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I get a lot of questions about storage and organization. I am currently in the middle of a big remodel… which includes moving my studio from a large re-done basement area to a not-as-large first floor location. I am incredibly happy to be up in the daylight with big windows and family around. And I am happy to go slightly smaller. I think big areas can be overwhelming – you end up collecting way too much that it can be intimidating.

So, as I get ready for this move, I am redoing a lot of my storage. First? My clear stamps.

For a long time now I have been using plastic sleeves to hold them, along with cling stamps. I first kept them in binders and I then moved them to a clip-it-up system. (You can see videos on these systems HERE.)

Now? They will still be in the same sleeves. (I love these sleeves so very much – I won’t be getting rid of them!) But I will have them in pull-out drawers in big cabinets, with areas where I can flip through them to find what I need.

So to read more about this storage for my clear and cling stamps, go HERE to Paper Crafts. I share all the details and links.

And a big cheers to Kay. Not only did she do the blog takeover last week, but she also put all my stamps in these sleeves (some had yet to be done) and labeled them. Yes, she rocks. (And now she is in a mission trip with our church youth group. You go girl! So proud.)

Hope this helps. I will share photos once I am moved into the new studio in September. But first? I need my kitchen back! Ha! Just a few more weeks…

See you soon.

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  1. I am doing my stamp room now. I am moving from the basement to a small spare bedroom. I needed “light” and to be up among my family too. I am looking forward to seeing your space when you are done. I am doing mine in a Paris Theme. I am having a blast doing it. Boy, did I find out I have a lot of “stuff”. I am currently weeding thru it and donating to the school and girl scout troop.

  2. I’ve been leaving my stamps in the packaging (until it falls apart), and storing them in decorative tins and boxes so I can flip through them. Your sleeves are a terrific idea.

  3. I am so envious of everyone who has their own crafting room! It will never happen in our little house. My husband has been incredibly tolerant of my stacks of craft materials, which have gradually taken over more and more space in our family room. I do need to sort and organize my supplies, but will have to find the discipline to get down to it. (I’d much rather be creating!) I love your stamp sleeves – so tidy and easy to see what is inside. Kay is such a sweetie and did a fabulous “take over” in your absence. Good luck with your renovations! Can’t wait to see your finished space.

  4. Kay is way cute. Do you rent her out? I could sure use her help in organizing my craft room too. Ha. I too have the clip it up and buy 5×7 clear zip bags and put my clear and cling stamps in them. Problem? I will need to buy another clip it up soon as my first is way full now. Been thinking of using plastic tubs or wicker baskets or something to help in organizing. Never thought of putting two sets in one sleeve though. Maybe I should try that to help with the clip it up storage. Looking forward to see your new craft space. Thought the old one was pretty great too. Have a great week and please ask Kay to come back and take over your blog again. She sure has a wonderful sense of humor and fun personality.

  5. I have the same problem keeping clear stamps neatly and efficiently stored. I like the bags and labeling, but some of my sets are different sizes. I’m thinking of taking my embossing folders out of their original packaging and putting them in bags with labels. Keep us informed of any more good ideas.

  6. Welcome back! We missed you but Kay did a fantastic job! Such a creative girl – but I guess we don’t have to wonder where she gets it ;).

    I am moving and will be needing to adjust my crafting space too so this is great timing. Thanks for sharing all the great resources as always!

  7. I love your stamp storage solution. That I went and bought a set to test. How did you cut them apart? It looks like I might need to washi tape close one end, but I haven’t cut them yet..a little scared to.


  8. Oooh! I’m moving into a new space next month and trying to plan ahead for better organization and storage than what I currently have!!! Thanks for sharing this, chica!

  9. Good to have you back here, even Kay did a really wonderful job last week. I love this idea, and the stampstorage has been one of my big problems here too, as I often forget about certain stamps, when I´m just storing them all in their original packs in a big drawer, but you somehow never get all the way through them, when you´re looking for some to make a project, so I´m going to look further into this, as it looks pretty cool to me too.
    Thanks so much for all the great ideas, you´re always sharing here.

  10. Okay, I’m not crazy! I revamped my stamp storage this weekend based on an article you’d posted. When I tried to find the article my mind would not remember where it was. I looked in every nook and cranny I could find on the internet (or so I thought!) but the one place I didn’t look was Paper Crafts. Anyway, loved your idea so much I did something similar using plastic cd/dvd pockets I found at Target. Thank you for posting that article as I had such a tough time with storage ideas! Oh and Kay was a most excellent blog hostess. I enjoyed her humor and creativity!:)

  11. Great ideas, Jennifer – I really need to re-organize my room – this will help enormously 🙂 Hope KAy has a wonderful time on her mission trip – what an incredible young lady she is!

  12. The sleeve idea intrigues me and if I had someone around like Kay to organize it, I’d love it. BTW, she did such a terrific job. Incidentally, having a baby, then doing a house remodel, classes, etc…….what do you do in your spare time?

  13. This is a great idea! I did put all of my stamps in binders like had shown us before. My problem is they are so heavy and cumbersome. What are you putting your larger stamp sets in that don’t fit into these pockets? (Like 7gypsy sets)

  14. We all need a Kay in our lives! She did a wonderful job on the blog takeover and sounds like she was a big help with your stamp reorganization too! I am facing a kitchen remodel next month and dreading the loss of my stove and sink for a month!

  15. Very exciting Jennifer! I have mine on the clip up thingie, I like that so far. Your post gave me an idea though for my SU! stamps that come in DVD type cases — I could move those into the binder things you’ve shown and really reduce storage space! Thinking…..

  16. i need to find those sleeves and see if they’ll work for me. thanks so much for sharing your storage tips, Jennifer! really enjoyed Kay’s takeover and she is amazing! hope all goes well with the remodeling and you get your ketches and kraft space back!

  17. Great Idea….I am also redoing my area, for about 3 years!! My goal is for completion by fall. I look forward to seeing your new area and any new ideas….like how do you store and sort wood mounted stamps, stamp pads, misc. embellishments…etc??? I agree with the above comments about Kay…what a sense of humor too!

  18. Great idea! I loved Colin in your video by the way, how adorable is he? I have my stamps in a bin to flip through right now but the are a mix of original packaging or loose if they are a Design Team set, and then some I’ve slipped into some clear bags just to not loose things (like tiny letters). But I think I will need to check out these CD sleeves and see if they fit in my bins, they would be a better solution for some of my sets that are loose or packaging that doesn’t stay closed anymore. Thanks for the tip! I look forward to seeing your new craft room.

  19. I saw your post last week and redid my clear stamp system! It is much easier to pull out baskets than binders. But drawers would be even better!

    My children are moving out one by one and one of them has a very large bedroom 15×18 and I think about moving in there. But perhaps not as you said I might be inclined to collect more! My first floor renovation is almost done. I have my kitchen and bath back just waiting on the family room! Glad you have survived yours especially with 4 young ones! Kay did a great job with the blog and God bless her on this mission’s trip!

  20. Loved your clear stamp storage idea. Now I am looking for a place to buy these sleeves as I am in Canada. I have just moved into a new craft room and am looking for great ideas. Thank you for sharing this idea, I can’t wait to try it out —- I love to have my stamps close at hand and easy to look at — so I think your idea is going to work.

  21. Such perfect timing for this because I’ve been running out of storage room and was frustrated because there were so many stamps I wasn’t using because they were buried (out of sight, out of mind…). I love these ideas for storing my clear and cling stamps and will be putting them in a big binder for now, and will eventually work my way up to the clip system. Thank you for sharing this.

    Also, it was fun having Kay on your blog for a few days – she seems like a fun & creative young woman!

  22. I love this stamp storage! I have a system similar using Tim Holtz binder sleeves tucked into bins (off a former rolling cart) on my bookshelf. But I’m always looking for new ideas, and I really like the sleeves you’re using. hmmmm….more food for thought! TFS!!

  23. Just saw your old video on the CD envelopes… your son is too cute!!! Love the idea of hanging the stamps. Thanks for sharing.

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  25. Hi, I’m fairly new to your site and love your clear stamp organization in pockets and fridge bins. I can’t find the pockets sleeves as SSS is out of the size and also what brand transparency sheets do you use? Also I absolutely love your new craftroom. Would love to join your blog as a member but am having a hard time signing up. Thanks.

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