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If you follow me over on Instagram (I am HERE and love it there) or Twitter (I am HERE and love it there, too – not a Facebook fan), you may have seen that I am currently finishing up my new studio/craftroom/oasis/office. When we did our remodel last year, my husband and family convinced me to make a nice new room upstairs since this job/passion is important to me. (Yep. They rock.) I am neck-deep in transferring everything, but have found some pieces that I LOVE and thought you might too.

The first few are from The Land of Nod. I noticed they have free shipping today – 1/9/13 – the perfect time to check them out. (You can find out more HERE.) The Land of Nod is an amazing kids deco store, but I have also found amazing pieces for my office there.

First up, I adore THIS adorable container. It is hands-down my favorite. You can mount it on the wall or put it on your desktop. I have 6 of them. (Yes I am nuts.) I have one on my desk all the time… two in a drawer for additional tools… two in a cabinet for Distress Markers and such… and one for Colin’s markers. I love that it is tilted and can be hung if I wanted it to. Cute, eh? (For free shipping, head HERE.)

Here is mine on my desk. Forgive the bad iPhone photo, but you can get an idea of what I keep in it. All my necessities…

There are a couple other pieces I just got at The Land of Nod, too. THIS one is great – you can easily pick it up and take to your table. Mine holds pearls and gems as I reach for them often and want something I can bring to my work area. Would be good for Copics, too. (Free shipping HERE.)

And for all of you doing Project Life, I hear THIS piece is great for it. You can easily fit lots of photos and cards in it. I am ordering one for my unfinished cards. (I often do a card halfway and quit – will be a great place to keep them for future use.)

I am considering some of their bins and baskets, too. You can see all their fun storage HERE. I have been pleased with their quality and service. Makes me happy. (Remember – free shipping 1/9/13 only – head HERE.)

THIS next one is going to be attached to the inside cabinet door of my desk… to hold my paper trimmer. It is from The Container Store. The Fiskars SureCut Trimmer fits nicely in it and it is a great way to tuck it away. It is magnetic so I can also stick a few must-have dies on it too. Comes in white, too, but I got the stainless…

Here it is with the trimmer in it. I haven’t attached it in my cabinet yet so I am just holding it up…

THIS is another doo-dad I love in my office. It stays on my desk (I have 3 of them) and holds any stamp sets I want to remember to use or pieces that I have saved for something. A fun little guy…

And here is one of mine…

(ETA: You can see more about my stamp storage HERE.)

There you have it – just some fun storage shares for ya.

Some folks have asked if I will show my completed office here. I likely will, but with the speed I am going, it will be awhile. 🙂

Happy weekend!

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42 thoughts on “Favorite Storage Pieces”

  1. Awesome post! My craft room is in the exact state of transition as yours -just hung two of those white wall pockets today by my desk. And incompletely agree about Nod, just as good for grown-ups as kids. I have the 3 tier flea market bin and love it!

  2. Awesome! I’m redoing my space too. I think I’m going shipping. How do you keep your thin dies stored if I can ask? I just started buying them and I’m stuck on how store them. Thanks!

  3. Awesome!!
    I’m planning to redecorate my craft room during my
    Summer break!!
    Already bought Creative Spaces 1 & 2 to get some great ideas!!
    TFS!! These storage solutions look good!!

  4. I agree–Land of Nod is super adorable and their quality is pretty solid. I think you might have some special “in”, though, since I jumped over to their site and the only shipping discount is for furniture 🙁 I’m still getting some organization stuff, though!

  5. There´s certainly some really great ideas here. I really love those containers to stand on the desk or hang on the wall, they´ll be perfect for sooo many things. I can think of lots of things they´ll work really great for in my space here. But I just got a new huge crafroom last year, where hubby custom made all my storage after my directions, so guess I can´t complain, and it´s a bit early to change things already I think, even I know, we keep on finding new and better ways all the time, but it also cost a lot of money, every time we change some things, so I better stay as is for now he he he

  6. Thanks so much for sharing all your great ideas. Just wanted you to know that I appreciate everything you share with your online friends. You are amazing. Know that what you do is appreciated and cherished.

  7. Those little containers look very nice. I am thinking of different ways to organize my son;s room. Thanks for the ideas.

  8. The pictures of your family are priceless. “I have three sisters and zero brothers.” Adorable truth. And your craft room office looks amazing.

  9. Always in need of organization ideas and ways to just keep stuff semi neat and tidy. Thanks for sharing and I do hope you share pics of the new studio when it is finished to your satisfaction.

  10. My craft room is upstairs and I am lucky to have a room just for crafting. However, I do need better storage and always love to see new ideas. My grandson(age 10), after viewing a video on watercolor with me that you had on your blog, wondered why my desk was so much messier than yours! My excuse was that we couldn’t see all your supplies, but I do need better organization!

  11. I’m starting the packing up of bedrooms this weekend, and I will be moving into the smallest room, but I won’t be sharing with any other purpose but scraping. It is my “Creating Room” as my gradndaughter calls it. I am on the search for new storage. You gave me some ideas.
    Thanks for the glimpse into your family. Priceless.

  12. I especially like the metal storage container for your fiskar cutter. I am trying to arrange my craft room and figure where to put everything. Quite a job! Thanks for all your good ideas.

  13. I loved your pictures/video of your scrap room from before. I sure hope you will take us on another tour. Thank you for all the insight to organizational goods. I used some of your ideas from the other organizing pictures and suggestions. Things are always improving so I am looking forward to some new ideas for organizing my craft space.

  14. These are great! Take your time getting settled in…slow and steady wins the race…Once you have it just right, you’ll enjoy it! 🙂 Can’t wait to see pics!

  15. These colorful storage will look so cute in a craft room/office! I have a small craft space, so I don’t have the luxury of having things laying out like that though. Please share if you happen to see any good stackable storage ideas. Thanks so much for sharing and I am looking forward to seeing your finished craft room! =)

  16. I know you said it would be a long time before you finished your office but I love all the cute bins and things you are filling it with. By the way, I did purchase the CD pockets from Office Depot that you suggested for dies and LOVE them. Thank you for the tip.

  17. Thanks so much for sharing all of your faves with us! I’m really looking forward to seeing your studio when your all finished 🙂

  18. Love those storage ideas! My craft room is tiny so I can totally appreciate good storage ideas! Can hardly wait to see some photos of your finished space…

  19. Wow, thanks Jennifer for sharing your finds. If those stores only knew how many people follow you and buy your recommendations…hmmm. Well, I for one, do. I really need to do something about MY craft room. Storage is always a problem. When I brought in a counter high dresser with 6 roomy drawers, I thought I would be all set…BUT, alas, I am getting too big for my drawers!! Ha! How about some insight in what you consider salvageable “scrap”. I don’t think I have seen you show what your scrap paper or cardstock storage is, or what you think qualifies as “keepers”. This is the area that I am stymied. I seem to save everything…oops! Recently found out that elementary school teachers love “scrap bits”. Like extra images, colored or patterned paper. I happen to have a friend of a friend… So, maybe you can pass that along. Kids love to papercraft, and school’s don’t often supply those items. Just Saying… Now, cleaning up MY scraps, knowing that they will be “used” isn’t so bad. Afterall, don’t want to add to the landfill. Thanks for sharing all that you do. Your ideas that help me so much!! At least as a jumping off point, for the craftroom never-ending “clean up”!! Can’t wait to see your entire finished studio/craftroom.

  20. Thanks so much for sharing your favorite storage pieces!! I love organizing and am always looking for new ways to store my craft stuff. Have a great evening!

  21. The last storage container looks great for clear stamps on your desk! I lose pieces all the time and wish I had a bin to put the set in once I pull it out of my storage box. Love all the other things to but love this the best! Cannot wait to see your room!!!

  22. Jennifer –
    Thank you for sharing your organizational skills and fresh ideas! I can not craft and work in a office/room that is not clean and neat and your ideas are wonderful.

    Please share how you set up your craft area. As I am beginning to create mine in a new room in our new home! I love looking at craft rooms on-line for new ideas,colors and concepts.

  23. Love these storage idea’s! When will we see the new crafting space? Would be fun to see it as it comes to life. thanks.

  24. some of these will be great ideas for my new classroom. i am a creative expressions instuructor for young adults with developmental disabilities. love those plastic buckets! thanks!

  25. Love the ideas, and I’m always up for trying to make frugal things out of things I have on hand, so I might try to make that organizer thing out of some PVC pipe. It should be pretty simple, but thanks for the idea!

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