Still here…

… and pregnant. 🙂 Thanks for all the encouraging notes. I promise to pop in to let you know when the little one arrives. But the babe appears to be quite content in the current location, so I am not sure when that will be.

Sorry I am not creating much to share right now. I hope to play a bit very soon.

But in the meantime, we have some winners! The winners for Julie’s class spots are Leslie (Crooked Stamper), Susan C and Shari S. And the lucky one who will get the new Distress Inks is Miranda. (I emailed you all.)

Off to rest. This whole creating-a-human-being thing is exhausting. 🙂 Night.

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48 thoughts on “Still here…”

  1. Hang in there. These babies know best when they want to make their grand appearance. Rest up for the big day and thanks for keeping us posted. May your labor be fast and furious. 🙂

  2. many prayers for you! as the mother of a 14 month old, it hasn’t been that long, so I can still remember how exhausting it was. but so worth it!

  3. congrats to the winner!!! very lucky ladies.

    Jennifer take your time right now and rest. We will be here when you are feeling much better:)

  4. Don´t worry about anything else than YOU and the BABY right now Jennifer, then we´ll all be here, when you get back with us again, and thanks so much for letting us know, when the baby will arrive. I admit I thought it might had happened since we hadn´t heard anything for a few days LOL. Just relax and take good care hun.

  5. Sleep all you can now. Growing a baby is hard work. Labor is hard work. And sleepless nights were always the norm for me after baby arrived. Sending you blessings for strength to make it through these long final days, and a joyous, safe delivery!

  6. Awww, you make me giggle. You must be getting so anxious. I was thinking about you all weekend – thinking you must have had the baby because it’s been awhile since you’ve posted. I hope all goes well. Sending lots of love and hugs! 🙂

  7. You’ve been in my thoughts lately; these last days of pregnancy are not easy! Best thing to do is rest and let others take care of you for awhile! How exciting to meet your little one pretty soon!! Hugs!!

  8. The last weeks are the hardest. I am thinking of you and praying for a speedy and healthy delivery. Love to your family and sending cyber hugs, xxo, Kathy
    P.S. I hope you aren’t worrying about your blog and just taking things super easy and without any pressure of any kind.

  9. No one ever said being pregnant was least I’ve never heard it!! But it’s so worth it all in the end!! Rest now because you know already know that later on you’ll be needing it! Hopefully that little one will be here soon!!! Thinking of you daily!!

  10. Take care Jennifer. I am sure baby is feeling so cozy and loved cos it doesnt know how much more love he/she will get after being born:)

  11. Take care sweet girl..We’ll all be here when you come back..just please let us know al the stats..haha K? Prayers for healthy mama and baby !

  12. hate to sound like a broken record, but rest is about all you need right now…blog can wait…we can wait…aintAgoin nowhere lol so will be here to read your next post…I’m thinkin u deserve a bit of down time, so get it while you can…seems like yesterday I was in your shoes…goes so fast…u look wonderful and I hope everyone is voting for you too..I did! goooooooood luck on a speedy delivery! cant wait!

  13. Oh how I remember those final few days before childbirth!!! Hang in there!!! Looking forward to the announcement (and pics) 🙂 Congrats to the winners!

  14. Pretty soon, Jennifer and then when it keeps you awake all night you’ll wonder why you were ever in a hurry to get it to come! Get lots of rest now.

  15. All the best Jennifer to you in this lead up to holding your new baby in your arms. An exciting, exhilarating time indeed! May everything go as smoothly as possible.

  16. AHHH, The wonderful thing is babies come when they are ready! Enjoy these last few days…rest, dream, smile. I hope you have a serene delivery.

  17. Jennifer,
    You look great!!!!! Lots to due in the last weeks before the wee one’s grand entry into the world. Looks like your son is looking forward to being a big brother. Best of luck with a smooth sailing delivery. Keep us posted. Can’t wait to see this little one. Best advice, rest up, you will definitely need it.

  18. It is time to take care of you and your little baby to be. Just let us know when baby makes an appearance.

  19. Awe… Thanks for the update! Hope your little one arrives and gives you some relief soon! I’m waiting on the edge of my chair to hear if you were blessed with a baby boy or a baby girl! Try to sneak as much sleep in as you can! 🙂

  20. Yes, it can be exhausting, can’t it ! LOL ! You made me laugh on that one! Take care and best wishes !

  21. I’m hoping that you are comfortable and “resting” as much as you can – wife, mother, stamper, blogger, friend . . . I’m praying that you have an easy delivery and a safe one. May God watch over all of you. God bless.

  22. Good luck. Hope you have an amazing (safe and happy) birthing experiance!! God bless.

    P.S. I picked up the newest collection of distress inks on your suggestion – got them in the mail from SSS today & can’t wait to play :). Thanks for always inspiring me!!

  23. Your little one is just giving you a bit more time to rest…have a safe and uneventful delivery….going to buy the Peacock distress ink now…thank you for the sample contrasting the old and new in your previous post.

  24. Congrats to the winners!

    Hang in there, Jennifer ~ I know it must be so tiring to wait like this, but you know it will be all worth it! I’ll tell you, I can’t wait to see this little one!!! (((HUGS))) to you!

  25. Hi jennifer, hope everything is going well and fine. Enjoy as much as you can and rest up. These other ladies have said it well – we are thinking of you and wishing you the best! Please take this time for you and your family – the blogging world can wait and wait. Wishing you – who has given so much -every blessing. from Cathy

  26. The best to you and your family ! thanks for your hard work all year round.
    I enjoy reading and learning form you,your work is my inspiration Im very grateful for that.

  27. Hope everything goes well! I have an almost 12 week old and I sure remember how exhausting pregnancy was… But it sure is worth it, isn’t it!?

  28. Congratulations on your soon-to-be bundle. Although my baby is 31 years old, I still remember the tiredness and the anticipation! Praying all goes well for you both.

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