Hello Story Giveaway + Paper Needing New Home

Many years ago when I was more a scrapbooker, I would teach at CKUs (Creating Keepsakes University). I remember being at CKU Vancouver and seeing a gal sitting in the back row of class… creating our class layout sideways and in her own way. (And I will say, it was much better than the project I was teaching!) Later in that show, I realized that the company had packed our class kits wrong. A crew of girls came to my rescue and helped me fix them… including that clever girl who had been in the back row. Yep – that girl was Ali Edwards. Fast forward to now and Ali is the biggest name in scrapbooking and storytelling. But better yet, she is an amazing girl with a heart of gold. She rocks.

So I am honored to do a giveaway of Ali’s newest class called Hello Story. I am trying to get back into scrapbooking and hope that this class (along with a stamper’s approach to Becky Higgin’s Project Life) will get me moving. Check it out:

What’s your story? This summer, say hello to a dozen fun strategies for sharing more of your words, and more of yourself, on your scrapbook pages. In her new 12-week workshop, Hello Story, Ali Edwards will introduce you to 12 storytelling techniques—never-before-seen in her prior journaling workshops—that will bring creativity and clarity to both your writing and your page designs. Every week, you get to sit over Ali’s shoulder and watch her transform her story ideas into timeless, authentic, story-rich scrapbook pages.

Through dozens of in-depth videos that cover storytelling and design ideas as well as 36+ exclusive layout examples from Ali (12″ x 12″ and 8 1/2″ x 11″ layouts, plus Project Life inserts), Hello Story will inspire you to take action and give you the tools you need to tell your own stories with confidence.

 Are you ready to discover (or rediscover) the fun that comes from the interplay of design and words? By the end of class, you may even enjoy the writing process just as much as you love taking photos and playing with paint and paper!

Class runs 7/8/2013-9/29/2013 but it isn’t too late to join! For a video with more information on the class, check HERE.


Interested in taking this class? Just leave a comment here by  6/12/13 at 11:59pmEST for your chance to win a spot in Ali Edward’s Hello Story!


I am **this** close to finishing with the move into my new studio. Finally! I am purging and have many boxes of 12×12 patterned papers and cardstock needing a new home. If you are interested in buying a box, please email me at the email address above. (Click on “contact me” under “about” at the top of my blog.) I will randomly pick a few people to contact. Thanks!

See you soon.


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385 thoughts on “Hello Story Giveaway + Paper Needing New Home”

  1. Great story, would love to win a spot! I have so many things I would like to SB – time really is my “hiccup” – it’s a shame that can’t be bought in jars – LOL

    Looking forward to seeing your new studio !

  2. I would LOVE to win a spot in Ali’s class. It looks like a great one. So glad you’re trying to get back into scrapbooking, I’ve missed your layouts!

  3. I can’t remember who I started following first – you or Ali – but through the two of you I have learned how to scrapbook and start collecting memories in more thoughtful and deliberate ways. It has brought visual creativity back to my life. Thank you both, and thanks for the chanch to win!

  4. Thank you so much for the great story about Ali being in your class! You made me smile ! Thank you also for the chance to win a spot in her sure to be amazing class!

  5. Really need some new inspiration after this past year. Have no energy to create and it is not fun anymore. Dealing with my husbands cancer this winter messed up my crafty side.

  6. Would love to win this class I love her…that is SO cool that she was in ur class and you know her…OMG I school like a girl with a crush …LOL but i love her work

  7. Ali has been my scrapping idol for years! All my friends laugh when I mention Ali’s style again 🙂
    Would love to be in her class!
    Thanks for the chance!!

    Super cool story too!:)

  8. I haven’t commented before and don’t make cards, but I love your blog and your cards inspire me. I would love to win a spot! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Jennifer, I have been a follower of you, Ali and Becky since you all were published in CK. I have learned so much from you, love your blog. I am currently doing PL, love it, love how fast and easy it can be on busy weeks, also allows me to be creative when time and inspiration strike. I am currently taking Ali’s class, and I encourage everyone to do so. So very worth more than the price, and this is just the first week! Thank you again for your inspiration. You are the defination of “creative.”

  10. Journaling and writing down our family story is the part of scrapbooking that
    I am always most blocked on. Would love to to learn from Ali how to make this
    the fun part!

  11. Oddly enough, in high school (and later in college) creative writing was a difficult subject for me to master. -Should have made me think twice about majoring in mass communication and no wonder why engineering is a better fit.- So I’ve had a difficult time putting phrases and captions to my scrapbooking. This would be a great help in learning how to journal better and do more story telling than just pictures alone. Thanks for sharing!!

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