Kay’s Blog Takeover 2012 Day 1

Hello! I am happy to have my 17-year-old-step-daugther, Kay, posting for a few days. She has done blog takeovers over the years and may have asked for her return. When Kay was young, we crafted together a ton and in the past few years she has taught classes at stamp stores for kids. (You can see some of her class cards from a few years ago HERE. Her writing is always witty and her cards are always fun. You can see her first takeover post HERE – it is hilarious. And her last takeover two years ago: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5. She even did a video for us back in 2009 HERE.) And now I present to you… Kay…

Ladies and menfolk (that would be you, Tim Holtz) – this is the moment you have all been waiting for with bated breath. The return of a week greater and more exciting than Shark Week, filled with the humor you have so desperately craved.

Yes, you have guessed correctly. Welcome to Kay’s Blog Week Takeover 2012!

I have chosen to take on this challenge – the challenge of crafting a few beautiful cards just for you. From all orange to all preppy, the card challenge extends beyond myself.

Today, I took on the Challenge of All Challenges: the monochromatic orange card.

This challenge has been waiting for me since the last time I did a blog takeover with you fine crafters. Last time, I achieved the monochromatic pink card – crafted in various shades of rose and blush. I bravely challenged the authority of Orange, the gross color that I almost sort of hate. (You can find my first battle against orange HERE. After posting that card, the very sweet Heidi from Simon Says Stamp sent me a box of orange goodies. She is pretty awesome, huh? As awesome as my sister, Audrey.)

The challenge has caught up to me. So finally, after more than one try of creating an entirely orange card, I have achieved my goal, and I’m going to teach you how to do it…

I started with a yellow notecard. I smeared Spiced Marmalade Distress Ink all over the card (don’t be afraid to be liberal) purely to turn it orange, and wiped off the excess with a paper towel so that it would dry faster.

I then tore the Amy Tangerine Sketchbook paper into strips and coated the paper in Dried Marigold Distress Ink. Next I used adhesive to apply the strips to the card, making distinct ripped stripes over the paper. I then covered it with Spiced Marmalade Distress Ink to bring out the tears.

On a different sheet of white cardstock, I stamped the Hero Arts Flowers and Swirls stamps in Black Stazon Ink. I covered the paper with Antique Linen Distress Ink and Wild Honey Distress Ink. Finally, I pulled out the Copics and carefully colored the flower petals in orange, and the leaves in orange-brown.

This is the part where I got to carefully cut out the flowers before adding it to the card. Finally, I tore out a large strip of white cardstock, coated it in Wild Honey and a bit of Spiced Marmalade Distress Inks, and stamped “Thinking of You” in black Stazon Ink.

And there you have it – an all orange, not hideous card!

It’s been lovely seeing you, my lovelies. Until next time… never fear the orange, make the orange fear you.


PS: If you are keeping score, this makes Kay – 2, Orange – 1794


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108 thoughts on “Kay’s Blog Takeover 2012 Day 1”

  1. Kay, I must say that I am also not an orange lover (except the fruit) but your card is really
    lovely. I love the texture and how you got different shades of orange by smearing it on the
    yellow note card.

  2. Well done Kay. I am not an orange kind of gal either but I must say “YOU ROCKED IT!” Until we hear from you again.

  3. Wow, this card looks great! I love the torn paper technique and your combination of fussy cutting and Copics too. Nothing like making it even more challenging! Monochromatic is always hard for me, but now I am inspired to give it a shot. Can’t wait for the rest of your posts!

  4. Hi Kay! Now that card woke me up today! Great work, I’d reward you more points against Orange for this one! Oh, and I would be able to name at least two more of male craftsfolk. Can’t wait for your next post! Greetings from Germany, Vanessa x

  5. Kay, you did awesome. Not only are you seriously funny, but you are also a great card maker. I’m with Stephanie, my color archnemesis is purple. I’m shuddering at the thought of using it or wearing it. But I do like eating purple grapes, eggplants, and figs. Go figure.

  6. Definitely love your win against the battle of the orange!!! For me, orange is one of my fav colors so I love this. Now if you were to mention the color purple I would have to wave the white flag and surrender immediately:) Nice to “see” you again, Kay:)

  7. Hi Kay, so great to see you on the blog with your wonderful orange card:) I too fear orange the most, but you rocked it – well done! Big hello from down under, hugs x x

  8. Definitely a win here. Beautiful use of Orange. I love Tim’s Distress Inks and you’ve put them to good use on your wonderfully designed monochromatic card. I love all the texture and your beautifully colored flowers. The Thinking of You sentiment really pops!

  9. I would never have thought to combine all those inks (& I have them all). Awesome card. Love the tutorial and the humor. Great job taking over the blog, I am looking forward to more of your posts.

  10. Great job, both in artistry and describing technique… it’s very “Appeeling” in orange!!! Nice to see your work again!

  11. Nicely done, Kay!
    I have to admit I would not have thought to do an all orange card but you have inspired me!

  12. Hi Kay,
    I am happy to see you back and have been excited for your return. Thanks for taking over the blog for your “Mum” for the next couple of weeks. I’m sure you’ll be another hit and I also hope to see you in the “Stretch Your Stamps” workshop too.

    In the meantime, thanks for a great first day…love the bright happy colors and I also think it was so sweet of Heidi to send you some of your faves — she’s a sweetie for sure. G

    Happy Creating !

  13. Nice to see you back for another takeover girl!! Look at you jumping right in to embrace that orange! I have followed your takeovers over the years and it’s fun to see you back again!
    Happy stamping girl! 😀

  14. great love. love the torn prices and you took control of the color orange!
    “orange” you glad you did it? yeah, I know that was lame…….

  15. Amazing Kay is the song running through my head right now! Thanks for sharing your “take no orange prisoners” approach to cardmaking and your wit! What a wonderful way to start this summer’s day!

  16. Great card Kay–and no, orange is not EVIL, it is my son’s (now 21!) fav color, has been since he was a tiny little kid instead of a big, tall man! So remember, for some–orange is their favorite! I just made him a BD card–with a margarita glass on it–and yep–colors in the card were orange, lime green and bright yellow!

  17. Kay – Orange is not listed among my favorite colors, but this card made me stop to think that maybe orange could be a fun color. Looking forward to more ideas this week.

  18. Kay, I must say. I don’t normally like orange but what you did with your card, your master piece, is stunning! Absolutely stunning! And I love your witty writing style!

  19. Terrific post, and a great card! I’m not winning the battle with orange. It defeats me every time.

  20. You made me smile quite often in the post. Great job with the card and I love your sense of humor. You’re quite talented!

  21. You made me smile quite often in the post. Great job with the card and I love your sense of humor. You’re quite talented!

  22. Praises from a fellow orange hater – neon orange & white were my high school colors & I have despised the poor color ever since. That’s over 30 years of disgust! Your lovely card has helped to chip away a portion of the ice in my heart. It may be time to let go of my past and start on a new, orange-loving path. Or not.
    Karen L 1020 at gmail dot com

  23. While orange is not my favorite color, I have to say that I like it a lot (I think of fall and sunsets and the many beautiful flowers that come in orange) so thinking of an all orange card was not a bad thought for me even before I looked at your creation. Your card is wonderful!! I love the torn paper and shades of color.

  24. HAHA! Well done, indeed! You have orange, I have (gah) pink. I might have to challenge myself to do a monochrome pink card, just to see if I live to tell about it. 😀

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