Video: Clear and Cling Stamp Storage – Larger Sets

Hi! A few weeks ago, I shared a video HERE on my clear and cling stamp storage. Today, I have a sequel to this video with some tips on how to store bigger stamp sets. (I got a ton of questions!)

Now there are many other ways you can store bigger sets, but these are the options that worked best for me. Hope it helps!

Note: For the bigger piece of transparency to hold my stamps, I cut up my Avery Elle Stamp Pockets. This plastic is safe for stamps and therefore are perfect to touch your stamps and stay happy. Or, I save and use clear pieces that other stamp sets came on.

Here are links for the products featured. Again, for more information, head HERE, HERE or HERE.


I will be back soon with two helpful posts. One is on my wafer thin die stamp storage and one is on a comparison of the Hero Arts Shadow, Memento Luxe and My Favorite Things Inks. Stay tuned!

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46 thoughts on “Video: Clear and Cling Stamp Storage – Larger Sets”

  1. What a coincidence. I was just looking at where I could buy the pockets from your earlier post when I saw this post pop up in my blog list. Unfortunately, I cannot play the video. I get a message saying it’s private.

  2. This looks great!
    I’m still trying to figure out how to store my newer Hero Arts cling stamps that are larger than 4×6 or 5×8. I will have to work on that!

  3. The video played OK for me. I just wish I had enough stamps that I needed an organizing system!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great options–something for everyone.

  4. Thanks for sharing! With Google Reader gone, I switched to a new reader tool and it never shows videos in the feed post like Reader did. It’s not a problem to click over and watch….if I know that there is a video to watch. Thank you for making note that there was a video in your text – I sure appreciate it!

  5. This is how I plan on storing my clear stamps once I move!! And I couldn’t agree more–when my crafting goodies are well organized, the more creative I can be and the better my cards! (:

  6. I actually do a 4th option which is quick but not for the perfectionist. I just cut off the top of my MFT stamps (that don’t fit in the sleeve) and slide that part right next to the other. Quick and works for me! Thanks for the other options! ~God bless~

  7. Thanks for sharing another great tip! I cannot wait to see your ink comparisons! I am currently purchasing inks and am having confusion over what brand and type I should be investing in!

  8. I just love the flip idea of storing clear stamps. As soon as my craft area gets put back together, I’m definitely going to use this type of system. Thanks for posting another video and links to the products. Can’t wait to see your next review of the inks……and your studio! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I took your advice and bought the Avery Elle stamp pockets and I’m very happy with the results, even for the longer stamps. For my really large stamp sets, I use another method, but I don’t have as many of those and it works out fine. Thanks again!

  10. Definitely like the idea of moving the stamps from the taller sets onto a new sheet and cutting up the labels to fit! I have been using plastic zipper pleated bottom envelopes from Office Depot for my longer sets, and they’re okay but I would like to keep my stamps together as much as possible. Oh I can see a reorganizing job in my future…!
    thanks Jennifer:)

  11. Thanks Jennifer! Great idea-and I am on my fourth pack of storage envelopes! I also found the refridgerator boxes at the Container Store-so I didn’t have to wait for shipping! It it taking a little longer but I am also printing each envelope onto white cardstock for an index-going into clear page protectors-so I can move them around in the bin in the future! (I think I may have commitment issues!lol)

  12. This is super! …but now I want to see how you store the very big stamp sets, which you said you store separately. I have quite a few $24 sets from PTI, which are very large. I’d like to see how I could store them.

  13. Ahh Jennifer, did someone tell you know I’ve got all my thrown in a big box yeah I need to get to Office Depot . And do what your doing. Thanks for all your great work .. Yours in ink Anne p. s I was looking back on how many years I’ve been following you .I wonder if you realize how many years it’s been .let me know. You and Shari Carroll lol hugs

  14. Thank you for posting this video. I was actually wondering the same thing about storing the larger stamp sets. I happened to purchase some of these pockets on the weekend and now I know exactly how I am going to store my large stamp sets …. this is such a great idea! I don’t have any issues cutting up the sets — I would rather they be organized and used than stay in their original state and not get used. Can’t wait to see your craft room too – is it almost ready for viewing?

  15. I’m able to see the video now, thanks. I think I will purchase those AE pockets with my next order, unless I should win those from your giveaway, of course lol. I don’t think you have announced any winners as yet?

  16. thank you jen! i am using the avery elle pockets in my new organization of my new space ๐Ÿ™‚ cant wait to see what you are doing with the thin dies!

  17. I love using your idea – it certainly makes my crafting life easier. My question is how do you store your very small stamps? Do you do the same thing and rely on the label you print or is there some other way to store these little guys?

  18. I just received all my supplies and have been busy organizing. One question. I have an old Dymo label maker and Iโ€™m thinking of changing to the Brother like the one you link to. I noticed you have 2 lines of information on the labels you put onto the sleeve. Is the Brother able to make a 2 line label? Thanks.

  19. MArvelous, Jennifer – it is on y “To Do” list! Can’t wait to see the Ink comparisons – I have been contemplating the Memento Luxe inks ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Is it bad for the stamps to be stored on paper instead of the plastic backer sheet?
    I was thinking it would dry out the clear stamp’s if they where stored on paper.

  21. I transferred a lot of my clear stamps to transparency sheets and quickly found that they lost their stickiness when putting them on an acrylic block. They also turned slightly white from clear. Not all transparency sheets are the same. PLEASE be careful about the type of transparency you use and advise others about the damage that can occur.

  22. Aloha Jennifer,

    Thanks for the wonderful organization tips. I’m thinking of converting to your system and would like to know how many envelopes fit in the freezer bin. It sure looks like a whole lot but if you have any idea or even a guesstimate that would really help me determine how many to order and how much space I’ll need.

    BTW – I’m a very happy student of yours and love all the online classes that I’ve’ taken so far. Can’t wait to see what’s coming up!

    Mahalo much

  23. I love seeing all of your ideas on storing our beloved crafting products. It’s so helpful when I try to reorganize my craft room. I have a question that I hope you will try to answer for me. I have a lot of stamps (although not as many as you have..rats!!!) but have trouble remembering which stamp is on which set. Is there a tried & true way? It would great if I could just reach into my stamp bin and know just which stamp is where! Thanks for any help you can offer!

  24. I use page protectors & card stock in a binder. I find that system works the best for me. My craft room isn’t the biggest, so.having all my binders lined up is great. I also do this with my embellishment & alphabet letter stickers as well.
    Thanks.for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Thanks Jennifer, for the video ,,,and information… But UNFORTUNATLEY every place is OUT OF STOCK….I HOPE THEY WILL GET MORE…..I appreciate all of your hard work and creativity….

  26. Thank you for this video/information. I purchased 75 of the Avery bags and to my surprise have used almost all of them for my cling/clear stamps, but now I am Sooooo organized!!
    Thanks again!!

  27. Hello,

    Informative video. This content is very useful to all people. I appreciate all of your hard work and creativity. Thanks to sharing the information about clear and cling stamp storage

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