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After sharing my clear and cling stamp storage system (HERE), I have been getting lots of requests to share my wafer thin die storage system. This has been working so very well for me (and even works with embossing folders).

I really love these pockets! So handy. You can store more than one in a pocket if you want.

Here are links for the products featured:

I also have a couple other die storage ideas…

The first is to adhere thin magnetic sheets to the inside of cabinet doors. This one would be good if you only have a few dies or have some frequently used dies you want easy access to. (I plan to add this inside my cabinet doors for the few I use the most.) I first showed this awhile back and still like it a lot. You can find magnetic sheets for this HERE and HERE. (You could also use these sheets in a binder system.) Here is this idea shown in my old craft room…

Another option for you is the ArtBin Magnetic Die Storage Case. I have checked this system out and it works very well. Something worth considering, too!

Let me know if you have questions or storage ideas to share!


Interested in trying out some Die Pockets? Want to win 50 pockets? For your chance, leave a comment here by 9/4/13 at 11:59pmEST.


Below are the products featured above. To find them at Simon Says Stamp, click on the SSS below the thumbnails. For Ellen Hutson, click on EH. Some links go to Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond and The Container Store. Enjoy!



Avery Elle Stamp Storage Pockets (SSS|EH)




Updated Double Fridge Binz Container (BBB|CS)




Vagabond Die Cutting Machine (SSS|EH)




ArtBin Magnetic Die Storage Case (SSS|EH)



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471 thoughts on “Video: Die Storage + Giveaway”

  1. Hello…I LOVE your organization of your die cuts and even your cling stamps. You covered a lot of great ideas, but I was curious as to exactly how you categorize them? I have several cling stamps & dies (not nearly as many as you though) and I’m constantly fumbling through a pile just trying to find what I’m looking for. ALSO…how do your organize/categorize them if what you purchased came in a “set” and there’s more than one die plate type of designs all within the same set? Any suggestions or ideas you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

    1. I’m not nearly as organized as Jennifer, but here is my idea. I actually separated my sets. I made a photocopy of original set. I added a note where separated die or stamp was moved to for future use. I have all my congratulation stamps and dies together, leaves, florals and so on.
      I also separate sets into theme sets. I have tab holder marked Christmas, Fall, wedding etc. Each of my sets are labeled with manufacture name and item number and a photo copy of die set before I separate them.

  2. Jennifer, Bought storage bins for my stamps and dies last month after watching your video. Well, something must be wrong, because when I tried to use bins you suggested and the clear pockets you also suggested, they don’t fit. The bins are 5 7/8″ at the top but slant in at the bottom to 5″. Now my question is what am I doing wrong??? Since it appears everyone else that followed your storage ideas are having not problems. Please help me with this.

  3. Jennifer,
    I lover your storage solutions for dies! I purchased the pouches from SSS and the fridge Benz and have started my conversion. I am finding that I have about 15 Spellbinders sets that will not fit into this size pouch and wondered if you have an alternate recommendation for sleeves for those sets? I was really hoping to have ALL of my dies together and purchased the bin a little larger to hold everything together. Any suggestions for a larger size pouch? Appreciate all the work you share with us, your ideas are awesome!

  4. I think this is my favorite subject as well. Are you still using the color cubbies for Copics? What do you use for other markers and pencils?

  5. Again a very helpful video. Thanks Jennifer! You truly are my paper crafting hero and inspire me tremendously!

  6. Hi,
    I was wondering why aren’t you using your stamps’ pockets also for your dies? (The larger ones from SSS that are 5.63*7.38″ and cost the same).
    Thanks 🙂

  7. I wanted to thank you for the great storage ideas for stamps and dies! H have been collecting stamps for awhile now and because of my storage (lack of storage) I have them all over the place. Makes creating a chore… I am in the process of converting to your system, and I already feel much more organized and have found stamps I had forgotten about. Thank you again!

  8. You always have such helpful ideas. I’m very impressed with the use of your knowledge. Amazing. You are a blessed lady to do what most of us can only call a hobby between work hours. Im glad the Lord blessed you and you share your knowledge with all of us.

  9. The Art Bin magnetic die storage case is a great price on amazon. Also available at search ‘crafts’

  10. Jennifer, except for the ArtBin product, the magnetic sheets you recommended are no longer available. While there are a lot of peel-and-stick magnetic sheets available (for making fridge magnets), I’m reluctant to start buying various brands, only to find the magnets aren’t strong enough to hold dies in clear pockets (like the Avery Elle). Have you tried any of these other products, and if so, do you have an updated recommendation for us? Thanks!

  11. Hi Jennifer, I have my dies in kids scrapbooks with the A4 magnet on every second page. I now have 6 books and each book has its own theme. Eg: Words, Animals, Leaves and trees etc. All have labels on the side of the books for quick searching. The books were very cheap and magnets a reasonable price. I take less then 30 seconds to find what I am looking for. My Shapes book now weighs quite a lot, but a lot of dies together do get heavy. They all wait patiently in a draw for me to grab them. Cheers Milly

  12. I have tools all over the place so am trying hard to get things organized. When my die collection was just starting, I used CD cases with a magnetic business card.

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