Clear and Cling Stamp Storage – Update

Hello stampers.

Awhile back I shared a bit about how I am currently storing my clear and cling stamps. (You can see posts on it HERE, HERE and HERE.) This system has evolved over the years… and I am finally at a place that I am 100% happy with. I have also recently discovered a few new things that I thought you all might like.

Avery Elle just came out with new stamp storage pockets that I think are pretty awesome. They fit clear and cling stamps perfectly – measuring approximately 7.25″x5.5″ – the same as the Office Depot CD sleeves I have been using. (More on that below.) Here are both…

But I just discovered these stamp storage pockets… after I finished reorganizing my stamps. (Perfect timing, eh?) So… all of my stamps are currently in THESE sleeves from Office Depot. (I just carefully cut down the center to make single pockets that are the same size at the Avery Elle pockets.) These have worked wonderfully for me. Wonderfully.

Both of these pockets are good options. The Office Depot sleeves I use are quite a bit thicker than the Avery Elle pockets and have a bigger flap on the back, making them perfect for me since this is my job and I am in and out of my stamps a lot. (I may eventually switch the the new Avery Elle pockets… but that is quite a big task since all of mine are already in the other.) On the other hand, the Avery Elle pockets are smooth and designed to hold stamps. The cost is pretty close, with Avery Elle being a bit lower in price.

How about a closer look at the options? Here is an Avery Elle stamp storage pocket. You can see it is clear, thin and has a small flap on the back that would be tucked in. So clean…

The Office Depot sleeves are thicker and have a bigger flap that doesn’t need tucking in….

The verdict? Both are good. But if you are just starting organizing your stamps, I would start with the Avery Elle pockets. I think they are great for normal use.

Awhile back I also shared one of the greatest finds of all time – the container I store my stamps in. And yes – this would hold either of the sleeve options perfectly. These containers are actually “Fridge Binz,” meant to hold soda cans. No soda in my house, but man are they perfect for stamps…

These also fit dies (Sizzix, etc.) perfectly. So durable and sturdy – not a wimpy plastic thing…

My clear and cling stamps are stored in pull-out drawers in cabinets in my new studio. (I promise to share more of my room when I get everything in there. I hope it is someday soon!)

And, yes, I am crazy and must have every stamp set labeled. I love the Brother Labeler. (There are ways to change the setting so it doesn’t waste tape – just google it.) This labeler is my best friend…

So there we have it – my current stamp storage that makes me so very happy. Very happy. Hoping maybe this system works for you!


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110 thoughts on “Clear and Cling Stamp Storage – Update”

  1. Thanks for your tips. I was planning to put my stamps in an A5 ring binder, in A5 Clear Punched Poly Pockets. I purchased them in the Netherlands, but you can buy sth. similar in e.g. the UK at ( or at Viking/Office Depot ( This would make a really economical alternative that can be used in a binder or stored in boxes the way that you do. They seem to be about the same size as the pockets/sleeves that you are using.
    Cannot wait to see your new crafting space.

  2. Wow! I love how organized and neat everything looks. People would be horrified of I shared what my creative space looks like this morning. LOL

  3. Want it too!
    I can’t found cd/dvd sleeve from stapple here there are not available…arghhh!
    maybe an alternative…
    Thank you Jennifer for thia idea

  4. I love your system. Two questions: It looks like my Ali E stamps (technique tues) are too long as a set for this type of sleeve. Do you cut them so they fit? And I have a lot of small, miscellaneous acrylic stamps. Sometimes they’ve lost their plastic backing and sometimes don’t stick to it very well anyway. What do you use use to mount your stamps on within the sleeve? Thank you for the ideas…love your blog!

  5. I LOVE this system you taught me. I had a ll my stamps in a binder before but need too many binders ;0) Now I just keep my med and small stamps which I have fewer of in a 8.5 x 11 binder with 4 and 9 pocket sleeves. Thank you so much for sharing! ~God bless~

  6. Okay, I LOVE this idea. I had trouble cutting exactly down the center so as not to leave one side open. What worked for me…..well I have a food saver that seals the edge of bags to store food in the freezer. Yep! It works GREAT on these CD sleeves! I don’t have to be as careful, and I just seal the one that gets messed up so both are usable! I’m sure no one else has had this problem, but this was my solution. Thanks for the idea!

  7. I am still trying to figure out what works best for me. If I had drawers like yours, it would be a no brainer! My Brother label maker is within reach at all times! It is a must have.

  8. Oh, I’ve love this idea. I’ve been needing something for my stamps too and I think this is my favorite so far. I cannot break apart my sets and I don’t want to use a binder or CD system. This is perfect. Thank you so much for sharing. I would love to see more of your scrap space.

  9. Jennifer, this is an awesome idea and I LOVE the drawers. I wanted to share my idea with you as well. I use 3 ring binders with normal document sleeves for 8 1/2 x 11 sheets. I then place the stamps on a clear sheet used for overhead projectors (like the ones used in schools for presentations…LONG AGO). the printed sheet that comes with the stamps show through the document sleeve and make viewing easy. I place my stamps in sections listed alphabet, animals, sentiments, nature, etc. I have 3 large notebooks full and ready for a fourth. All notebooks are labeled on the outside and sit on a shelf. Easy access. Hope you like the idea.

  10. After years of crafting in a corner, I finally have a craft room. In the process of organizing, never realized how much time it takes. I really appreciate these ideas.

  11. Wow! What a fabulous and fantasically organized way to keep your clear stamps. I love the whole picture. . with the refrigerator bins and so nicely labeled too! I’ve been looking for a great way to store my stamps and I believe you’ve just solved my situation! I would love to win some Avery Elle sleeves and begin organizing my stamp collection. Love your work. . .and really appreciate all your sharing of ideas!

  12. Definitely need some of those pockets to organize my clear stamps before my husband sells them all in a garage sale!

  13. I love the the way it all looks nice and clean. This is something I have struggled with, how to store them, but also be able to not forget what you have. I tried the whole binder thing, but couldn’t fit a category in a book, so needless to say that didn’t work. So I like this idea much better so I can see what I have.

  14. Would love to see how you store your dies. Do tell!

    I have just finished converting all my stamp sets to the Avery Elle system too. Works perfectly!

  15. I would love to know what you do with sets that are larger than what is called for here? I’ve been storing my stamps in empty CD cases.

  16. Jennifer,
    Not sure if your seeing all these comments but I have a question/comment,
    I have followed your advice and bought both of the products you suggest ( I also did the binder just as you did, But that didn’t work as well, waayyy to many stamps for all those binders. So I then converted to the clip it up x 3 just like you did . Not sure how I like it, seems to take up too much room, wont fit under my shelves and I still cant get all my stamps in them. So I will now try this) but could you show how you store the Ali Edwards Tech Tues stamps, larger sets that don’t fit the Avery sleeves, the small single stamps and all the metal die that compliment the stamp sets we now have. I need/want them to stay together so they don’t get forgotten. Do you just place them in the same sleeve? Which seems to make the most sense. I am the type that needs all “like” items together.
    I currently have them hanging on the clip it up, but my desk space is getting smaller and smaller with all the “stuff” on the desktop……any advice?
    Waiting patiently for your new studio tour, cant see how it could ever be better than your “old” one though. Thanks for listening.

  17. Hi Jennifer! I found your post on stamp organization & have been wanting to reorganize my stamps for some time, so this really helped me. I do have a question, though. What do you do with smaller clear stamps (like sentiments from the Studio Calico kits) that are only 1″x3″ or smaller? Do you put several in the same sleeve? I tried this last night & found that the ones on top kept sliding down behind the ones on the bottom. Just wanted to see how you handled this. Thanks!

  18. do the avery elle pockets come with a board to attach the stamps too? I have a lot of the DVD cases and think this is a better method so I want to switch them so I would need something to put the stamps on before placing them in the pocket.


  19. I use the Avery Elle pockets and find them perfect for stamps and dies. If I have a stamp set with a matching die after I put the name of the stamp set I place a green dot indicating it has a matching die. Then I place the die in the back of the pocket and the stamp in the front pocket.
    Can you tell me approximately how many stamp sets fit in each side of those binz you buy?

  20. Jennifer, what type of sheet did you use to put your stamps on before you put them in the envelope? I am in!counting all my start!PS and found that transparencies to do CLI g to the clear mount cling foam.

  21. Hi Jennifer,
    I am getting back to stamping after a 5 year hiatus and just found out about you. I had my stamp sets stored in binders or containers with sleeves so I love the idea of the fridge bins. I went through the comments and did not see any questions about the dividers. It looks like the are a heavier poly or something along that line, however, I have not been able to locate any. I noticed your update has yellow ones – will you please share what you use for dividers and where I can get them or how I can make them. I have the Brother labeler (Love it!) and all I need now is to make the dividers.
    Thank you for such great illustrations and instruction along with product info – It is greatly appreciated and I look forward to your reply so I can finish my reorganization.

  22. Hello again! Quick question – I was wondering how you did the dividers for the stamp sets? If not purchased, can you tell me how you made them please? Thank you!

  23. I have a question, what do you do if the set of stamp is taller than the Office Depot sleeves? I love this idea and have started organizing the small amount of stamps I do have and preparing for the others to come! And like the others, how did you make the dividers?

  24. Thanks so much Jennifer! I realize that this was written a while ago, but I just found it! Love it! I ordered the Avery Pockets (Many, many, hundreds of them) have way to many stamps!!! LOL. Now to get the Freezer Trays. Wasn’t sure what size to order so thought I’d wait till I got the Pockets in and see the size! Now I have to find out what to do with the thousands of wood stamps I have. I have been stamping since 1979! So my collection is extensive and holds many, many pieces. If you need a stamp I probably have it in my bins somewhere! I use to be a stamping Up person and bought nearly every set at that time to teach with! And at that time it was cut your own rubber out, stick it to the wood block and put the label on! What a chore! Ladies have it so easy now a days!!!LOL I love It! I love the new acrylic sets out there and how little space they do take up, but I still love holding on to my precious wood stamps. Some are just hard to find anymore and just beautiful to look at themselves! Pieces of art!!! I actually wish I hadn’t been so fastidious about cleaning stamps early on as the color patina from the ink would have been awesome to enjoy! When I taught my classes the first thing I would do is teach every one how to clean them! Things have so changed! Anyway, it is important to store them and I thank you for your sharing the storage ideas you have. Thank you! Nancy

  25. I love your method of stamp organization! What did you use for the dividers? From the photos, they look like clear, frosted, rigid plastic. . . Do you have a link for those as well?


  26. I am re-organizing my craft room and this is SUCH a great tip!! The amount of room I am saving and the ability to EASILY find my stamps (and dies) is amazing! I am so happy I found you!!! Thank you so much ~ the change over process is a little rough due to how many stamps I have but the extra room makes it well worth the little extra hassle to change!

  27. I love your storage ideas and have been implementing them slowly but surely. Thank you! But I have a question. How do you “file” the stamps and dies once they are in their storage sleeves? I see that you have them organized by the manufacturer’s name, but how do you have them filed within each manufacturer’s category? Do you have them in alphabetical order according to the name of the stamp/die? So far, I am simply thumbing through all the sets until I SEE what I’m looking for, but this is already becoming tedious … I can’t imagine that you are simply eyeballing what you’re looking for … are you?! HELP!

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