Video: Clear and Cling Stamp Storage + Giveaway!


The sweet Ali Edwards asked me if I would be interested in guest blogging for her. Honored, I created a video of my clear and cling stamp storage since I had been getting lots of questions.

Head HERE for all the details.

Here are links for the products featured. Again, for more information, head HERE or HERE.

See you soon!



Interested in trying out some Avery Elle Stamp Pockets? Want to win 50 pockets? For your chance, leave a comment here by 6/27/13 at 11:59pmEST.


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823 thoughts on “Video: Clear and Cling Stamp Storage + Giveaway!”

  1. I absolutely love your videos. You have such great ideas. I am new to stamping and I think this would be perfect to help me stay organized. Thanks so much for sharing your great tips

  2. I have been trying to figure out the best way to store my stamps. Have tried bins but I have no rhyme or reason to the way they are organized. Not sure if manufacture would be the right route for me. Wondering also how to do possible season sorting. I guess I will try everything I can think of till I can find what works best for me.

    Love this series

  3. Thanks for all of your great ideas, so I wanted to know if you made those yellow dividers? And if so, can I get the dimensions, thanks!!!

    Thanks again,
    Linda Lee Cook

  4. This would be great to help me get myself organized. I really like your storage system. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  5. I have used so many of your tips and techniques. Thank you for sharing them with us. You do such a great job of explaining things!

  6. Thank You so much for the tips I actually used what I had and made a video.I made it awhile ago… Late Oh well, Better late than never. You are so inspiring. I have 3 children and don’t know how you do it ALL. Thanks again.

  7. I would like to see video from Jennifer McGuire on the Big Kick from Sizzix on the use and all the accessories that you need for the extended version. Thank you

  8. I surely do appreciate all the leg work you have done to develop what seems to be a reliable system that works well. So many options…and so many stamps. Can’t wait to update my organization system to include your compact idea…Thanks so much for all you do, Jennifer.

  9. I’m currently reorganizing my craft room and storing my dies and clear stamps as you do. I notice that you store your stamps by company; did you ever consider storing by subject? For example, keeping all your birthday stamps together, all your baby stamps together, etc.? That’s the way I have my stamps stored now, and I’m hesitant to begin sorting them by company. Thoughts?
    Thanks, Jennifer. You are the rock star of stamping.

  10. Jennifer,
    I would love to know how many of the dividers you can get from one of the plastic yellow folders!!!

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge – it truly helps the rest of us to keep cost down and organize effectively.


  11. Just starting out with this different type of organization. I find that this takes about 1/4 of the space that the DVD cases took, and easier to flip through. Having a problem getting the Avery Elle pockets, however. Also needing to find something larger for the many 6×8 stamp sets I have.

  12. Have purchased a fridge binz and avery elle pockets. Love this storage. Looks so organized. Just started putting it together and definitely is quite a bit of work but after starting it and seeing it it is well worth it! I did find the fridge binz at my local Bed Bath and Beyond. but not the avery elle pockets those were at amazon for $6.01 a 25 pack.which was reasonable. Thanks Jennifer for these wonderful tips!

  13. I would love to try this system! It’s neat, It’s organized, and clean looking. Love the idea of clear containers you can see your stamps, cutters, embossing folders.
    Love it,

  14. Hi Jennifer, Your organized storage is great! I will definitely try setting up your system here at home! Thanks for sharing all your marvelous ideas and kindness!

  15. I have been converting my storage to this and it has been time consuming but worth it. Thank you for the great ideas!

  16. I’m on the last leg of organizing my scrap room, it’s taken a year to do…and then it’s hard to keep from getting messy…I use everything..cause u, Jennifer keep me so full of ideas that I just “have” to do them. Now I just have to make swatches and etc. but thanks to u I am getting organized, when I thought it was impossible. Have a great day….

  17. I am trying to convert my stamp storage to this system, bought all the supplies, but realized I don’t now what you would use for the stamps to cling to? Stampin up stamps don’t come with a sheet to cling to…any ideas?

  18. Love your storage idea. I’ve also seen the kitchen bins at Home goods. I can wait to get more organized!

  19. Quick question…how do you store your red rubber cling stamps like the ones from unity stamp company? I keep my stampin up stamps in the dvd cases but the unity stamps just come in ziplock bags. Any info would be great!

  20. Hard to believe it’s been so long since you first posted, and I first viewed this video. Still the best way to store stamps as far as I’m concerned. I need to flip through to be inspired. I’m now going back and adding a number and grouping code to the envelope and keep that on a spreadsheet that lists my stamps. I sort by type and some stamps can be multiple types.

  21. I have been doing scrap-booking for years and have recently begun watercolor stamping. I am a little O.C.D. so your videos are wonderful. I have already gone through most of your “must have” videos an am about to embark on all of your organizing videos. I cannot stand chaos. Thank you so much!

  22. Jennifer,
    Am new to stamping and found you on Youtube. I enjoy your videos so much. You are clear in your directions and have taught me a lot! Thanks for sharing.

  23. Love your videos. Even if I have watched the same video several times I ALWAYS have a new take-away! I’m fairly new to die-cutting/stamping/cardmaking but made the mistake of not getting properly organized from the very beginning. These stamp pockets would help tremendously 🙂

  24. Your stamps are so neat and organized! Mine are a complete mess! I like your storage solution. Thanks.

  25. hi, I was just watching the videos and looking at your blog on this topic. My question is the white paper in the pocket. If it was mentioned I missed it. Is it type paper or card stock? purpose is to see them better I think? I don’t believe it comes with the pouches. Can you tell me more?
    thank you

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