amicalement laure

  18. Brilliantly organized. Clearly presented. Terrific supplies info. Totally solved years long stamp, die, embossing folder, and card storage challenges. Thank you!!!!

  19. I’m right there with you on bringing the summer back, especially since I am a teacher! Although fall is my FAV season of all!

    Thank you for sharing your storage bins with us. This will really help me if and when I get to have a craft room decorated the way I want it. One day hopefully!!

  20. Thanks for more great ideas! Have used your ideas to help me get organized and sure would appreciate any other ideas. I agree with the other writers, your idea on how to organize the ink pads would be very helpful. I know many people use the old 8 track cassette holders, but they are getting harder to find and I have different size ink pads.

    Thanks for writing a great blog, it has taught me oh so much.

  21. Thanks so much for sharing all your craftiness with cards, LO’s, storage, and organization. I am already organizing my stamps with this new idea you shared. I am sooo looking forward to seeing the video (?) of your new craft room. I used a lot of your ideas from the last video you did of your basement craft room. Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

  22. What a great idea to store your cards – definitely going to try it! I agree, we just finished our first week of school and I am wishing summer was back!!

  23. Yes, I think the built in handle would be much nicer. Not that I have either one! 🙂 Some day.

    Once my girls were able to drive themselves to school, September was not a problem. When they were younger and I had to drive them, I was able to do my errands without children in tow. I really liked that!

  24. Thanks for sharing. I just recently organized mine with tabbed dividers too (in ikea CD storage boxes) after more than a year of having them pile up with no real organization. It was so nice to have a couple occasions recently where I was able to just flip to the correct section and shop through my cards for the perfect one! 🙂

  25. I meant to add that my husband and I are also having trouble adjusting to school schedules. We have been getting so little sleep on the weekdays due to the early mornings that we both (along with my teenage daughter) slept until noon on both Saturday and Sunday last weekend. Totally slept right through church. Oops. 😉

  26. Me too, miss summer already. I’m so glad you share your storage ideas…I’ve adapted some of your ideas. Hope you don’t mind.

  27. You have a brilliant idea there. It makes me realize I should really start concentrating on all one size of cards. My boxes of cards are not that tidy as they vary in size so much.

  28. Thanks for more storage solutions Jennifer – I have already converted all my stamps and dies to this kind of system and I love how well it works:) I really can’t thank you enough for the wonderful idea as it has totally organised my whole room and I find things so much easier….it makes crafting even more enjoyable! I don’t know what we would all do without you – big hugs xx

  29. I like what a wonderful person you are. Not worries about what to do with this amount of cards as you always know that will give it to beloved ones. This is the best solution for this “problem” and I wonder why so many people have this “problem” 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your card organization system!

  30. I’m a big fan of Jennifer’s and love her OCC. This new Simon Says stamp set is awesome and I would love to own it some day. Jennifer’s tips and tricks are priceless. I’m stockpiling her lessons and tips in notebooks……several BIG notebooks. ( I think I need to buy stock in a paper company.) Thanks so much.

  31. Well, you’ve turned into my favorite drug dealer. I originally had the single one that was a little wider. Reading your blog – oh – i guess I need to go to BBB – now I have TWO of them. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

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