About Those Cards You Don’t Love…

So one of the questions I get a lot is what I do with card rejects… cards I don’t love or even like. Honestly? I create a lot of stuff I don’t like. A lot. But I use everything. I figure someone will like it!

This next one is an example. I did some stamping and didn’t like the results – the colors weren’t right, the stamping wasn’t even close to good and nothing was lined up. But I still used it to make this quick card. Do I love it? Not at all. Do I like it? Not really. But will I share it and use it? Yep.

(You can see the redo of this card HERE.)

Here is another I did that I wasn’t happy with. The stamping isn’t lined up well and I just didn’t like the results. But hey! It works…

So there you have it. Those cards I don’t love? I still use them. 🙂 What about you?

See you soon!


Below are the supplies used for this card. To find them at Simon Says Stamp, click on the SSS below the thumbnails. For Ellen Hutson, click on EH and for My Favorite Things, click MFT…

MFT Trendy Triangles Stamp Set (MFT|SSS)


MFT Blissful Butterflies Stamp Set (MFT|SSS)


MFT Max Alphabet Stamp Set (MFT|SSS)



Hero Arts Fresh Peach Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Butter Bar Mid Tone Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Green Hills Mid Tone Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)



Hero Arts Tide Pool Mid Tone Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Cornflower Mid Tone Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)



Favorite Fiskars Trimmer (SSS|EH)






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66 thoughts on “About Those Cards You Don’t Love…”

  1. I have made cards that I classify as ones “that only a mother could love” lol. So I send them to my mom. Of course she always gets a lot of my favorites too. I have been known to throw 1 or 2 on the garbage though too. I liked both of your cards by the way 🙂

  2. I keep those cards for when I am desperate and don’t have time to make up a new one! IF they are really bad…..I rip and throw!

  3. Great Share…althouth I have to admit, I LOVE both cards, and think they are great….or at the very very least…great colors and ideas!!

    I also share my “Fail” cards, as I call them, on my blog and will often ask people to tell me what they like or don’t and give me hints and tips on making them better. Then I often will use them for scraps and/or take them apart and try over!!

    It’s refreshing to know that even you — a fabulous designer makes cards that you don’t always LOVE!! <3

  4. Well, your rejects look pretty good to me… wouldn’t mind if they were mine :). The cards I don’t like, I keep close to me so I remember not to do anything closer to that again :). But is true we are hard on ourselves; if somebody was as tough to me as I am sometimes, probably I would never look to her/his face again. There is this video on YouTube, created by Dove, that shows exactly that: how we judge ourselves vs. how others see us. If you don’t mind, here is the link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpaOjMXyJGk#at=13

  5. I LOVE your Rejects…. Alot of cards I post aren’t even close to these, but I know it is all about growth, and I love to see myself growing and trying new styles and somewhere in that adventure, my own style is slowly emerging!

    Thanks for all of your inspirations, and your organization post is a lifesaver!


  6. Your worst cards look like my best! I’m with you…just use them all and someone will like them!

  7. I think we all make cards that don’t come out well or we don’t like them, or something is just not right about them! I usually save them and cut them into strips to weave or punch out a shape or flower, or just use the strips glued onto a strip of paper and then use that as a focal point on a card. I rarely throw them out…I rarely throw anything out!!! Thanks Jennifer – and Summer Card class was wonderful!!!

  8. Hi Jennifer,
    I have no idea what’s wrong with those cards?? They look great! I wish my “mess ups” looked half as good as those! lol..Thanks for sharing!

  9. JEEZ…this was SO important for me to read. I am so picky about my cards that if I see one little tiny thing wrong with one I will not send it out. I stick it in the recycle bin. Looking at your cards and NOT seeing the imperfections (and I really looked) made me realize that I need to back off trying to be so perfect…and in the process of doing so, losing the reason I started card-making in the first place. Thank you VERY much, Jennifer, for making me think.

  10. I’m agree with Amy. I try to make something perfect. Well, I cannot see how good or bad my card is color or composition wise (this is question of experience), but at least I can try making it neatly. If not – will redo it like 100 times. Now I look on your cards and even after you told us WHAT is wrong – cannot see it.
    And I don’t like a card – I cannot present it to somebody as would feel that found a way to get rid of bad card LOL. After reading you post have to rethink about it..

  11. Well that was some refreshing honesty!! 🙂 I do like the redo on the first one better but it is still a good card. Your version of “not that great” stamping and mine are probably different ’cause you’re a pro! I think the second one looks perfect. Thanks for sharing that! It makes us normal folks feel a whole lot better about life.

  12. I just dont understand why you dont like these cards.. i like all 3!!! the orignal 2 and the updated one. i do like the updated one better, but i liked the other 2 alot! you are too hard on yourself. but we all have different tastes 🙂 Always love your work! would LOVE to win the stamp set!

  13. Thank you for this post! It’s very easy to forget when designing that you’re not always going to bat a thousand, sometimes ideas just don’t turn out the way you had envisioned.

    Plus everyone has a different view. Was reminded of this recently, made a card I didn’t exactly love but was in a hurry and it had to do. Someone I know (not the recipient) saw it and told me how much they loved it and wished theirs had looked as good. I didn’t see her card, but I’m sure it was lovely.

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