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Spoil Those Kids…

Sometimes you just need to surprise your kids and make them smile.

And that is what I was going for when I put this into my son’s lunch. (He never has a treat in there, so I am sure he was thrilled.)

The best part? This was so easy to make. (For more information on it, you can head over the the Paper Crafts Connections blog. There are some other kids ideas there, too.)

Start with a 10 ¼” x 4” piece of cardstock (I used Bazzill) and add score lines at 2”, 2 ¼”, 6 ¼”, and 6 ½”. That is it! Just fold it up and you have a cookie holder. I also added a die cut window with the new Lawn Fawn Puffy Star die to the front panel so you could see the cookie inside. Here is what it looks like unfolded…

After I put a cookie in, I used an old Thicker letter sticker to hold it closed.

I had to add some stamping, of course… with a repeated Hero Arts circle (a great image!) and a Paper Smooches pencil. And I stretched a die cut banner (with a computer-generated greeting using the Ever After free font) across the star opening.

Here is a look at the awesome Lawn Fawn Puffy Star nesting dies set I used for the window. Adorable, huh?

And the repeated circles? It is from this Hero Arts set. Lots of good images here for building backgrounds on many styles of cards.

Colin loved this treat. I bet your little one would, too. Do you ever do any lunch surprises? Would love to hear ideas.

Take care!

Below are the supplies used for this card. To find them at Simon Says Stamp, click on the SSS below the thumbnails. For Ellen Hutson, click on EH

Lawn Fawn Puffy Star Dies (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Not Perfect Stamp Set (SSS|EH)


Paper Smooches Smarty Pants Stamp Set (SSS|EH)



Vagabond Die Cutting Machine (SSS|EH)


Sizzix Vagabond Solo Thin Die Adapter (SSS|EH)




Corner Chomper (SSS|EH)


Hero Arts Pool Shadow Ink (SSS|EH)


Copic Markers (SSS|EH)



Neenah White Cardstock 250 Sheets (SSS|EH)


Neenah White Cardstock 25 Sheets (SSS|EH)



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29 thoughts on “Spoil Those Kids…”

  1. I have one son, Henry, and my FAVORITE lunch surprise is to pack his sandwich in a clear ziplock bag. I add a smiley face with a sharpie and the eyes are googly eyes. I love the ones that have eyelashed or monsters eyes. His whole lunch table loves it!! One last bit of fun is writing a funny poem on his napkin using his spelling or vocabulary words the day of his test. Cheers to moms who make lunch fun!

  2. Cute! I’m sure he loved it! I want to do some things like this for my son who will be starting kindergarten in the fall.

  3. That is so cute. I bet he loved that cookie too. My children are grown, but I use to put a math problem or some vocabulary word in their lunch box where they would have to give my husband and I the answer at the dinner table that night. At first they groaned but eventually it became the norm and it was fun to see what there answers where. We did that all the way through middle school. There brains are like sponges at this age and I found it helpful to encourage them to really think to use their brains. I have 1 pilot, 1 engineer, and one in nursing school and they have all been successful in school thus far. 🙂

  4. Awww..this is so sweet! I don’t do lunch treats b/c mine are homeschooled. BUT, a couple of weeks ago Jonathan, the youngest, was complaining about not wanting to eat rice and beans. (He picked the wrong house to not like rice and beans!) So, I put the beans on the bottom of the plate and then added the rice on top (usually it’s the reverse) and then I made a smiley face with the veggies. He smiled and said, “good one, mom!” and ate his lunch in perfect peace! 🙂

  5. I am a great grand mother so my lunch packing days are over. I used to put notes on their napkins or give them a little treat. I also packed my husband’s lunch and I would do the same thing for him. One of my faborite tricks that I would pull on him was to not take the wrapper off the cheese. I only did this on a rare occasion though because I wanted to remain married.

  6. When my children were in school (many, many, many years ago), I would write them a note and attach it to a treat… of raisins, small piece of candy–whatever was on hand.
    Thanks for the memory!!!

  7. Love lOve this idea!!! My kiddos are grown but they can still get notes from me:O) Brings back memories of my little sticky notes in there lunches:O)

  8. That is so cool. I like that die cut star. I want a cookie too. Haha.
    I love that new stamp set. Just watched a video from Sheri Carroll today using it and neon ink.
    I’ve got to get this set.

  9. What a cute surprise for your son! I love the banner going across the star opening and the little PS pencil tucked in.

  10. What a fun way to add some extra love from home into their day! Both my kids have the same sandwich every day, but since I know how important variety is to a healthy diet, I give them a different fruit and different crackers/chips during the week. The most fun for me is that they have goody bags that they are allowed to get desert after dinner from and frequently I’ll take a little something from there to put into their lunches. I have a “secret stash” of goodies that they don’t know about until it makes an appearance in their lunch. I just think it’s a fun way for them to think about me during the day…hopefully with a smile on their faces! Thanks again for sharing! That cookie looks really yummy!

  11. I’ve never done a surprise in my daughter’s lunch bag (although she is a random “cold lunch” taker and usually decides last minute. I’m going to do this for the last day of school. Such a cute idea! Thanks 🙂

  12. Very cute! Unfortunately, my kids are grown up and one IS a teacher! But she’s getting married, so this would be fun to make and put in the “favor sacks” I’m making for the younger guests at the wedding. I’m planning on making a marker card box, like in the PC card and gifts issue.

  13. Super-cute idea! My 5th grader packs her own lunch now, usually in the morning…but maybe I can sneak a snack in there. She would think that was so cool!

  14. That is so cute. I love the new stamps from Hero. I used to do similar surprises for my son, it would be all he could talk about when he got home from school. He’s 25 now and I still try to find ways to slip him little surprises now and then, it just never gets old for either of us.

  15. This is so cute. I absolutely love the LF puffy star dies! I already have a set of quickutz nesting stars but wow I think I’m going to have to get these LFs too!

  16. Love the cookie idea, what a nice surprise. When I had to buy white lunch bags in bulk for a Girl Scout project and was left with a few hundred extra, I started drawing on the front of my daughters lunch bag with markers along with some creative lettering for her name. (A tree with falling leaves in the fall, pumpkins, turkeys and Christmas scenes for example.) Each day she had something new and her lunch stood out from all the rest. I did this for so many years that I didn’t want to stop when she went to high school, so then I wrote an inspirational quote under the flap of the bag so only she saw it when she unrolled the top! Loved that little something special to give her each day!

  17. I love this idea, Jennifer! I have always left little notes of encouragement and love for each member of my family when and where they least expect it and I know my son would have loved this so much when he was little. Fabulous!

  18. That really made my morning so I can only imagine what it did for Colin…he must have smiled all day long thinking about how much his mom loves him! I used to draw things on my kids napkins, way too many years ago to recall, just to make them smile but this has it beat by a mile. Go mommy, you’re the best!!

  19. My kids are grown but they still remember if I was working evenings I used to hide their after school snack and leave a riddle for them to find it!

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