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As I am sure many of you were, I was horrified watching scenes of the destruction caused by the tornadoes in Oklahoma last week. I was most upset seeing the school torn apart. But from every horrible story comes a bit of hope or a hero. I was so impressed to hear stories of teachers taking action to protect their students. They saved many lives.

And if you have been to my blog before, you know that I am a huge fan of teachers. After volunteering many times in my son’s classes, I know these teachers work VERY hard and make a true difference in our kid’s lives. They have my compete admiration.

So when watching the news, I struggled to figure out what I could do to help those in Oklahoma. After all, I just make cards. So… I decided to create printable teacher cards to give here as downloads. I was going to collect the money and donate it, but feel it is easier for everyone if I just offer the download for free and ask that you donate to the Red Cross directly. So this is kinda like an “honor system” – I hope you enjoy the download and donate as a thank you.

Isn’t that apple the cutest? A big thank you to Hero Arts for letting me use the image for this download.

These printable cards are super easy – just print, cut, fold and color. There is a faint grey line that you cut along with a trimmer and then just fold it in half. I rounded the corners and punched three holes to make it look like notebook paper. (You can skip this if you want.) It also prints “made with love and appreciation” on the back. You can either color the apple directly on the card… or color the extra one, cut it out and pop it on the card for dimension. I colored mine with Copics and covered with glitter marker

I have four printable card options. One is blank so all of you with a bit of computer experience can add your own teacher’s name…

I made 16 of these and packaged them with envelopes in my favorite clear boxes to give as a teacher gift. I love giving card sets…

Don’t have a printer? That’s easy. Go online and load the file to Kinkos. They will print as many copies as you want and you just pick them up!

I am sure school has ended for many of you, but you can always save this download for next year. And if you don’t have kids, you can still use this! Give it to a local school to thank them for taking care of kids in your community. Or take it to a Sunday School teacher. You could even surprise your favorite card making teacher. πŸ™‚ In fact, the “apple of my eye” card could work for anyone.

Here are the downloads. Just open, right-click and save…






And, please… please donate to the Red Cross to help those folks rebuild in Oklahoma. It is easy to do! In fact, you can even just text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief immediately. So easy. (And if you have already donated, thank you! Enjoy the downloads.)

Have a great week. Oh, and big hugs to those of you in Oklahoma… and all of you teachers.


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  1. You are ALWAYS so kind! THANK YOU!!

    I have already donated to the Red Cross and my heart still goes out to EVERYONE who was touched by this horrible tragedy.

    Special thanks to everyone who helped save others…especially the children!!

    Bless yours hearts!

  2. That’s really thoughtful of you, Jennifer. I’m glad you used this apple image. I have that stamp in my stash and haven’t pulled it out in ages. Hip hip hooray to all the teachers!

  3. You rock, Jennifer!!

    We give (did already) to Mercury One. Every single penny given goes to help…none to admin. expenses. They work through the local churches in the area (s) to get the needed supplies out.

  4. This is so thoughtful of you (as usual!)… tks for the download. I donated to RC last week, but plan to give them more money in two weeks! Tks again!

  5. Thanks for your generosity; my donation to the Red Cross is on the way. My heart goes out to the tornado victims. So relieved that there were no deaths from the recent bridge collapse near my home in Mount Vernon, WA.

  6. Jennifer, you are truly a generous woman. We used to live in Tulsa, OK and are keenly aware of tornado season. And yes, we trust our children’s teachers each day for 6-7 hours of teaching, caring, and creating good students and citizens. You must have had some of the best! Cheers!

  7. Bless you, Jennifer. The free download is such a thoughtful & giving thing to do; a simple way for many to ” pay it forward”. Thank you.

  8. Jennifer, for me your name is now added to the list of heroes to come out of the dreadful storms in Oklahoma! Bless you for doing this and for being such a strong voice of gratitude for teachers everywhere!!

  9. Oh, what fun cards. I’ll be making them for my neighbor kids to give to their teachers. I donated to the Moore Humane Society Disaster Relief Fund. When they showed pictures of the poor scared animals after the tornado my heart just melted. Thank you for all you do Jennifer.

  10. Thank you so much! I work at a school, this will come in very handy for all of the wonderful teachers we have!

  11. wonderful download…thank you! it was truly amazing to see and hear what those teachers did.

  12. Thanks for the download! I already donated to the red cross and Americares. They both do great work. Great way to use your talent to help others.

  13. You are so thoughtful and generous! Another way to donate is through hotel or airline points, most major chains support this.

  14. Jennifer, Thank you! I am from Oklahoma and this means a lot to us. You are so generous, Thank you for helping us here in Oklahoma!!

  15. Jennifer tfs the wonderful cards. Red Cross donation made. The thank you card will be used for my mom in the nursing home to send out. Thanks again to you and Hero Arts for being such angels.

  16. hi jennifer
    love these wonderfull apple cards, thx a lot for the free downloads:))
    i`ve put a link from your post on this blog on the scrap forum i love!
    i hope lots of the lady`s will like your cards!

  17. This is so very kind and sweet of you, Jennifer. Love the free downloads ~ they are awesome. Have already donated and think of all the Okies as they rebuild. They certainly deserve all the support they can get.

  18. Thanks so much for these nice cards and for doing something nice for our fellow Americans in OK!

  19. Great idea, great design for a great cause! And, schools may be out over there for summer, but on this side of the pond we carry on until July so there’s plenty of time and use for these sweet printables over here πŸ™‚

  20. Thanks, Jennifer!!
    Such a wonderful gesture – I, like you, watched the footage with horror. There were many heroes that day, but I would agree that the teachers that covered the children’s bodies with their own to keep them safe were angels. God bless them.

  21. Such adorable cards, Jennifer! Thank you, for doing the “donkey work”, and to HA for their “gift”! πŸ™‚
    This is such a great way to increase awareness for donations!

  22. As a teacher living in tornado alley (Texas), I thank you for your thoghtfulness and support of educators and for those affected by the tornado. Unfortunately, as I post this, Oklahoma is under a tornado emergency and the need for aid will likely increase. Thank you, again, and know that a donation has been made to the Red Cross.

  23. Jennifer,

    Again your sweet spirit and faith flows through everything you do. Thank you for:
    the downloads,
    the encouragement to get people to donate,
    your sincere and caring heart,
    your love for others, and
    your faith in our Lord, from Whom all your gifts flow.


  24. Yee haw. You rock. Always. Textin Red Cross right after this. Didnt know it was that easy. Im assuming it will be added to phone bill. How cool. Thanks

  25. I LOVE these cards! My daughter just did a class wax museum and she was Clara Barton – founder of the Red Cross. She asked for donations for the OK victims (just parents coming in to watch) on her own and collected over $8. I was so proud of her!

    I Would like to download these cards for a teacher present – but I can’t access the links? Are they no longer active? Just wondering if it is on my end or yours. Will keep trying….
    Thanks so much for your generosity! Love all of your work!

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