Kay’s Blog Takeover 2012 Day 4 + Other Info

Hello! Welcome to day four of five posts from my 17-year-old-step-daugther, Kay. (You can find out more about this HERE.) Enjoy – this one is funny…

Hello my lovely minions – er, that is, blog readers.

Today’s card is a reaction card. After my orange card went up last week, I was reading through the comments and I couldn’t help but notice that quite a few of you are averse to the color purple.

Honestly, I suggest that the lot of you make a “Purplephobians Anonymous” group together. I will be your mentor. We can talk you through this problem, because its okay and we all accept you. Purplephobia is a common problem and it’s not a choice that you made – you were born with it. And we understand.

So, to help make a stand against the color purple, I have crafted my second monochromatic card of the blog week. I present to you: The Seven Step Purple People Eater (actually, that’s what we’ll call the group. Purple People Eaters Anonymous. And it will be a seven step process. Just like this card.)

The 7 Step Purple People Eater is a relatively simple card to make…

Step 1: Using the darker colored notecard, cover it with Spun Sugar Distress Ink. Coat it. Put emphasis on the edges, since it will give it more of an aged feel. On your lighter notecard, coat one side with Spun Sugar, and coat the other half with Chipped Sapphire. Once that is dry, do a layer of Picked Raspberry. Then a layer of Spun Sugar.
Step 2: Cut the light notecard side (smeared with Spun Sugar) into 4 1.5” X 1.5” squares. Cut a 3.5” X 3.5” square out of the side smeared with many layers of Distress Inks. This gives you the smaller squares and the square that they are mounted on.
Step 3: Stamp the four flowers onto white cardstock using the Black Memento Ink, and carefully color them in with purple copics markers in varying shades. Cut out – meticulously. The one that’s in the circle? Cut it OUT of the circle. Or leave it in. Whatever.
Step 4: Adhesive glue 1 flower to each of the 4 little squares, as shown.
Step 5: Mount the flower covered squares to the darker backdrop using Pop Dot things and adhesive the whole thing to the notecard that you covered ONLY with Spun Sugar Distress Ink
Step 6: On white cardstock, color a certain area – large enough for the greeting – with a purple Copic marker (I used V06). Stamp the greeting on it in Black Memento Ink. Using a paper trimmer, cut the whole business out.
Step 7: Cover a bigger area of white cardstock in Dusty Concord Distress ink, mount the greeting onto it, and use a paper trimmer to trim off excess paper until you have a tidy, mounted rectangle. Using adhesive, attach this to the card.

And before you know it – you have conquered your fear of purple!

If your fear extends to other colors than purple (and orange, as seen in a previous post), make this same card in the color that you fear most. Because no matter what, we love you.

Wishing you all the best in your adventures with these words of wisdom:
William Shakespeare once said “Don’t stalketh thee on facebook if thou cannot speak to thee in person.” (Remember – I am a teenager. Facebook is important.)

Keep that in mind in The Purple People Eaters Anonymous. 🙂


I also wanted to share some news. You all know I am a big fan of My Favorite Things. They have a new member on their team – the oh-so-sweet Lisa Johnson. She will have her own line of stamps – Lisa Johnson Designs – available in August. I can’t wait to see what she creates! You can see more information HERE.

I also am a big fan of Paper Smooches stamps. Be sure to check out their blog HERE. This new Buckeroo set? I need to get that for Kay – she used to love horses!

Thanks for stopping by.

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32 thoughts on “Kay’s Blog Takeover 2012 Day 4 + Other Info”

  1. Totally diggin’ your Purple People Eater card, Kay!! It is glorious in all of its purpley-ness. I happen to love purple, so I will not be joining the Purplephobians Anonymous, but I know lots of people who could use the help. 😀 Loved the addition of Glossy Accents to your flowers to really make them stand out. NICE!!

  2. Ha ha ha ha I just loved Kays post. She´s soo witty and she also makes some really great cards. Thanks so much for taking over the blog here while Jenniffer were away Kay, you did an awesome job, and it´s been a great pleasure to read your entries here. Hope to see you more later again.
    Hope you´ve had a nice time too Jenniffer and got the batteries reloaded a bit too, and enjoying your little cutiegirl a bit more here.
    Have a great day everyone and lots of fun, I hope. Take good care.

  3. Purple is my favorite color, so you don’t have to convince me of it’s awesomeness (is that a word?) Love your mono card – it’s fabulous!!

  4. Thanks, Kay, for the encouragement to embrace the purple! Being part of the Purple People Eaters Anonymous club, I will do my best to take on the task but I doubt my attempts will be as successful or as cheerful as your sweet card. You are so much fun!:)

  5. I’m loving your posts. I was wanting to make a purple card the other day for my friend as that is her favorite color. I found 4 pieces of paper in some purple tones, but none of them work together. Now after reading your post, I have an idea of what colors of ink would be nice to have on hand to create that wonderful purple color. Thanks.

  6. Can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying your posts, Kay. So clever and your color challenges really appeal to me.

  7. You are one very wise teenager. Love your wisdom on facebook. And love the color purple actually. Now yellow? that’s another story. I’ll have to try your design to conquer my objection to yellow! LOL! thanks for another great post!

  8. Love this post – made me smile first thing in the morning. 🙂 Also, how could you not love purple – it’s a happy color.

  9. Kay, your ‘Purple People Eater’ card is cute but your post comments are even cuter. You are doing a wonderful job so keep them comin’.

  10. Blech to purple, blech. My most disliked color after (gah) PINK! Orange would be third. I think I know what I need to do now. *shakes fist*

    Nice try, though. 🙂

  11. I guess I would fall into the Purple aversion crowd! Loved the design of the card though! And your hilarious post 😉 Oh, super excited to see Lisa’s stamps too 🙂

  12. This post is sure to bring out all the purple passion lovers! Finally we have a voice to say, “yes!” to purple! We’ve been secretly hiding because of the intense dislike over the beautiful mix of red and blue! Here’s to our fearless leader *cheers*!

  13. I like all colors, so no purple phobia here. Your purple card is lots of fun…but it makes me crave a PBJ sandwich with Welch’s grape jelly. LOL Seriously…love it. But I still like the orange card more.

  14. YES to purple, and to your blog-takeovers. I have just become an aunt (again) to a niece, a few hours ago, in Sydney, AUS. Her momma loves purple too. I think you have inspired me to make her a purple card. Hope you’re enjoying your new sister.

  15. Lovely card Kay! I am one of the purple phobics out there! I can use little doses of it but never a whole card. Thank you for inspiring me! I love reading your posts as you have such a fun, humorous way of writing.

  16. Hi Kay,
    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed today’s post! You are so sweet, and it’s really fun to read your blog posts! LOVE your card, too! (((HUGS))) to you!

  17. Another great card, now to put the orange and purple together! I know you can do it, Kay.

    I wanted to make a purple card for someone but I must be a Purplephobian as I have a serious lack of purple in my stash of supplies. I didn’t realize until today there was a name for my lack of purple!

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