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I was thrilled to see the newest dies from Memory Box in stores. Why? Because they included three great alphabet dies set – the Typewriter, Classic and Parker. I immediately had to put these awesome sets to use.

Here is the first card I did. It shows the Typewriter set in action. (I gave this to Kay before she left on our church mission trip.)

Aren’t those letters just perfect? I LOVE the idea of dies for letters instead of stickers. You never run out of a letter and you can create them in an color you want.

For some extra fun, I covered my die cut letters with glitter. But not just any glitter – I used me favorite: Glitter Ritz Stardust. This color looks like a vintage silver glitter… not too shiny… with a bit of an aged feel to it. And since it is microfine, I just burnish it onto the double-sided tape. This results in some subtle shine…

Covering the die cut letters in glitter is simple. I first stuck some of my favorite double-sided tape onto white cardstock. I then die cut the letters and added the glitter. Easy… with fun results.

HERE is that vintage-silver glitter I like so much…

I also used THIS great herringbone stamp that I shared earlier this week.

And of course the alphabet die set HERE

By the way, there are uppercase version of these dies… and numbers, too!

I will be back soon with cards using the other die sets. See you then.

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24 thoughts on “Alphabet Dies”

  1. Love these alphabet dies – what a fun idea! So easy to create any sentiment you want, and like you said, in any color or pattern! Love your glittery letters, Jennifer – cute card for Kay! 🙂

  2. Vey beautiful card again Jenniffer, and I agree I would just love to have some letter dies too, but admit, I find them a bit pricy, if you want to be able to some different writing and needs both upper and lowwer cases of all of them, but it sure looks awesome.

  3. The typewriter dies remind me of the Doodlebug alphas we all used to hoard years ago! They’re so classic, even all these years later! 🙂

  4. Great card! I have been saving up for those dies! I agree so much handier to have than stickers. I think I would clear out my alphabet sticker collection if I had the dies! And now really wishing I had purchased that glitter the last time I saw it! Just a gorgeous color!

  5. That die set would save a lot of money, wouldn’t it? Darling card, and I love the dusting of silver glitter.

  6. Very cool card Jennifer. I love the idea of alphabet dies too – that way we can create any word we want. There is also no waste of leftover letters that do not get used. Now you have me going over to take a look at the alpha dies. Have a great day!

  7. Great card! I love the alphabet dies and I was so glad to read that there are uppercase dies as well. Thanks for describing the color of the glitter you used since it wasn’t mentioned in the description on the store site. You can’t really tell the true color of a product on a computer monitor since they all vary.

  8. Love that card. Great job, letting her know how proud of her that you are. Hard to believe it is almost time to go back to school. I don’t even have kiddos in school and it seems like it has zipped by anyway.

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