Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. Between these last few days of (not-so-comfortable) pregnancy, a remodel (we lose our whole first floor on Monday) and Colin’s activities, I haven’t had much energy to create. But I promise to be back to sharing soon. (Unless, of course, this baby is on time and makes an appearance!)

Thank you for the nice emails. I love this hobby and the amazingly kind people in it.


See you soon. 🙂

PS: The winner of the Lawn Fawn Paper Pad was Mlightner.

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94 thoughts on “Update…”

  1. You do look like you’re ready to pop. But you also look good pregnant @ 9 months. I wish you well on the big day and an early congratulations on your little one’s birthday.

  2. Jennifer, you are one of those women who make pregnancy look beautiful. Been thinking about you lots lately – hope the baby IS on time – I know how anxious you all must be. . . . .hugs! 🙂

  3. You look gorgeous! It’s strange but I’m excited that we’re about to have a baby any day now too! Hehehhee. So I’ll be inspired with all you create for your baby too! Yippee! In case your baby does arrive soon, I wish you a safe and smooth delivery! God Bless!

  4. Jennifer, Hope you have a safe, and quick delivey. I know we’re all anxious to hear the news of the lovely addition to your family. This baby will be so lucky to have Colin as a big brother, as he seems to adore his new brother or sister already. Take is easy these last few days if you can.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  5. I hope your remodel doesn’t interfere with your due date!! Babies have a way of not caring about those things, you know! Enjoy your weekend and relax. Enjoy your time with Colin!

  6. Oh, Jennifer — you look beautiful!
    And the new baby is so lucky to have Colin for a big brother!
    You take care and keep us posted!

  7. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos Jennifer and good luck for when the time comes:) I hope your remodel goes smoothly too….how exciting it must be in your house at the moment with lots of big changes – Big hugs to you all x x

  8. Pregnacy suits you, you are beautiful!
    I’m having a great time in a cut above class, you amaze me to manage everything like that. God bless you and your family!

  9. Hi Jennifer, you look gorgeous with that baby belly. Good luck with the rest of your pregnacy and the birth. And enjoy off course. Thanks for sharing your photo’s.

  10. Don´t you worry about anything than YOU and the new baby and your family. That´s all that matters right now, then we´ll all be waiting here in exitement to hear, when the little new turn into this world, and as more alreadysaid, just take it easy and relax these last days. It´s important to be well rested, when you give birth, it makes things much much easier. Best of luck and have a wonderful week-end now.

  11. Sending many blessings your way Jennifer! Hope you have an easy delivery of your beautiful new little one! So happy for you and your family.

  12. je découvre ton blog et je le trouve absolument superbe !! je m’inscris à ta newsletter !!Félicitations pour ta grossesse !! bravoooooooo et tu es magnifique !! bisous bisous !!

  13. WOW! Looks like the blessed event could occur at any time. That’s a lot to have going on all at once. Don’t worry about the blog. We’ll be fine…we’ll miss you, but you have a lot on your plate right now. Wish I could fix dinner for you. Rest and enjoy these final sweet days…soon that baby will be in your arms. Ahhhhhhh!

  14. Beautiful photos. Looking forward to your posts of your precious new baby and your happy family. Prayers offered for all the events that are in your life in these next weeks.

  15. wow, girl, that’s a load you are carrying and I don’t just mean the baby! Wishing you a smooth remodel and comfort during the end of your pregnancy! ((hugs))

  16. You look fabulous and, obviously, Colin is excited to meet his new sibling. No worries, we can do without postings til you’re ready.

  17. You look beautiful! While you were indeed missed we certainly understand. I always look forward to your lovely creations. Blessings on your upcoming birth and good luck with those renovations!

  18. You My Dear Jennifer are Completely Glowing and Colin just melts your heart…So excited for You and Hubby, Colin, the Girls and the New Bundle…hugs my friend

  19. I am sure everyons understands Jennifer, so you don’t worry and take good care of yourself. Good luck with all the activities and your last bit of waiting time. You are beautiful and glowing!! I adore the photo of you and Colin 🙂 I’m praying for you and baby’s health. May you have a quick delivery on time. Looking forward to hear more baby news. Blessings to you all.

  20. Oh, my goodness, look at the baby waiting to come out! Good luck with all that you have happening at the same time. Yipes!

  21. Praying for a speedy delivery,healthy newborn and an exciting time for Colin and your girls. Take good care of yourself!

  22. Best Wishes to you and the family as you bring a new little one into your lives. Get some rest and don’t worry about making card for us…we will survive a few days until your feeling better.

  23. Generally I just admire your posts but today, see your pregnant and so beautiful push me to put your some special comment and wish you a good luck with the rest of your pregnacy and the birth. in family .

  24. You look amazing! And Colin is precious. This pregnancy, NO PPD (I’m saying a little prayer for ya!)! I know your “girls” are anxious to meet the addition to your family too!!!!

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