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Hi there.

In the past I have done several videos using Inktense Pencils. (You can find one HERE, HERE and HERE. These unique pencils are amazing.) I also wanted to show how you can use them to create fun backgrounds. Here’s a video…

These pencils are such fun to use. And I love these button stamps – buttons without the bulk…

That woodgrain paper is amazing. Such a great way to take plain white up a notch…

See you soon!

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26 thoughts on “Video: Inktense Background”

  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I have a full set that I don’t use nearly enough. Since the colour dries permanent, doesn’t it affect the colour’s properties if you take the colour straight from the pencil with a wet brush? If you later use the same pencil to colour would it still react with water?

  2. Beautiful cards, Jennifer! Thanks so much for all of the videos you have made using Inktense pencils – you’ve really helped me to make good use of my pencils. I first purchased a small set to see if I liked working with them, and then I bought more individual pencils in colours that I thought I would use most. I’m loving ’em!

  3. Such beautiful yet simple cards, Jennifer! I love the colors! You are the one I “blame…I mean credit” for buying the Inktense pencils;) I just bought the small set and was worried there would not be enough colors to work with. This video certainly dispels that worry! Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Jennifer,
    Watercolor techniques are my favorite. Thanks for the tutorial. The buttons are adorable. I will have to try those Inktense pencils!

  5. Wow – I have done something similar using Copics, but love the intensity (sorry) of these pencils.

    Maybe it is time to invest in some 🙂

    Thank you, Jennifer – great tutorial, and fabulous cards!

  6. I hope they have you on the payroll because I’m sure you’ve sold a load of pencils for them! 🙂 I know they’re on my to-get list.

  7. I like your product videos. I like to learn as much as I can before I actually buy a product and your videos nor only provide me with information, but also demonstrates use and techniques. What I learn from your videos is invaluable. Thank you.

    I like the gradiated color on your cards. Nice to see you can achieve it with multiple pens, or just a couple. The woodgrain cardstock gives the card such a great look w/o fussing w/stamping or embossing a bkgrd. Good to know. 🙂

  8. I have watercolor pencils and never really use them so thank you for the inspiration. It’s also something easy to do with the kids. I hope the house move goes well.

  9. After watching a video of yours a while back, I had to have those Derwent Inktense Pencils. I got the mid-range set. They work exactly as you say. From a light watercolor look, to a more deeper color look. I just love them. I scribble on the color then waterbrush them, or use them from the tips, like you just demonstrated. Also, outlining an image then coloring in with water is a favorite. The colors ARE so gorgeous, and after you play for awhile AND heat dry, there is little warping. Drying from the back at the last few seconds…works to counter any cardstock warping . It’s great to come to your blog, and you always have some product that you really like, and you are completely honest about it’s use, and show us in the video’s so many different ways. I always feel as though I have more bang for my buck when there is more than one way to use something. Ha! Right? Thanks for sharing your fav’s, and now some of them are MY fav’s. LOL

  10. Your video is just great! I have some of these wonderful pencils and haven’t used them in awhile…..very inspired to do the cards you demonstrated..thanks for an excellent video!

  11. I think you’ve finally convinced me to buy these colored pencils. They seem really versatile and I do like the vibrant colors.

  12. Have purchased the set but haven’t used them yet. More inspiration today to do so! Love the beautiful CAS style of this card.

  13. I loved your card, so I made one like it yesterday using my gelatos and water (don’t have those pencils) and they worked fabulously. Thank you for helping me think outside the box.

  14. i love inktense pencils and love this technique. thanks so much for the video and tips. now, i’ll need more of those yummy inks from Hero!! love your beautiful cards and thanks for sharing!

  15. Thanks to you I have the Inktense pencils arriving tomorrow. I have wanted them since your first video and finally just ordered them. Excited to try this idea also.

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