A sweet gal named Cindy emailed me the other day asking if I ever do question and answer posts. Honestly, I don’t believe I have! So I thought I would give it a try.

If you have any questions for me about the wonderful world of card making, leave them in the comments below and I will answer as many as I can here in a future post.


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  1. Do design principles from scrapbooking apply to cardmaking as well? I’d like to mass produce some cards – can you give us a set of template sizes for the base, 1st layer and possible even 2nd layer. Thank you! You rock!

  2. I enjoy making matching pattern envelopes w/custom cards and give as gift sets. Is there a special adhesive I can use to add on the envelope flap for a ‘lick and seal’ feature so the recipient of the gift can use and seal later?

    1. I was at archivers last week and they had a demo one how to make envelopes. They had a lick and seal goop that dries and later you can use it like a regular envelope! I haven’t gotten any yet, but it was only about 6 dollars and I bet it lasts a long time! Good luck!

  3. I have been using watercolor paper and coloring with Inktense pencils – which are fabulous!!! But, my paper curls. I heat it on the backside and it somewhat goes back to straight. But when I adhere it to a card front, it curls (is misshapen) and my double-sided tape – ATG gun – does not hold it down. It makes me want to NOT use watercolor paper anymore. Help!

  4. SSS has a type of inktense pencils called ‘block selection set’. I’ve read the description but I still don’t get how these are different from regular inktense pencil sets. Any ideas?

  5. Your Perfect Pearls Demo:
    Thanks for your inspiration, encouragement and unselfish spirit as you share your talent with us! Please share who makes the background stamp you used with the four rows of thick leaves and vines in the middle of that demo? I have attacked the internet with a vengeance for three weeks and cannot find it.

  6. Jennifer this is awesome you are so wonderful at sharing your knowledge its actually quite hard to think of a question you haven’t covered and I have bought many products based on your recommendations. My question is around stamps, specifically alot of the ones you use from SSS. I am sure they are good quality but I don’t think it says they are photopolmer( sp) is there a different way of caring for, cleaning them, storing them and actually even stamping with them. In your opinion do they have the same life expectancy as the photpolymer? Thanks so much for doing this!

  7. How do you manage your time with your family since you work from home? Do you have a schedule for every day? maybe a sitter to give you the space for your awesome work? I will like to hear some tips about this subject, thanks

  8. Hello, thanks for this chance to share doubts:
    .- I agree with Vicki about watercolour paper and Inktense pencils. Paper is never back to be straight…
    .- Maybe it is because I am new or because I am Spanish but I don´t understand the difference between ´pigment ink´and ´dye ink´. What is it about?
    .- Do you normally refill the ink pads or do you buy new ones? What do you suggest?


  9. I cannot get a smooth surface with my Glossy Accents on a large area (larger than a thumbnail, say), but you seen to do it fine with the tip of the bottle. I’ve tried tapping it from the reverse side. I’d also like to use it with chipboard pieces, and you can’t tap those. I just seem to be Glossy Accent challenged. Please help!

  10. Thanks so much for answering questions. My question is about dies – what makes relatively simple shaped dies so much more expensive than extremely detailed dies? For example Memory Box Arabian or Catillion frames are $30 and the more detailed MB Cherish Border is $13.

  11. Jennifer thanks for all the questions to be asked. Can’t wait to read all the answers because all are questions I would have asked. I love when you list your favorites.Most of my purchases are from your suggestions. Only one question, when will you show us your new craft room?? waiting for the video.

  12. Hi Jennifer, thanks for giving us a chance to ask questions! I have a die related question… I own a cuttle bug and don’t really want to invest in a new die cutting machine but i was wondering if you can use any of Tim Holtz Sizzix dies with a cuttle bug and want sandwich you should use if it’s possible?

  13. Hi Jennifer,

    You mentioned making your own enamel dots in one of the classes using Ranger enamel ink. Have you found anything that works for making the colored enamel dots? Thank You!

  14. Memory Box alphabet

    Hello Jennifer,
    I purchase the Memory box parker Alphabet mainly because you consider to be your favorite.
    My question is – should I break them apart of keep them together?
    How will I store them if I separate them?

    Thanks for the advice

  15. Have you tried the Inktense Metalics? I’m wondering if they are as nice as the regular Inktense, and would love to see a comparison.

  16. Hi Jennifer, your blog is awesome and I have learned so much from your videos. Thank you. I have read elsewhere that clear stamps should be removed from the original surface they come on and placed on a surface such as dura-lar so that they will not degrade. Do you know if this is correct? Thank you for all you do for us.

  17. Hi Jennifer,
    I have a problem that I hope you can help me solve! My collection of Ombrè ink pads were knocked over and sat undiscovered for 1-2 weeks and the inks blended in a not so pretty way. Is there a way to repair the damage or better to cut my loss and move on?
    Thank you for taking the time away from your sweet family to share with your crafting family. I have learned so much from you – I think the most important being that imperfection is OK. That was also the hardest for me to learn, so a very big thank you for all you do!

  18. Jennifer I love your videos. You are a very good teacher.. My question is , Why are cards refered to as A2 cards?
    That;s it. Thanks again. Miriam jakub621@yahoo.

  19. Hi Jennifer..
    Quick question I notice you add a white cardstock inside your cards when the base is a dark color. Do you feel that should be the only time to do that? I love putting sayings and a few stamps on the inside, should I just stamp them on the base cardstock if light? What would Jennifer do🥰?

  20. what straight cut shredder do you use 2 get different size strips of card stock?
    i really luv your cards and your ideas and i follow a lot of your work. I am always looking 4 your videos.
    Thanks 4 all you do and for your time and attention.
    Tina Schultz
    [email protected]

  21. I have done something horribly wrong and for the life of me I can’t figure it out but am SO stressed about it. I’m attempting to use my gemini jr sandwich, clear cutting place, plastic shim, magnetic shim, die – blade up, cardstock, clear cutting plate. First of all, my cutting plates are bowing with each pass and secondly, the dies are cutting into the plates. I’ve already pitched 2 sets of the plates and am on my third – but now they’re damaged too. Any suggestions before I just give up??

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